Adventures with Miranda – Full Fanfic!

I just remembered that I forgot to do this a long time ago. Shame on meh
Anyway, I saw a thread asking for fanfic on and I was quick to try to promote my flopfic.
I mean let’s be honest it’s not exactly literature but I’m very proud of it.
NB: if you’re not a Mirfanda, you’re going to get wayyyy lost.

Adventures with Miranda

Part 1 (PREMIERE): Miranda Sings goes to Joshua’s house

Part 2: Miranda gets betrayed

Part 3: Miranda prank calls Jotshuadtv

Part 4: Miranda stalks the bae

Part 5: Miranda gifts the meats

Part 6: Miranda goes to church

Part 7: Miranda gets her party on

Part 8 (FINALE): Miranda Sings settles all