About *Moi*




Welcome to my blog 🙂

Why did you create this blog in the first place?

I’ve always loved writing. I’ve had a journal/diary for a couple of years now, and I have found that some stuff takes more than a single page for me to express. And when I write, I write a lot. And it’s mostly pointless. So the best solution for me seemed to be creating this blog and posting whatever goes through my mind on it.

And who inspired you to start blogging?

The Hyperbole and a Half blog, by Allie Brosh. I found her book in a bookfair, and after reading it (and loving it), I had to check out her blog. I loved it. I read all of it. That’s when I started to think about doing a blog. And here I am!

Okay then. Who the hell are you?

I’m a 16-year-old boy (as of 2015; so when I start ignoring this blog and/or forget about it in the near future, and for whatever reason you stumble upon it in, say, 2038, you’ll know I wasn’t 16 forever. See? This was pointless. Told you a talk a lot about absolutely nothing. You’re all probably smart enough to know I’m not forever 16 or something. And I just keep going. Time to shut up now and get back to the subject. I’m starting to get mad at myself.). My name is Anthony, if you’re interested.
Update: oh my gash! Four months ago I thought I’d eventually ignore this blog. HAHA, past self! Look at me now!

Where u from, bruh?

I was born and raised in Lebanon, a middle eastern country that few have even heard of. I speak Arabic (native language), French (since I was like 3) and English, duh (since about four-five years, and I like to think I’ve become pretty good at it. Hopefully.)
I also started learning Spanish this year, it’s easy but the course is dreadful. Having 100 teenagers in one room with one teacher and one broken translator (sorry if you’re reading this Broken Translator, but seriously you’re broken translation-wise) is not how you teach people a new language.

What do you like to do for fun?


2-Listening to music.
Update: 2′-Singin!

3-Watching youtube.

4-Playing computer games.


Um, would you mind being more specific? Like, these are pretty much what everyone likes to do for fun.

Alright, alright.

1-I love reading. I can be slow or fast, depending on the book. My favorite books are Harry Potter and I consider myself a huge Potterhead. (I know that’s kinda cliché but meh). I like reading YA, fantasy novels, and pretty much anything. The fastest book I’ve ever read would be Insurgent, the second book from the Divergent series. I read it in two days. The next book, Allegiant, probably took me two months because I didn’t really like it. The first book was probably the best. I’m also a fan of the Hunger Games, the Perfectionists, John Green novels, the Cormoran Strike series, mystery novels, and Sans Famille, the first book I ever remember reading (in like fourth grade). It was the first that really made an impact on me.

2-I listen to the shittiest music you could think of. But I just love it man. I don’t care if you think it’s trash.

So yeah you might have guessed, I’m talking about the likes of Lady Gaga (she’s like the best), Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj (SHUT UP.), Taylor Swift (STOP JUDGING ME), Marina and the Diamonds (which sounds like a band but no, she’s also a pop starlet that makes me ashamed of my music taste), Sia… On the bright side, no Justin Bieber, eh? No? Still bad? Okay then.
Also, as of October 2015 I’m in the school choir! I’ve progressed a lot and it’s literally one of my favorite things now. Who knew I could sing?!

3-Favorite channels:



Natoo (she’s like the funniest french woman ever)

Shane Dawson

TheFineBros (mostly the React series)

Go check ’em out!

4-Okay, not really. I play stupid, silly games to pass the time, not like real big popular war games.

5-Who doesn’t?! I’m a plain ol’ pizza and burger guy. Like every guy.

Shouldn’t you get off your blog now and go find your laptop charger before it turns off? And maybe eat some lunch?

Totally. Bye.
Update: I did eat lunch. The laptop issue could not be handled and the battery died the death of a hero. RIP.

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