Call me maybe? (CONTACT MEH)

Nah, I’m just kidding. You ain’t getting my number.

However, if you wanna contact me, here’s my email:

Feel free to send me anything that comes to your mind! If you have questions, feedback, remarks, or if you want to do a guest post, don’t hesitate 🙂

Just so you know though – my email app is kinda shitty and won’t notify me of emails unless I go to it myself. So please excuse any delays. I swear I’m not ignoring anyone.


PS: if you’d like to chat on Whatsapp you can always send me an email and maybe we could swap numbers and become best friends and have 921 cats together. That was too weird. No no I’m not trying to dissuade you about anything but I’m just putting you in the mood of what you should expect. Goudebaille again!

PPS: if for some reason you’re tempted to follow all my things, go ahead 😀
Twitter: @AnthonyGemayel2
Instagram: @anthony.gemayel
Snapchat: @anth.gemayel (SURPRISE ME WITH A SNAP IT’D BE KEWL)
No Facebook because who uses Facebook.