burnt norton

time present 

and time past

are both perhaps


in time future.

and time future

contained in time past.

if all time is eternally present

all time is unredeemable.

what might have been

is an abstraction

remaining a perpetual possibility 

only in a world of speculation. 

what might have been

and what has been

point to one end

which is always


footfalls echo in the memory

down the passage

which we did not take

towards the door

we never opened

into the whore’s garden.

– t s eliot (بتصرف)


​i love you
you love me.

we used to chant this with such ease. we were children. we were carefree. we loved and we were loved.
then we grew up and watched it turn into the most unattainable of dreams.

but somehow
for us
it came true.


i was just up, thinking about him. as i always do.

and i prayed for the first time in forever. i prayed to God for it to get better. 

and suddenly, i thought about you. i thought about how beautiful you were, and thought i’d let you know.

i found you here for me. we had one of those short, sweet 3 AM conversations, and now i’m going to sleep with a smile on my lips.

i realize now why i don’t think about you. it’s because i don’t have to. it’s because i can talk to you, and not the twisted version of you that lives in my brain. it’s because you’d never make me feel like i needed to calculate what i’d say to you, or how you’d make me feel if i let you know exactly how i felt. and i’m scared i might let you down, but i know you’re scared you might let me down too, and somehow that’s all that matters.

old habits die hard

and the sugar turned bitter

and the summer turned to winter

but I still want your love.

they can tell me I’m a sinner

but they can’t call me a quitter

i won’t give you up.

every time I say goodbye

i find a way to justify

running to your arms

you know that I wanna change

i wanna correct my brain

you can’t help who you are.

-old habits die hard // allie x


oh, firefly. that’s it. that’s who you are. you flew into my night, and i caught you in the cup of my hands, and you gladly stayed. and you shined. you turned my night into dawn. from the start, you’ve brought nothing but light. nothing but warmth. nothing but hope.

light people bring light. dark people bring darkness. but that darkness clings to me like bloodsucking parasite, and sticks to the walls of my heart, shielding any light that your beauty radiates.

i crave darkness. and i’d be lying to myself if i said i didn’t want a twisted dark fantasy, a cruel game of chess that makes my bowels lurch with every move. i crave it, but i hate it. and i’d be lying to myself if i said i like the way it makes me feel. that’s an excuse i make because i’m not ready to deal with what’s been haunting me. i loathe darkness. if i didn’t, i wouldn’t be up writing this in the middle of the night; i’d be curled up between my sheets, entertaining the company of these dark creatures, letting them consume me like they have for the past month. i loathe darkness, and i despise myself for letting it control me. i want to be light. i want to be good. 

i want you to help me get rid of darkness. i want your shine to erase any traces he left, i want you to help me heal, i want you.