VERY OVERDUE Christmas Haul (like, it’s almost Easter already)

Don’t leave just yet!
Or do. I don’t really know what I’m going to make this post. But like I advise you to stay because… Um… Turtles?
Okay so.
I don’t know guys sorry there really are no Buts I have just been unbelievably lazy and postponed this post every time I came to do it.
I could just not do it, but I have canceled potential posts enough times and I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Also, I’ve already missed blogmas so I want to take part in at least one blogger tradition this year!
Oh wait. Is anyone still here? Hello? Meh. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.
So yep, this my Christmas Haul! Yaaaay
(Don’t worry, as you’ll see this won’t be too long)
So on Christmas eve we had dinner at Grandma’s (DELICIOUS INTESTINES. NO IT’S NOT EW YOU EW) and we exchanged Secret Santa gifts (the one between us cousins). Mine was a sweetheart and got me a book. This book:


Well… Yeah. I just had to return this. So I did.
Turns out the bookstore was shitty and this was like one of the best volumes there. But luckily I found this:


At least people have heard of it before, right? Anyway, I’m still happy to welcome him (or her? What am I saying it’s a it) to the family.

My other Secret Santa, the one from class, gave me


Turns out it’s not at all suffocating like my previous scarves, and it goes well with most of my clothes! So I really love this one.

Here is me rocking that scarf at the small village recital and casting shady glances at disturbance-makers:

Don't I look just fab.

And that’s it for my presents! See I told you this was going to be short. My parents, grandma, and grandpa (both sides) have me money, for a grand total of about 60$. I have to admit, money on Christmas is the worst. I don’t want to sound like a spoiled brat but it left me disappointed on Christmas eve. No gifts to unwrap! Just an envelope. Oh well, I guess that’s why I was pushing this post away in the first place.
So I pretty much am blowing up this money like a cool kid. I’m actually happy about it because fuck money. (By blowing it up I mean I bought a book, a movie ticket and a dessert. Oh and I’ll pay for my own choir trip tomorrow #REBEL)
The rest of it will go to…
*excited drumroll*
Getting piano lessons!!
I have wanted to learn piano for YEARS. I’M FINALLY GOING TO DO IT! I’M SO EXCITED YES but like don’t I need an actual piano or like a keyboard to practice or something? Meh. I just want to start even if it’s unreasonable.

I will now end my Christmas Haul with my outfit for Christmas day, to add some substance and content because as it is now it’s honestly just pathetic.


Bam. Isn’t it bam? No? Can’t you just say so? Still no? Okay.

I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’m going to end it here before any more disasters take place.

Merry LATE Christmas!! (I said I was gonna stop WHY did I not stop what is wrong with me BYE)

UPDATE (that no one will ever read): we’re too weeks into January 2016 and I JUST realized that there’s something missing.
Yep. I’m such a terrible friend.
On Christmas Eve my best friend (the ‘other’ one who has not been featured on this blog for its proclaimed lameness) came to my house, gave me my gift and then left.
Look at this.

He DREW me these. I can’t imagine how much time it must’ve taken him! They all look epicly flawless, and I definitely want to hang these on my walls. The Ravenclaw crest is just so beautiful! I really felt bad afterwards because all I had given him was a cover for his new phone and candy. And not the glorious kind.
Anyway, I just remembered them and I feel ashamed that I haven’t even mentioned them because they made my Christmas.
Now I can go back to doing nothing. Bye!

12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #12 – Christmas Picasso Tag! (Ft. ateenagediaryonline)





It finally is Christmas day, which means this is the very last day of this wonderful project we’ve put together. This is the very last tag! I had SO much fun with this.

I don’t want to blab too much (I’ll leave that for later trolololo), so without further ado here’s the Christmas Picasso Tag!



My answers are bold

ateenagediaryonline’s are blue

We really need to get you a nickname

How about Lou?


HeyGuys! For those of you who dont know who I am well let me tell you! I am ateenagediaryonline. I blog about a lot of things from music to recipes to just random stuff! The amazing aVeryAwkwardBlog asked me to do a collab and so of course I said yes! So basically we are doing this drawing thing using the paints app on our computer.

How it goes: there are 6 categories, for each category each of us has to draw the best representation of the thing mentioned, with explanation when necessary. One rule: be as creative as can be!

Let’s go!


Best Santa


Okay so I decided to give him a rounded figure because thats how everyone sees santa right. Then well I just went with the traditional colours.


My santa is a bit unconventional, here’s what I considered when I drew her:

-It’s a girl because well think about it. Santa’s purpose is to keep kids nice to get presents. Well, I think that boys are mostly the ones who are usually naughty, more so than girls. So I think they’ll try to be nicer if they knew it’s a lady who’s visiting to bring them their toys instead of a big fat bearded man. Do you get my point?

-She should be thin, obviously, because the poor reindeers have suffered enough from santa’s dead weight.

-I think she should wear lightbulbs because 1) FASHUN and 2) It’s be easier for planes to spot her and avoid her path when she’s flying in her sleigh.

-A GPS, to know where to go, of course. We don’t want her mixing up presents. Imagine if I got the basketball and my neighbor got the book GAH THE HORROR

-A comfy outfit and shoes. I guess that’s the only thing that doesn’t change. I don’t want her wearing heels! Even if it’s classier, well, she can’t fly around the whole world wearing them, that’s torture.

-Long hair, because I’m guessing it makes her warmer? I’m really concerned about her well being!


Best Christmas Dinner



I mean we have a turkey and potatoes! The traditional irish stuff! I’m irish so yeah.


Let’s see.

The main dish is what I’ve had yesterday and today, and what I think is one of the best things ever. We call it ‘ghamme’ or ‘fweregh’, which, in short, are sheep intestines stuffed with rice and ham. I KNOW, IT SOUNDS DISGUSTING, I KNOW. But honestly, once you try them, especially those made by my grandma, you’d get why I love them so much. Top them with garlic sauce, and gah *_* delicious.

Next to that we have my favorite peach champain, and the top Lebanese traditional dish, Tabbouleh. A meal is never complete without Tabbouleh. It’s basically a tomato and parsley salad, but mixed with green onions, borghol, salt, mint, and olive oil. I can only describe the taste as ‘home’.

We also have some pastry (topped with thym, ham, nutella, hotdogs, meat, or cheese) at the front and hummus at the back (YUMMY HUMMUS). Finally, the traditional christmas dessert, which is Bûche de Noël. It’s basically a wooden-log-shaped cake, associated with christmas and decorated with small christmas artifacts and snow-like edible cream. It’s more like an oversized swiss roll. Délicieux!


Best Snowman




Who doesnt like a zombie snowman. I decided that I didnt want your bog standard snowman so here it is!


I wanted my snowman to feel special. To start off, I replaced his carrot nose by a cucumber, because why not. I also traded his top hat for a matching christmas hat, because he doesn’t have to be a posh old man! Also, instead of sticking the ‘buttons’ down his middle which if you think about it is horrible, I gave him a very cute little blue jacket. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You might have noticed the fancy lining of the jacket, well wonder no more! These are anti-melting bars. They stop the snowman from melting! Isn’t this awesome? Such a genius I am. Someone text Olaf.

Best Tree


Lights and tinsel thats all you need on a christmas tree really!


My tree is white (come on, I know it’s gray but I couldn’t draw white on white) because the other day I saw a white tree through a window and I just went WOW. I tried to recreate it as much as I can. Of course, there had to be something different, so I made the baubles chocolate! That way when you’re feeling hungry you could just snatch one up and munch it. Plus, you can buy new ones every year, and not worry about packing and all that exhausting stuff! And the gifts are there because no christmas tree is complete without gifts, duh.


Best Outfit


I just went for a basic dress because I mean who doesnt wear a nice sequin number over the holidays! That would be me anyways!


I couldn’t really come up with a perfect outfit so I just drew what I wore myself today. A blazer, a shirt and pants, their colors just as in this picture. I think I looked smokin’. And modest, too. And sarcastic.


Best present


I mean isnt this how everyone sees the perfect present! I know I do.


I think the picture speaks for itself.


Okay I know my art skills of the paint app are pretty bad (oh shushhh) but I had fun struggling to get it right! Thanks to AveryAwkwardBlog for letting me be on his blog!



Seriously guys, this has been GREAT. I got to know a lot of you more, and you’re all honestly the nicest people on the planet. Let me thank you in turn (and also test my memory skillz); Elm (QWEEN), mydailyinkling, Bianca, (okay I lost track of order from here but I’m sure I remember everyone), L, crap, Laura, ateenagediaryonline, Arielle, Calliope, Emiwee, Keira, and Lily. Love you guys, you’re the best, I hope you had a WONDERFUL  christmas and that you’ll continue blogging (OR START DOING SO MMHMM) for a long time. Thank you for taking part in this project, and I can’t wait to do this again next year!

(Oh, and since this is a tag, I tag everyone on this list to do the challenge. Except a.t.d.o., of course. Unless you want to give it another go, then go ahead!)


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #11 – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (Ft. Arielle)

Good evening, and Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.
Since it’s Christmas Eve, today’s collab – with awesome blogger Arielle – is all about that: what we usually do on Christmas Eve, and the following Day. Here it is!


Christmas Eve!
Arielle: My tiny family seems to never have anything done before so on Christmas Eve, before all the stores close, we go do some last minute shopping. Presents, food, and other random stuff that we see..and think we need. Along with shopping, we get all of our wrapping done. Fortunatley, I had some time the other day so I could wrap some of the presents that I bought.
We all go to my aunt’s for Christmas, so at my house, we don’t put up many decorations. We leave all that to my aunt. Not that my house isn’t Christmassy… it’s just that nobody really gets to see it if we put anything up.
After we get all of our presents wrapped and last minute things done, we load up everything in the car so we don’t have to do it Christmas morning. That saves a lot of stress trying to remember everything. We also get a little bit of cooking done, too. The chicken, turkey, ham.. we need to get done that night since it takes the longest. We also finish up our pies and deserts as well. For a small family, we do like to eat a lot.

Anthony: I honestly love Christmas eve more than the day itself, that’s because we open our presents that day!
Each year, our whole family gathers at (paternal) grandma’s house around the Christmas tree in the evening. We wait in agonizing anticipation for the sounds of bells announcing the arrival of Santa Claus, usually a dressed up family member. The presents are distributed, the pictures taken, the packages opened. It has been this way every year since I was born.
Then, we all share Christmas dinner, prepared by grandma  l(with the help of mom and my aunts). It’s usually delicious. If I’m lucky (LIKE TODAY YES), the dinner is what we call ‘Ghammeh’. It’s basically animal intestines filled with rice and meat, topped with garlic sauce. I know it really sounds off putting, that is if you’ve never tried it. Try it once, at the hands of grandma of course, and you’ll see it’s the most delicious thing ever.
Enough about food!
After our meal, we go back home, pray together, then sleep early.
Christmas Day
Arielle: Somehow everyone manages to get up quite early on Christmas. My family that lives around me gathers all of their other presents and food, which we didn’t put in the car the night before, and go to my aunt’s house in town. Once we get there, we unload everything (which is not fun compared to loading it up…) and get ready to have dinner.
Our dinner usually consists of the turkey, chicken, ham.. green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, bread (rolls), stuffing, this cranberry thing that I don’t really like, and I’m sure there’s a few others that I’m missing. For desert we have pecan pie and usually some other type of pie, cookies, and peanut butter and chocolate fudge.
The dinner is the best part because my aunt and Grandma are the best cooks. I look forward to Christmas (and Thanksgiving) dinner every year.
After dinner, it’s time to open presents. It takes a little bit to get them all sorted, but after that, we tear into them. We see what we’ve recieved, thank the person who got them for us and pack them up back in the car to take home.
Before my family goes our separate ways back home, some of them watch ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’. I don’t see the humor in this and think the movie is completly dumb, so I skip watching it with everyone. Instead, I’ll go help my aunt clean up after dinner and put things away.
After the movie is done and everyone is visiting, we all say our goodbyes and go home. Unloading everything again isn’t fun, but it has to be done. I take all of my stuff to my room, put it away, and usually go to sleep because the day is usually pretty tiring for me.
And that’s my Christmas Eve/Christmas Day! I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s everything to me.
Anthony: We slept early because we had to wake up early on this day! It’s Christmas morning, which means ‘Merry Christmas!’, ‘Joyeux Noël!’, ‘Woulida Al-Massih, Hallelujah (Jesus is Born, Hallelujah)’ going all around.
We have to drive to our hometown before 10 A.M. to be on time for Christmas mass. So the hustle begins.
The house is jammed with us hurriedly eating something, trying on our newly bought clothes, showing these clothes to each other, fixing our hair, getting ready…
Then, as usual, we come down to our grandparent’s house to show tnem our clothes and hear compliments about how handsome we look.
Then, it’s off to the mass. After that’s done, we spend the rest of the day in the hometown. We have our Christmas meal with our mom’s family at grandma #2 ‘s house, along with my cousins, which is great. When we were younger we would get our presents from grandma at that point, but I don’t think it still will happen because we’re old now.
After everything we go back home, dad sleeps and we go back to carrying on with our lives. (Which in my case will include starting to write tomorrow’s very last collab – so exciting!)

I hope you have enjoyed reading our Christmas habits! 😀 what are yours? Do you have any special/unique/downright weird ones?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

12 Collabs of Christmas – Day #10 – Christmas Opposites Tag! (Ft. Laura)

Hello! It’s me (again). I’ve been wondering if after all these OKAY NOPE.
Today I have another tag, but this one I’ve come up with myself, together with Laura from LaLa’s Book Reviews.
It’s a Best/Worst list of all things Christmas! Sounds fun, right?
Let’s go!


Laura’s answers are purple
My answers are pure gold
Just kidding, they’re just yellow
You just got trolled

Best Christmas & Worst Christmas

I can’t think of one particular Christmas that was the best. However, my favourite Christmas holidays were during my childhood. In my country, kids are the ones who are decorating the Christmas Tree, and the classrooms at school. It was really fun to decorate my class with my classmates (we usually have one classroom for at least on year or more; we only move when we have to go to a lab.). Since we had the same classmates for the whole four years of elementary school, middle school or college, there was a competition between classes: who has the nicest decorated room. We would also go and sing carols to our teachers. For example, in grade 11 we went from class to class to sing carols to teachers and other students. And yes, it was during school hours. Some teacher also invited us to go to their house, sing carols to them and have a little chat. It was really nice, and we had a lot of fun.
My worst Christmas was in 2009, since I came to Canada in November 2009. I didn’t get to spend the holiday with friends and family. It was only me and my parents; I don’t think we had a Christmas tree that year. I also noticed that here, nobody decorated classrooms, nobody sang carols during school, the teachers weren’t that close to their students the way the ones in my country are. In a way it didn’t feel like Christmas at all.


I don’t think I can really pin down a best or worst Christmas… I mean, generally all of them were great. I don’t remember one of them that was more or less special than the other… All I honestly remember are the gifts, which is really bad. I know.


Best gift you’ve got & Worst gift you’ve got

I was in 7th or 8th grade, and my mum bought me Harry Potter 5 for Christmas. I loved it, especially since I’ve been waiting for a few months for the book to come out. It is not the only nice gift I got for Christmas, but it’s one that I will always remember.

Well, I got a new phone last year, what’s better than that?! I also remember a laptop I got when I was young. It was a ‘toy’ laptop, but for me it was awesome. Back then, laptops were the new thing, so I was thrilled and felt cool. It had so many features, I remember the neighbors came to our place to play on it because we didn’t even have computers then. But I lost it >_<

As for the worst gift, I remember it clearly. It was a portable mp3 player. First of all, I wasn’t old enough to listen to my own music yet. I was still at the age where something big and colorful would make a better gift than something small but valuable. Second, it only read CDs. Third, IT NEVER WORKED! I was really disappointed.

Best gift you’ve given & Worst gift you’ve given

When I was younger (elementary), I used to buy my mum silly stuff, like cheap earrings and other stuff like this. Since she never liked them or wear them, I suppose they were terrible gifts.

I only started giving gifts a few years ago, when we did ‘Ange Gardien’ in class, or what you might call Secret Santa. I always like my gifts to be nice and meaningful. I think the worst one I’ve given was in sixth grade, I was new to this whole secret santa thing so I did what everyone else was doing and got him… A mug. I admit it. I am ashamed, but oh well.

The best gift I gave for Christmas… I don’t know. I got my bestie Endgame by James Frey, a book she had been wanting, and though it’s just a book I’m really glad I got it because it’s fantastic.

Best Christmas traditions & Worst Christmas traditions

One of the best Christmas traditions is carol singing. In my country we go from door to door, or from gate to gate and sing carols to our friends and neighbours. They usually give

Worst Christmas traditions. I hate it when Christmas is reduced to buying a lot of stuff, eating a lot and giving presents. Sure, it’s not all bad, but these are not really things

I don’t think we have a bad Christmas tradition… No. I can’t think of any. But the best one is, as I previously stated, dinner at my Grandma’s.
Best Christmas song & Worst Christmas song

Best Christmas songs:

Carols. I love carols.

O Tannenbaum

Worst Song:

Cyndi Lauper – Feels Like Christmas 

I love carols too. Any would do 😀 I love Adeste Fideles because, well, I just sang it yesterday in a  small recital (#star). Petit Papa Noel is also the biggest classic.

I kinda hate ‘Last Christmas’ by WhateverHisNameIsIDon’tRememberAndFranklyDon’tCare. I think it’s just pointless, and has no relation to Christmas whatsoever, excpet that it mentions it in the chorus, and has a cheesy christmasy melody. Urgh.

Five things you hate & love about Christmas

Five things I hate about the Christmas season:
· The amount of people in stores; especially during sales days. I hate agglomeration.
· The fact that “helping needy people” is just a Christmas thing. I know there are people who help others all the time, but during the Christmas season, everywhere you go and look there is an ad about how it’s nice to donate and do this because it’s Christmas.
· Bad music in stores. It’s kind of annoying to hear Christmas songs on repeat when you go shopping. How about no music at all? 😛
· Terrible movies at TV.
· Coca-Cola

What I love about Christmas:

·Traditional Christmas food ❤

·Hot wine

·Spending time with family and friends

·Decorating the tree and the house


Five things I hate:

1-All the preaching. We get it. Love. Kindness. Modesty. Helping people. Come up with something creative for a change!

2-The commercialization is awful. Come on, some things are taken way too far.

3-Celebrities trying to put out christmas songs. Ugh. They never work for me.

4-The radio during christmas week. It ONLY plays christmas songs. IT’S ANNOYING!

5-We’re only given less than two weeks as christmas break. That’s not enough AT ALL.

Five things I love: 

1-The decorations. They’re SO fun to put up! In my home, in class, everywhere. Even changing my phone wallpaper to a christmas tree is satisfying!

2-Christmas carols. They’re really fun to sing, and get me in the holiday feel.

3-Grandma’s food. On Christmas eve we all gather at our paternal grandma’s house where we share an amazingly delicious meal. I CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT’S AAAAAA

4-The ‘surprise’ arrivals. Every year now, one of my two uncles who live in Australia makes a surprise appearance on Christmas. It has happened so many times now that we’re getting used to it.

5-Opening presents. Oh what fun it is to wonder what may be hidden inside the wrapping paper! Just opening these suckers is a gift in itself.


Hope you enjoyed this tag 🙂 I nominate anyone who would like to do it.

Have a great day!


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #9 – Dashing Through The Snow Book Tag! (Ft. Calliope the Book Goddess)

Good evening!
Today I’m here with Calliope the Book Goddess and we’re doing a classic good ol’ book tag! We chose the Dashing Through the Snow book tag. Let’s go!



Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

Calliope: I’m hoping for a lot actually! The Mara Dyer and Miss. Peregrine box sets, the Winner’s Curse and Winner’s Crime too. But most of all, I think I want to see The Wrath and the Dawn because I want to own it before I get the second one to re read. (Cause I library read the Wrath and the Dawn)
Me: I really, really, really wish I’ll find Allie Brosh’s new book, even though it’s still not out yet, because I NEEDS IT! I also would really like to find Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (aka of course Jo Rowling) BUT I STILL NEED TO READ THE SECOND GODDAMIT
[Ohmygod guys I just started using this new feature on my phone where I can just talk and it will translate what I said into words and it’s so relieving yassss.]

Name a book you’ll be reading during the holidays:

C:Since I’m going to have a long two day car ride to Florida and back during my Christmas break, I’m hoping to get some reading in, and hopefully finally read the Kiss of Deception and Angelfall, which I’ve been meaning to read for months.

Me: I have been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows since friggin September I still haven’t finished it so I guess I’ll have to finish it now in order to continue reading other books later. I want to read 13 Reasons Why, The Silkworm and And Then There Were None. I’ll try to finish as much as I can but DOUBT IT! 😦

Name your favourite Christmas movie.

C:Ooh, this is hard. I love Home Alone, Elf, and the Grinch, I can’t decide.
Me:Home alone is a classic and I really love it too, duh. I also have enjoyed films like the Nightmare Before Christmas; I think it’s beautifully made.

Do you like snow?

C:Ok, I kind of like it because that usually means no school, but then I’m the one stuck shoveling the really long driveway. So I like the snow, but only if i don’t have to shovel it.
Me: Do I like snow? Are you kidding? Who doesn’t like snow?! I love snow! YAY FOR SNOW (except if by Snow you mean a certain president… Hmm hmm)

Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas Day with.

C:Can I go with the Weasley family? They’re just awesome.

Me:Yeah I guess the Weasleys would make good hosts for a Christmas party but if I had to pick one character I’d probably want it to be.. I don’t know! Probably  ‘are my knee Granger’ (stupid voice recognition) from Harry Potter [oh my god I can’t believe I just told YOU who her my knee Granger (HERMIOME FFS) is. If you didn’t already know her, I don’t think you’d be reading this.]

To give or to receive?

C:Hmm, um well, call me vain or selfish, but I like receiving because it’s so magical to unwrap presents. Plus, I suck at giving. Like if you get me a present that someone wants, i can wrap it and make it look super fancy and cool, but it’s just the picking out the gift part that i suck at.
Me: I like getting presents as much as the other person, but I really can’t describe the feeling I get when I give something. I’m not trying to be obnoxiously modest, but honestly giving gifts just makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, you’ve done something worthy, and when you make someone happy it just automatically means you’re happy yourself!
[Okay so this voice recognition thingy sucks, it’s wednesday now and I’ve been fixing all the mistakes I had done yesterday for like half an hour. I’m never using this again! Oh and also… This is hilarious. The answers I was writing yesterday at 1 A.M. really make it look like I was completely drunk. I hope the 10 people who have already read this forgive me]
What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

C:Oh Hogwarts of course! Other than that maybe the Illean castle from the Selection series because they have the best holiday parties…with a lot of handsome guards hanging around. image

A:Yup as she said who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas at Hogwarts with Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, Hagrid, and their best friends?! I want to go to Hogwarts every single day, let alone Christmas!

Fondest Christmas memory?

C:You know, this came up as a journal for my Creative Writing class, and i have to say that i don’t really have one. (This might have to do with the fact that my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas and when i ask for something for Christmas, my mom says we don’t celebrate it, and i say bish wet, semantics mother)
Me: No idea! I love all christmasses. Last year, when I got this, phone, was really good. I mean I got a new phone!

Can you sat ‘Christmas Tree’ 10 times fast without messing up?

C:NOOOOO! I messed up on the 10th one!!! Can it please count though???
Me: I MESSED UP THE 9TH but the continued to num. 20 so I guess I can. Bown down bitches.
Whoops oh yeah it’s Christmas.
Joy to the world the lord is come.
Hope you enjoyed this 🙂 See you later!

So now I’m an actor now!

Heh not really.
Well kinda.
No idk.

Today was the last day of school before Christmas break.
I now have 12 days to do my homework in time! How exciting!

So anyway, there was a small Christmas show at school, including a medley of Christmas songs and three skits.
I’ve promised myself to be more involved in stuff this year, so I participated with the choir. Oh, and I also got the main role in a skit.
Yes, I kid you not. Me, theVeryAwkwardGuy, with the infamous shyness.
Well, about that. I’ve noticed I’m becoming less and less shy by the day. I’m speaking to people I never looked at before, I’m doing things I never dreamed I’d do, I’m happier. I’m also not taking as much shit.
I had been offered a very small role in a drama play last year, but I turned it down because I was scared I’d fuck up my line.
This year, when my theater teacher asked me to do a comedy skit where I’m a main character, I said yes. That’s progress, right?!
I practiced daily, and it turned out to be quite fun. But I still wasn’t completely sold on the idea of performing in front of the whole school.
But it’s not like I really had a choice, so I did.
The skit is about a psychologist and his patient, who keeps forgetting everything every two seconds. He has no idea where he is, or even who he is. And as the doctor (me) talks to him, he starts to lose patience. A LOT.
So anyway, I don’t remember much of the performance, honestl

y, be

cause I was in a state of sort of overwhelmingness but clear mindedness. How do I explain… It’s like I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was up on stage in front of 200 people but it didn’t make me forget my lines and stuff, I just didn’t focus on anything but what I had to say and do.
What I remember, though, is that the stupid shitty table I was supposed to roll out before we start got caught in the curtains and no one bothered to help me free it.
I remember how fast my heart was beating when I started with my first few lines.
I remember how hot the spotlight felt and wondered if they could turn that fucking thing away before I start screaming.
I remember that there were really rude audience members but these were very few.
I remember how I was scared no one was going to applaud at the end but then they did.
I remember the foolish smile of relief I gave the audience at the end.
*no more remembering*
Oh yeah I also remember that my friends said I was great and that being a doctor suits me, but at that point my overwhelmed-calmness state was gone.
I still can’t believe I did this! Yay!
I want to do it again. Yay for the English Day! (You’ll know what that is when the time comes. Lol at me sounding mysterious ‘n shiz)
The performance wagon doesn’t stop here, oh no. I’m giving my first solo first THREE solos tomorrow at a recital in my hometown, but that’s not remotely as nerve-wracking because the audience is 5 times smaller and everyone else sounds awful. #modest
Oh wait it’s two solos and a duet. Still 😀
See ya!

12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #8 – The Best Friend Tag! (Ft. Lily)

Hello! Today’s collab is something quite different, indeed I am doing it with one of my best friends (and the only person I have told about my blog – except for my other best friend who thinks blogging is lame; and it’s really his loss because now he doesn’t get to be featured here. Tant pis pour toi.)

So I call her Lily and I wanted to do a post with her since ages; now I have the chance! Yay! She’s the third person I know that have been featured on my blog, the first two being my sister.

Also, this is even more special because this will be my 100th post! I’m SO excited. I never thought I’d achieve this, but I did! Ugh, I love my blog.

With no further blabbing, here is our collab, the Best Friends Tag 🙂 here we go!


My answers are black

Lily’s are purple

I’m tired and can’t find a rhyme



1. How and when did we meet? 

Me: we went to the same school our whole lives. But we were never in the same class and we only really met in seventh grade, that’s when we started being friends.

Lily: We’ve been in the same class since grade 7. But in grade 9 we sat next to each other for a few months and we became really close.

2. What are your favourite memories together? 

Me: we’re very ‘conservative’ friends, in the way that we’re not the type that hangs out all the time and does crazy stuff. One of my favorite memories was on a spiritual retreat our school took us on, we just spent the day together and it was very nice. I don’t know why this memory sticks out, but I guess it’s because back then I was just starting to make friends and it had been long since I spent a day with someone.

L: That same spiritual retreat 💓

3. Describe each other in one word.

Me: Special.

L: Gentle (lol thx?)


4. What’s your best friend’s dream job? 

Me: her life’s dream is to become doctor. I really hope that happens! I don’t doubt it either, because she’s passionate about biology, and I know she’s going to make it.

L: He loves being an author. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be a great one because of his passion for writing and literature.

5. What’s your best friend’s favourite makeup brand? 

Me: well I’m no expert on make up. That’s obvious. So I’m going to say it’s that yellow chapstick that’s always in her purse 😂 she loves that chapstick. 

L: Well.. No make up brand of course but I’d love to see him in Miranda’s lipstick 😂

6. What is something that annoys you about the other person? 

Me: we don’t do enough stuff together! Also, WHY DO U HATE MIRANDS WHYYY

L:He always contradicts me😤😤

7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be? 

Me: I really want us to go to the Universal Harry Potter Parks! We’re both huge Potterheads. We’d have SO much fun.

L:England. Or Scotland. Visit JK Rowling maybe

8. Favourite inside joke? 

Me: we don’t have many… She once told me a story about her young brother and it’s so silly but also hilarious and every time we mention it I can’t help but laugh.

L:We don’t have a specific one. But we always relate everything we see or hear to something in Harry Potter which makes us laugh stupidly

9. My best friend looks beautiful when ________

Me: definitely when she laughs. I think everyone who looks happy looks beautiful!

L:-he’s angry. He usually gets angry out the blue and starts shouting at everyone.

10. Your best friend’s favourite season? 

Me: I’m pretty sure it’s winter. She’s literally always praying that it starts raining. Also, she loves coziness, and frankly who doesn’t?!

L:He prefers summer. Ugh i hate it 

Wait wait wait wait wait wait. WAIT. I LOVE SUMMER?! What kind of best friend are you even.

11. If your best friend has a scar, how did they get it? 

Me: she once fell on her bike when she was 10 and it caused major problems. Now it’s 6 years later and I can’t see any scars, but she does. That’d haunt me too if it it happened to me.

L:He doesn’t have any scar

12. What is it like being best friends with a blogger?

Me:Hmm, lilz, why didn’t you answer this one? I’ll do it for you: EXHAUSTING. She must have had it with my stupid blog But you love it, right? 



So that was the first part of the collab! I’ll post the second sometime soon. Hope you enjoyed this!


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #7 – Merry Christmas… Not! (Ft. Crap)

Hey! Today is something quite different. Enough of Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Crap is here with a very interesting story. She lives in a Christmas-free environment! While many of us find it hard to imagine a world with no Christmas trees, gifts and carols, some people actually have never celebrated this holiday. Let’s see what crap has to say about this:


     My first and maybe only memory of Christmas is the time I stopped believing in that big fat man I saw on the television. I was 7 and my dad took me to this big posh, expensive hotel for Christmas morning (I whined the previous night until he finally saw that annoying grin on his little angel’s face). It was this kid’s party and everything was nice and pretty and I felt real cool until I sat on South East Asian Santa’s lap and he gave me gum. CHEWING GUM! I mean what kind of a present is that? Who gives kids chewing gums that I have lying all over the house anyway? The fact that it was a flavor I detested didn’t really help either.
    So yeah, being in this part of the world, Christmas isn’t really as big of a deal as it is elsewhere. Yes, it is celebrated but by people who are Christian and they just go to churches or have a nice meal out somewhere. The whole town isn’t all sparkly and red. Not many traditions here either. So Christmas to me is: not having to wake up early and eating lunch in my PJs, tucked under the blankets.
  I feel like, Christmas has become a lot more of a cultural thing rather than religious, even though it is essentially a religious holiday. Where you are, has a lot to do with how you celebrate it. Even people who used to basically decorate even the toilet would probably just have a quiet dinner if they lived here.
   I do miss out on it though. I would have loved seeing some big old Christmas tree all dolled up standing in my living room. I sometimes have even fantasized about what would happen if my crush and I suddenly, randomly ended up under the mistletoe. (OH YUSSS!!!  *blush*blush*). And the food! GOD! I hate missing out on all that food.
Oh, and no snow. So there really is nothing to get excited about, and I hate how I can’t relate to any of the posts here these days. THEY’VE ALL GOT SOMETHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS. But it’s okay, we have our holidays and they make up for it I guess. I’m happy to see all of you so excited though. Have a blast !

12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #6 – (Fantasy!) Christmas Dinner! (Ft. Emiwee)

Salut 🙂
Today I’m going to be posting something quite interesting that I came up with, in collaboration with Emily.
It’s a short story – a fan fiction, actually, because the subject is to pick 5 characters from any book/movie and make them share a Christmas Dinner.
Emily picked her characters and wrote her story on my blog, and I’ll write mine on hers 🙂 here it is:


Heya! I’m Emily from emiwee. This guy here (fyi Anthony) and I teamed up together to give you two ultimate Christmas fanfics! Well, mine’s not that ultimate, but Anthony’s sure is XD (Also his will be on my blog soon) So the fanfics are about 5 characters from movies/books and forcing them to have a Christmas dinner together. Here are the characters I chose and their movies/books:

·         Baymax – Big Hero 6

·         Paddington Bear – Paddington/Paddington Bear Series

·         Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland

·         Audrey – Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

·         Tori Spring – Solitaire (Alice Oseman)

Yeah, I probably should’ve chose better characters. Uhh oops. Anyway, I tried my best to keep them in character and not to include any spoilers! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

And continue to check out Anthony’s 12 Collabs of Christmas once you’re done, because it’s an absolutely GENIUS idea and so far has been amazing!



“Welcome to the tea party! Let’s have some tea!!” The Mad Hatter announced as the others sat down. He was at the head of the table.

“Tea,” Baymax began. “Tea has less caffeine than coffee, therefore is a good alternative to drink. It has been proven to be good for the heart and may reduce cancer. Green tea provides the human body the most positively out of all the teas – it helps improve blood flow and-“

“Mr Baymax. It is good to know about the beneficial qualities of tea but if I may ask, could you please change the subject?” Paddington Bear asked.

The girl with the dark glasses, otherwise known as Audrey, just slipped a note to Paddington Bear, which he read aloud as “Where’s the food?”

Tori scoffed, sipping her sweet tea as she took in this bizarreness. She hadn’t planned to attend this “Christmas dinner”, but her brother Charlie said it would be a much better improvement than her lastChristmas… there was free food, so how could she turn down the offer.

Soon, the table was filled with Christmas delights. Pudding, roast chicken, roast ham, a variety of salads, bread rolls… it was like the last supper all over again. Surely they weren’t able to eat this all. And one of the attendees was a robot!

The Mad Hatter’s mouth shot into a smile, but then opened to say, “We need to change our positions!!”

And thus, the music started and they all had to rise to swap positions. Fortunately, Tori hid her cup with her as she switched around, but then Baymax sat down without a cup. Not that he seemed to mind. It wasn’t like he could drink tea.

Paddington Bear cleared his throat. “I think it’s time to eat food. What else did we come here for?”

Baymax stared blankly at his plate whilst the others dove into the food. He wasn’t sure if they should be using their own cutlery because that would spread their germs when they came for seconds. And, he wasn’t sure what he should do because he couldn’t eat food.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Tori ate in silence and Paddington Bear listened intently to the Mad Hatter’s story.

“Ah, you see, I come from this land called Wonderland. March Hare and I are always having a tea party! Oh wait a minute!! I HAVE TO SING THE UNBIRTHDAY SONG! It’s not anyone’s birthday today, is it?”

No one nodded their head or said yes.

“Okay… 1, 2, 3! A very merry unbirthday.. to-“

“Please don’t start singing,” Audrey just barely said out loud.

“Why not??!?!” The Mad Hatter questioned.

“Because… I just want to eat if I could,” responded Audrey.

The Mad Hatter slumped back into his chair and picked up his cutlery. He started to cut up his chicken forcefully. Oh, and eat quickly. Too quickly that he began to choke.

Baymax stood up and hit the Mad Hatter’s back until he spat the chicken on to the side of his plate. The robot also gave him a glass with water.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?” Baymax asked.

“What is this, witchcraft?” The Mad Hatter asked, horrified at the robot.

“On a scale of 1 to-“


“You have been a good boy. Have a lollipop,” Baymax gave him a lollipop. “Are you satisfied with your care?”

“What?? Of course not!”

“Alright then.” The robot went back to his seat and sat down.

Audrey, Tori and Paddington Bear glanced at each other, unsure of what just occurred. They shrugged and continued eating.

Tori thought about her last Christmas while eating. It had been the first Christmas after Charlie came back, and it was incredibly hard for him. Her family kept asking him too many questions, questions that didn’t need to be asked, and then her mum lashed out at him. This caused Charlie to escape to his boyfriend’s house.

She shook her head. It wasn’t the time to think about that. This Christmas was something quite different… well, a lot different.

Suddenly, there was an announcement that silenced everyone’s thoughts, words and future dialogue.

“Mr Hatter, Miss Turner, Miss Spring and Mr Baymax – since Christmas is about giving, I think it would be a great idea to share what our lives have given us and how it has affected us, hopefully postively,” Paddington Bear announced.

The Mad Hatter was about to shout out something until Tori glared at him. His mouth closed and he sat back in his chair.

“Does everyone agree?” Paddington Bear asked.

Everyone nodded, except for Baymax, who said “yes”.

Tori volunteered to go first, with certain events fresh in her mind. She cleared her throat. “Well, um, this year, my life has given me a healthier brother. My brother had gone through some really tough times last year. I’m glad that he has gotten better. At school, there was this blog called Solitaire… and there is the boy… called Michael Holden. I’m… a better person, I think, of that.”

She shut her mouth and leaned back into her chair. Oh god, she found that embarrassing. Where was her normal cynical tone? Solitaire and that boy have really changed her life and how she acted.

The Mad Hatter decided to go next. “My life has stayed the same. Tea parties and Wonderland! But there was this girl, oh this girl, Alice! She did not understand the tea party and what unbirthdays were. Oh that girl was HORRENDOUS! There was absolutely NOTHING good about her! Zero, zilch, nada! She-“

“I think the others are currently in a… state of… insanity, I think. I have pinpointed the cause as ‘The Mad Hatter’s rambling’. Also, Tori, you should turn down your volume. Loud excessive sounds can cause ear damage,” Baymax said.

True to Baymax, Tori had her earphones in and her music could even be heard outside of her earphones. Audrey had crawled into a ball on to the floor and was hyperventilating and Paddington Bear had politely covered his ears with his paws.

The Mad Hatter had stood up and exclaimed out “Fine! If no one wants to listen to me, I will leave!” He stomped out of the dining room and left.

“Thank goodness Mr Hatter has left. If I have to be honest, he was being most annoying,” Paddington Bear sighed with relief. Soon, Tori turned off her music and unplugged her earphones, and Audrey managed to sit back on her chair.

“Audrey next?” the Bear asked.

She brought out her notepad and quickly scribbled something down. She handed it to Paddington Bear, who read out loud, “I’ve been getting better at handling my anxiety. Life gave me a therapist, my therapist’s stupid project (but it helped me anyway) and Linus. That is all for now.”

“Baymax?” Paddington Bear urged.

“My life was created, and it gave Tadashi, my creator, and Hiro, his younger brother. Although Tadashi is now deceased, Hiro has taken over. I helped him, and he helped me. I became his health care companion and I care for him very much,” the huggable robot replied, with that being the most words he had ever said together during the dinner.

The bear smiled. “I have enjoyed listening to everyone’s story, and now it is time for mine. My life has given me an adventure. I found myself in the great city of London! I was adopted by the kind Brown family, who gave me a home and a place to stay. They have helped me settle in and saved me from going through taxidermy. I really appreciate their care for me and I will never be able to thank them enough.”

Not too long later, the stars appeared in the sky and snow fell. Everyone gathered around the big window to be captivated by the sight.

Sure, the dinner had quite some interesting occurrences. But all in all, it was something different, something weird, something bizarre… not that it matter too much.

It was still a Christmas dinner.

12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #5 – Instrumental Book Tag! (Ft. Keira)

For today I’m going to be posting a tag that I have came up with, together with Keira (and it was mostly her effort), which is the Instrumental Book Tag. We have been planning a collab for months but I saved it for this project, which is awesome!

The tag is simple, there are different instruments and each is associated with a different type of book. The usual book tag 🙂 it was quite fun to prepare.
So here it is:



Keira’s answers are pink

My answers are green

Hope we’ll keep you reading off the screen 🙂

Piano- a classic you love

Watership Down by Richard Adams. Or The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. I honestly have a really difficult time choosing between them. But if I had to, it would be Watership Down, just based on how many times I’ve read it. It is heartwarming, thrilling and an interesting perspective (I mean, the main character is a rabbit). 

I consider Harry Potter a classic, no matter what you have to say (whoops). So obviously that. But if I had to chose a ‘classic’ classic, it’ll be Les Misérables by Victor Hugo.

Keyboard- a retelling of a famous story

The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell. It is a retelling of a lot of different fairy tales: The Twelve Dancing Princesses and Persephone being the most obvious. This is a standalone but I wish it weren’t- I want to read more about these characters!!!!!

I DON’T KNOW!! What does this mean?! I don’t know any retellings!

OHH! Can I pick Miranda Sings’ retelling of the Story of Christmas? If anything’s the best, it’s that.

Guitar- a popular book you love
Well, this is an obvious one: Harry Potter. Enough said.

Since that’s the obvious answer, I’ll try to think of something else.

That was not easy.

The Fault in Our Stars I guess?

Cello- a book that gave you chills

So many! Let’s go with Stolen by Lucy Christopher- chills in the good way. I was sobbing for ages afterwards.


It’s honestly THE best. And it freaked the freak out of me.

Voice- a book with a unique writing style

The Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. When a book has things crossed out, it is obviously unique.

According to someone (winkwink), it’s A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve seen a couple of pages and it really is unique.

Triangle- a book that you don’t like to mention reading

Um…. well, maybe Twilight. But only because people are so judgmental! Sure, they are not the best books (the main series I don’t particularly like, but the new gender-flipped one I liked a lot more) but judging others based on a book is just stupid.
First of all, why Triangle?! Oh wait it’s my tag whoops.

I don’t think I’ve read many embarrassing books. Maybe in mychildhood? Yeah, that’s probably it. I used to read girl magazines like WITCH because there literally were no magazines for boys except comics. I also read kids books.


So that was our tag! Hope you enjoyed it 😀 this is just the first part (as with most of the collabs in this project), so expect part 2 on Keira’s blog sometime soon!

I tag all music and book lovers to do this tag. Have fun!