As some of you may know, last week I threw a complete tantrum because I dropped my phone in soapy water, and I thought it was ruined for good.
However, by some kind of Miracle (and 70$), it was fixed!!! All my posts are still here, best of all, THIS FANFIC IS NOT LOST! So I’ll be posting as usual 🙂
Let’s go!!



I woked up the nest day feelin retsted. But also revendge. I new what i had to do.

I sat up, eated some of my weddin gifts meats, and drunk the botle of dr. peper that i founded on the streats. But it was SPITCY!!! As i spitt it out and wiped my mouse with my pants, i finaly undestood why its calld ‘dr PEPPER.’ 

I took the gifs and the carkiys and and got in the car to drive it. It was a goud drivin UNTIL i ran out of GATS!!! So i stoped at the gastayshen and filed the car with the gas. But the gastayshen man told me he wanted moneys for the gatses! And i said ‘what the even heck its juts gas whydyou even want money for it?! Ill give u gats myself if u want it’ so i tooted my gases in his fatce. Sudenly he seemed to turn green, and in the road signs green mean that your free to go. So i goed. I also heared someone singin ‘call 911 now!!’ again and i thout wow this seams to be a prety popplar song lately i shoud probly make a cover of itt on my chanel tomoro.

I kept drivin to my detstinatshen. And then i saw it: a churtch decortated with wite baloons and ribons and rozes. 

A weddin moosic was playin from inside. Peeple were cumin. 

There was my atstistant raichel there. THAT TRAITOR!!!1! I was gona fire her sogoud later. 

Altso there was chris the madgitchen and his dauter bayley. I swored that im never even gona do a madgik trik with him anymor and il never even sing a frodzen song with bayly ever again. Thatll show em to cum to my exes weedin.

Wher wasshee… Where washshee… I coudn find her… Where watshe…

And finaly i saw her: a wedin drets on herself, a wite bokay of flowers in her hands, a curly black hairs on her heads, a hudge nose, a wrinkles… There she was. The one ive been lookin for. The one wholl be sory she even essisted.



2 thoughts on “FANFIC FRIDAY: Miranda Goes To Church! ( ADVENTURES WITH MIRANDA FANFIC – PART 6)

  1. Being a new follower, I didn’t know you did ‘FanFic Friday’ let alone write about Miranda! I LOVE Miranda! And I don’t know about anyone else, but when I read this fanfic, I read it in her voice 😀 I’m so excited to read more, it was hilarious!


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