FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – !FINAL CHAPTER! – Chapter 7



Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

Chapter 2: Filch Fooled

Chapter 3: A Normal Mirror?

Chapter 4: Five Years Later

Chapter 5: Recovery & Rediscovery

Chapter 6: The Mirror of Mirages

Chapter 7: His Only Desire


It took George every bit of energy and will he still had to stop him from flinging himself into the mirror.

-“FRED, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE? WHERE ARE YOU?! FRED, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” roared George. He couldn’t tell if any of it was real, if this was just one awful nightmare. “COME ON! ANSWER ME! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!”

George was full of rage. Was his mind playing tricks on him? Why was he looking at the reflection of his brother, who didn’t seem to care for the state of madness his brother was in, and didn’t bother to comfort him and tell him everything was going to be alright? He was just staring back at him with a silent, peaceful face. That was it. George got up and seized the mirror, ready to smash it.

-“George? What are you doing?!”

George immediately let go of the mirror. Was he starting to hear his brother’s voice now? He thought he’d gone mad. However, when he looked at the door, he saw Ron standing near it, befuddled at the sight of his brother wrestling with a mirror.

-“Oh. It’s you,” said George. Then all of a sudden, he threw himself at his younger brother, crying into his shoulders. Ron, who wasn’t quite used to this sudden display of affection, awkwardly patted his brother in the back. Even in these circumstances, he couldn’t find anything to say. Their sadness was too deep to be expressed by words. That’s when his eyes fell on the mirror.

-“Bloody hell!” whispered Ron, his eyes fixated on the tall mirror that was unmistakably familiar.

-“What is it?”

-“George… This is the mirror of Erised!”

-“The what?”

Ron had let go of his brother now, and was staring at the magnificent mirror. There he was, holding the Elder wand in one hand, Hermione by the other.

-“The mirror of Erised. Harry discovered it during our first year,” Ron said. “We used to come here at night for him to see his parents.”

-“What are you talking about?” said George, looking strangely at his brother. Had everyone gone crazy?

-“According to Dumbledore, this mirror showed every person their deepest, strongest desire. He wanted to see his family, so he did. But he could never talk to them. He just stared.”

George had stopped listening. He was looking in the mirror. Fred was looking back at him. And he understood.

Five years ago, when he and his twin looked into the mirror, all they saw was their own reflection. Because that was their only desire. To be together. To stay together.

And today, George didn’t see himself in the mirror. He only saw his brother. Because he’s the only person he ever wanted to be with.


FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – Chapter 6


Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

Chapter 2: Filch Fooled

Chapter 3: A Normal Mirror?

Chapter 4: Five Years Later

Chapter 5: Recovery & Rediscovery

6: The Mirror of Mirages

  The memory instantly came back to him. He vividly remembered the night when, five years ago, he discovered this very mirror with Fred while they were running away and hiding from their former caretaker. Again, as he looked at it, it seemed like a plain normal mirror. His reflection stared at him with the same sad expression.  Everything looked the same as it did the night they found the room. With only one exception.

Fred wasn’t with him anymore.

He suddenly couldn’t hold back his tears anymore. He broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably. That was it. There will be no more discoveries. No more adventures. No more good times, no more fun, no more laughs. It’s just going to be him from now on. Him and his own thoughts, with no Fred to share them with. It all happened so abruptly. Was he going to make it? Would his life realistically be possible, or have any meaning, with his twin gone? He still had his business. He still had his family. He still had Angelina. But he didn’t have his second half.

He kneeled in front of the mirror, tears running down his cheeks. His eyes were closed. He couldn’t get himself to open them. He knew that if he did, if he looked into that mirror, the memory of his deceased brother will resurface, harder than ever, due to their uncanny resemblance. And it could destroy him.

But was he going to hide forever? Was he going to constantly run away from his memories, from his fears?

No. He couldn’t. That was not like him. Fred would be completely ashamed and disappointed if he let his death take down his brother. He wouldn’t want to be the reason why George’s life was ruined.

No. He was going to challenge himself. He was going to fight. His brother died during a war in which Good triumphed over Evil. That should make him proud. His blood wasn’t spilled in vain. His brother was a hero. And he was going to be brave for him.

Slowly, George stood up, raised his head, and started opening his eyes. Then he looked into the mirror.

His shock almost made him fall back to the ground.

The person looking at him looked exactly like him, but looked nothing like him. He had the same length, the same ginger hair, the same face. But he wasn’t covered in grime. His face wasn’t smeared in dust and blood. His expression wasn’t devastated. And his left ear was intact.

-“… Fred?”



FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – Chapter 5


Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

Chapter 2: Filch Fooled

Chapter 3: A Normal Mirror?

Chapter 4: Five Years Later

Chapter 5: Recovery & Rediscovery

When George woke up, he wasn’t surrounded by the rest of the survivors of the battle, like he expected. He was glad about it.

After the battle, everything was kind of blurry for him. He had completely lost touch with reality, so he still didn’t know who exactly the ‘survivors’ were. He would have to check on that later.

One disaster at a time.

In spite of having been raised in an unstable and dangerous environment for most of his life, George had never really experienced deep shock in his life. And now he suddenly found himself facing the one thing he feared above most. His worst nightmare.

Fred is dead.

That was the truth. The only truth that seemed to matter at this point. The person he shared his whole life with had now disappeared. He just won’t be seeing him anymore. He was never going to talk to him anymore, as long as he lived.

Thinking about it like that may have made the fact seem simpler. But it wasn’t. It was much more complicated for him.

And he couldn’t stand thinking about it anymore. So he just got up and started walking.

Every part of this castle reminded him of Fred. But he figured that, because all he had left of his twin was memories, he might as well relive the happier ones. He strolled past classrooms and corridors, each one bringing back a different memory that made him smile sadly, close his eyes and hold back a couple of tears.

George wandered about, lost in thought. They had just won the war. Voldemort was finished. Harry was alive. He had many reasons to be happy, but he felt that happiness was the last thing he was feeling. But he had accepted it…

A glimmer of gold made him stop in his tracks.

It looked fairly normal, like a reflection of some shiny object, no magic involved. He looked around, trying to spot the origin of this golden shine. And then he saw it.

Inside a deserted room, seemingly unaffected by the battle, under an antique chandelier, stood a mirror. Marvelous, ceiling-high, with a beautifully carved golden frame, supported by two lion paws. Just as he remembered.



FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – Chapter 4


Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

Chapter 2: Filch Fooled

Chapter 3: A Normal Mirror?

Chapter 4: Five Years Later

-“Are you okay?”


George suddenly seemed to come back to himself. In front of him, a tall, attractive, ginger young lady was looking at him with big eyes swimming in grief and sympathy.

-“Never mind, I was just looking all over for you. We’re all gathered in the Great Hall. Join us whenever you feel like it.”

He looked at her, giving a little nod, his mouth twisting into the smallest, saddest, deepest of smiles. A moment later, Ginny was leaping into his arms, wrapping hers around him in a tight hug, tears trickling down her face onto her brother’s neck.

-“Don’t worry about me, I’m okay, I’ll go down in a minute.”

He stared at her as she headed back downstairs.

Okay? Was he really okay? Would he ever be okay again?

Would he ever get used to waking up each day and not seeing an exact replica of his face looking back at him?

Was he ever going to get used to the absence of the most important person to him?

His brother. His twin. His best friend. Fred. Gone forever.

No… He must be imagining things. Fred can’t have left him. He never did. Not even when he was stuck in detention with their old caretaker. Those late nights during their school years now seemed so far behind, but that didn’t mean things changed. They were always a pair, and surely always will be.

Yes… He was sure that in a minute, Fred will come out from behind a pillar, grinning, like he always did when he saw his brother. It’s just another one of his pranks, tricking him into believing he was lost forever.

-“You know, Fred,” said George while standing up, “this little game you’re playing is just cruel. That’s not how we do it. We never trick each other.”

Silence. He began pacing around the room, his eyes looking desperately in every direction trying to catch a glimpse of ginger hair somewhere in the ruins left by the battle that had killed many. But no, not Fred. He was alive, George was sure of it.

-“Okay Fred, I surrender now”, he said lifting his arms in the air. “Come out already. You got me.”

He let out a nervous giggle followed by a pathetic whimper. Desperation was starting to get the best of him as the inevitable truth started downing on him.

-“That’s it! Stop! This isn’t funny!”

His shaky voice was starting to grow into a terrifying yell. He was now running, breaking into every room, smashing into doors and walls, searching for his twin who he knew wasn’t hiding anymore.


George’s body seemed to stop responding. His legs couldn’t carry him anymore; his head couldn’t take the full weight of his thoughts. He flailed and fell down, splattering his blood, sweat and tears on the dusty floor.

-“… Dead.”


FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – Chapter 2


Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

Chapter 2: Filch Fooled

 -“Argus…” whispered a voice in the darkness.

Filch woke up with a start in his damp office, lifting himself from his moldy bed on his elbows. Did somebody just call him by his first name in the middle of the night? Persuading himself that he was again imagining the voice of his late mother, he laid back down. But the silence was broken once more:

-“Argus.. Argus Filch.. Get up you bloody bastard..”

Now that he was sure it wasn’t just in his head, he began looking around, pointlessly because of the total dark, and calling:

-“Who’s there? Who the hell insulted me? Peeves, if it’s you again..” he said angrily, swinging his arms around him in every direction as though to grab the sneaky poltergeist.

-“This is not Peeves, you idiot. This is… Sir.. Squibolas.. De Squibsy-Squibinton! That’s right, that’s who I am,” said the uncertain, but intimidatingly confident voice.

The owner of that voice was standing in the shadow behind the office door, and his twin was hardly holding in his giggle.

-“Sir who?” barked Filch, his eyes narrowing, trying to catch a glimpse of the person behind the unidentified voice that had just called him a bastard and an idiot.

-“Never you mind, my name is not the point of my visit,” said George in a hoarse voice. “I’m here on a rather special mission. Let me just go over some basic points. I was the only wizard in a family of Squibs, and I had been working on perfecting a wand that would restore a Squib’s magical powers.”

-“By Merlin! Go on,” muttered Filch, suddenly rigid and attentive-looking, his eyes wide.

Fred was somewhat impressed with the improvising ability in his brother, and grasping where he was heading with this, spoke in the same voice as him:

-“That’s right! I grew tired of performing everybody’s magical duties so I decided to make a special wand that would grant them their own magical powers. I spent years assembling it. When, at last, I succeeded, and my family started using magic… Well…”

-“I got punished for breaking the laws of magic,” continued George. “Yeah, well, I allowed magic to unrightful owners, and then out of the blue I wake up one day and my body is gone! I didn’t foresee that consequence, I’ll tell you that. But well, I wasn’t going to stay in my home feeling miserable about what happened to me forever! So I thought, I became like that for giving magical powers to unfortunate Squibs, so why not continue doing that?”

-“Right… Well… Even though my body was gone, I was still there, you know? I didn’t just disappear. I didn’t die. I was just body-less,” said Fred in an over-dramatic tone. “So I started tracking Squibs down and returning their magic to them by leaving them one of my special wands. Here’s yours, it’s laid on your desk. I’ve already given Miss Irma Pince hers and she successfully casted a Furnunculus charm on a student who was doodling on one of the library books. She must have been waiting for ages to do that. The poor boy now has boils the size of ping-pong balls all over his cheeks.”

-“Really? Irma has magic now?! Good Heavens! I can’t believe this… Finally my years of being humiliated by these awful little pricks are about to come to an end!” said Filch, with an evil grin that revealed yellow and cracked teeth. “Oho, when I lay my hands on these Weasleys… Let me see… Ah, the wand is there.”

He was now on his bare feet, staring at the long, black stick with a power-hungry, greedy look on his face. He stretched his hand, reaching out with his fingers to grab the wand, too concentrated on it to notice that two ginger boys were peaking in from behind the door, watching him. He closed his grip on the wand, held it with huge pride in triumph in front of him, and…

POOF. A huge cloud of multi-colored smoke filled the office with a loud detonation. Filch tried to disperse it, coughing and cursing, and finally look down.

His fingers were gripping not a wand, but the neck of a rubber chicken.

He looked up.

-“WEASLEY!” he bellowed, throwing away the chicken, jumping with his hands in front of him to chase the two twins who ran off, howling with laughter.

-“Hope you enjoyed your fake wand, Mr. Filch!” threw George to the caretaker behind his shoulder, sprinting into a staircase.

-“Courtesy of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes!” added Fred, following his brother.

-“I’M GOING TO GET YOU THIS TIME, YOU LITTLE BASTARDS, YOU!” screamed Filch. He was ashamed that he had actually believed what they told him, that for a glorious moment he thought that his days of being an outcast were over.




FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – Chapter 1

As promised, I am going to start posting a fanfiction of mine on my blog.

It’s called ‘The Mirror’, it’s divided into 7 short chapters (for a combined total of 15 word pages for the whole thing, in case you were wondering) and it’s based in the Harry Potter fandom. It stars two of my – and many people’s – favorite characters, as you’ll soon find out in the first few lines!

I thought about posting a new chapter each Friday like I did to Adventures With Miranda, but since the story is continuous I decided to post it all in one week.

I really hope you enjoy this; as I said previously it is my first fanfic 🙂

So without further ado, let’s begin our story!


Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

-“Are you really sure about what you heard?”

-“As sure as I am that Ron is never going to get a girlfriend,” replied George.

It was a quarter to midnight, and Fred and his twin brother were walking discretely in a dark corridor in Hogwarts.

-“I heard him talking to Lockhart the other day,” continued George. “He seems to believe all the crap he tells in his books. He asked him if ‘such an outstanding wizard like yourself could perhaps restore the magical powers of a Squib’.”

Fred smirked at the sound of the accurate squeaky imitation of their Caretaker, and whispered while walking towards the latter’s office:

-“Oh, what a dunghead. And what did the ‘outstanding’ oaf say to him?”

-“That he could indeed do it easily but that he forgot the right spell. He then gave him a couple of signed photos as a consolation.”

Fred could barely hold in his laugh.

-“That complete fraud. I don’t think he could even perform a spell himself. Didn’t you hear about the disaster that happened with the second years?”

-“Nah, I don’t really pay much attention to things that aren’t me. Or you,” George added at the sight of his brother’s raised eyebrows. “Anyway, I’m glad there’s no cure for Squibness. Squibpox. Squibalaria. Whatever you wanna call it. Just imagine Filch using magic on students in the corridors. It would make our life miserable.”

-“I wouldn’t be too worried about that,” said Fred with a sneer. “He’d never be match for our combined prowess, lil’ bro”.

-“Just because you were born four minutes before me, doesn’t mean I’m your ‘little’ bro,” replied the twin, annoyed. “Back to the subject, have you got what I told you to bring?”

-“Yeah, it’s under my cloak. But I still don’t see where you’re going with this.”

-“A’right, I’ll let you know on the way to his office,” said George, and he leaned closer to his twin as they walked together under the bright moon shining outside the windows.


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #6 – (Fantasy!) Christmas Dinner! (Ft. Emiwee)

Salut 🙂
Today I’m going to be posting something quite interesting that I came up with, in collaboration with Emily.
It’s a short story – a fan fiction, actually, because the subject is to pick 5 characters from any book/movie and make them share a Christmas Dinner.
Emily picked her characters and wrote her story on my blog, and I’ll write mine on hers 🙂 here it is:


Heya! I’m Emily from emiwee. This guy here (fyi Anthony) and I teamed up together to give you two ultimate Christmas fanfics! Well, mine’s not that ultimate, but Anthony’s sure is XD (Also his will be on my blog soon) So the fanfics are about 5 characters from movies/books and forcing them to have a Christmas dinner together. Here are the characters I chose and their movies/books:

·         Baymax – Big Hero 6

·         Paddington Bear – Paddington/Paddington Bear Series

·         Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland

·         Audrey – Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

·         Tori Spring – Solitaire (Alice Oseman)

Yeah, I probably should’ve chose better characters. Uhh oops. Anyway, I tried my best to keep them in character and not to include any spoilers! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

And continue to check out Anthony’s 12 Collabs of Christmas once you’re done, because it’s an absolutely GENIUS idea and so far has been amazing!



“Welcome to the tea party! Let’s have some tea!!” The Mad Hatter announced as the others sat down. He was at the head of the table.

“Tea,” Baymax began. “Tea has less caffeine than coffee, therefore is a good alternative to drink. It has been proven to be good for the heart and may reduce cancer. Green tea provides the human body the most positively out of all the teas – it helps improve blood flow and-“

“Mr Baymax. It is good to know about the beneficial qualities of tea but if I may ask, could you please change the subject?” Paddington Bear asked.

The girl with the dark glasses, otherwise known as Audrey, just slipped a note to Paddington Bear, which he read aloud as “Where’s the food?”

Tori scoffed, sipping her sweet tea as she took in this bizarreness. She hadn’t planned to attend this “Christmas dinner”, but her brother Charlie said it would be a much better improvement than her lastChristmas… there was free food, so how could she turn down the offer.

Soon, the table was filled with Christmas delights. Pudding, roast chicken, roast ham, a variety of salads, bread rolls… it was like the last supper all over again. Surely they weren’t able to eat this all. And one of the attendees was a robot!

The Mad Hatter’s mouth shot into a smile, but then opened to say, “We need to change our positions!!”

And thus, the music started and they all had to rise to swap positions. Fortunately, Tori hid her cup with her as she switched around, but then Baymax sat down without a cup. Not that he seemed to mind. It wasn’t like he could drink tea.

Paddington Bear cleared his throat. “I think it’s time to eat food. What else did we come here for?”

Baymax stared blankly at his plate whilst the others dove into the food. He wasn’t sure if they should be using their own cutlery because that would spread their germs when they came for seconds. And, he wasn’t sure what he should do because he couldn’t eat food.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Tori ate in silence and Paddington Bear listened intently to the Mad Hatter’s story.

“Ah, you see, I come from this land called Wonderland. March Hare and I are always having a tea party! Oh wait a minute!! I HAVE TO SING THE UNBIRTHDAY SONG! It’s not anyone’s birthday today, is it?”

No one nodded their head or said yes.

“Okay… 1, 2, 3! A very merry unbirthday.. to-“

“Please don’t start singing,” Audrey just barely said out loud.

“Why not??!?!” The Mad Hatter questioned.

“Because… I just want to eat if I could,” responded Audrey.

The Mad Hatter slumped back into his chair and picked up his cutlery. He started to cut up his chicken forcefully. Oh, and eat quickly. Too quickly that he began to choke.

Baymax stood up and hit the Mad Hatter’s back until he spat the chicken on to the side of his plate. The robot also gave him a glass with water.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?” Baymax asked.

“What is this, witchcraft?” The Mad Hatter asked, horrified at the robot.

“On a scale of 1 to-“


“You have been a good boy. Have a lollipop,” Baymax gave him a lollipop. “Are you satisfied with your care?”

“What?? Of course not!”

“Alright then.” The robot went back to his seat and sat down.

Audrey, Tori and Paddington Bear glanced at each other, unsure of what just occurred. They shrugged and continued eating.

Tori thought about her last Christmas while eating. It had been the first Christmas after Charlie came back, and it was incredibly hard for him. Her family kept asking him too many questions, questions that didn’t need to be asked, and then her mum lashed out at him. This caused Charlie to escape to his boyfriend’s house.

She shook her head. It wasn’t the time to think about that. This Christmas was something quite different… well, a lot different.

Suddenly, there was an announcement that silenced everyone’s thoughts, words and future dialogue.

“Mr Hatter, Miss Turner, Miss Spring and Mr Baymax – since Christmas is about giving, I think it would be a great idea to share what our lives have given us and how it has affected us, hopefully postively,” Paddington Bear announced.

The Mad Hatter was about to shout out something until Tori glared at him. His mouth closed and he sat back in his chair.

“Does everyone agree?” Paddington Bear asked.

Everyone nodded, except for Baymax, who said “yes”.

Tori volunteered to go first, with certain events fresh in her mind. She cleared her throat. “Well, um, this year, my life has given me a healthier brother. My brother had gone through some really tough times last year. I’m glad that he has gotten better. At school, there was this blog called Solitaire… and there is the boy… called Michael Holden. I’m… a better person, I think, of that.”

She shut her mouth and leaned back into her chair. Oh god, she found that embarrassing. Where was her normal cynical tone? Solitaire and that boy have really changed her life and how she acted.

The Mad Hatter decided to go next. “My life has stayed the same. Tea parties and Wonderland! But there was this girl, oh this girl, Alice! She did not understand the tea party and what unbirthdays were. Oh that girl was HORRENDOUS! There was absolutely NOTHING good about her! Zero, zilch, nada! She-“

“I think the others are currently in a… state of… insanity, I think. I have pinpointed the cause as ‘The Mad Hatter’s rambling’. Also, Tori, you should turn down your volume. Loud excessive sounds can cause ear damage,” Baymax said.

True to Baymax, Tori had her earphones in and her music could even be heard outside of her earphones. Audrey had crawled into a ball on to the floor and was hyperventilating and Paddington Bear had politely covered his ears with his paws.

The Mad Hatter had stood up and exclaimed out “Fine! If no one wants to listen to me, I will leave!” He stomped out of the dining room and left.

“Thank goodness Mr Hatter has left. If I have to be honest, he was being most annoying,” Paddington Bear sighed with relief. Soon, Tori turned off her music and unplugged her earphones, and Audrey managed to sit back on her chair.

“Audrey next?” the Bear asked.

She brought out her notepad and quickly scribbled something down. She handed it to Paddington Bear, who read out loud, “I’ve been getting better at handling my anxiety. Life gave me a therapist, my therapist’s stupid project (but it helped me anyway) and Linus. That is all for now.”

“Baymax?” Paddington Bear urged.

“My life was created, and it gave Tadashi, my creator, and Hiro, his younger brother. Although Tadashi is now deceased, Hiro has taken over. I helped him, and he helped me. I became his health care companion and I care for him very much,” the huggable robot replied, with that being the most words he had ever said together during the dinner.

The bear smiled. “I have enjoyed listening to everyone’s story, and now it is time for mine. My life has given me an adventure. I found myself in the great city of London! I was adopted by the kind Brown family, who gave me a home and a place to stay. They have helped me settle in and saved me from going through taxidermy. I really appreciate their care for me and I will never be able to thank them enough.”

Not too long later, the stars appeared in the sky and snow fell. Everyone gathered around the big window to be captivated by the sight.

Sure, the dinner had quite some interesting occurrences. But all in all, it was something different, something weird, something bizarre… not that it matter too much.

It was still a Christmas dinner.



This is it. The final piece in my legendary epic: Adventures With Miranda. Just kidding, I think like 4 people in total read it. Including me. But I’m proud of it, and I’m happy to present this final installation.




I follwed the peoples to the insides of the churtsh. It was ugli thb. It was al wite and flowersy. The sits wer pi£nK. Ther wer roze petels all on the floor and witeh carpet. Disgusgin!i  stared screemin that tehse people were racist terroristics who killd the plants jus for ther own twisted pleajur and to throw them away on the flour wher peoelpe squitsh them!!1 but no oen even herd me cuz they wer all talkeng at de samw time.

I went and sat in the bak. Jotshua still hadnt even invited me yet and i didn wnat my plan to fail jjst cuz of him seein me at the his weding. So i tok a vase and stiked it inmy head. Now teyr gona think im an inocent lamp.

As i stood ther it staredt to itch down there. But lamps dont hev private parts so it would hav bin wierd to scratch.
Finely, the stoopid baground moosic stoped to be replased by live musec thats even mors horible. But i coudn see from the vase, so i poked a whole in it to my eyes. I almos screemd so hard evryones ears would have bleeded as much as my eyes at that monment. But i didn ccuz im a good spy who steys underkover. So i just stayed ther, blood smeerin my lips wiz more red. It must hav luked so lutshess and kewl.

On the shine side, i coud see now, even thru all the bloods. Jotchau was on the altar, righ nest to my meats. That hoe, he didn even eat them! I bougt them for nothin.

Then… A flower girl? WATT?!?! I WANTED TO BE A FLOWER GURL!!!!@!! WY DINT HE EVEN AKS ME?! i was gettin osoooo titted of rite now. Am so angry at them you dindt even now it. I wanted to hurt. Bad.

And at last………





Cowleeen. Wiz an old man. I think hes my dad but im not even shur cuz i dont see him a lot. It was usully just ny unkle.

He waked her up the ile, steppin on the pour litle rose petels like theyr inocent slaves. ‘Ill revendge u, rodzes!’ I said to maself.

She arivd at the alter nest to jutshoa. Hi smiled at her fugly fatce. Urgh i was goin to threw up.

‘Do you, Joshua Evans, take Colleen as your wife?’

‘I Do’

‘BOOOOOO’, I said, but no one even herd me cuz they wer buzy clappin. Idoits.

‘Do you, Colleen Ballinger, take Joshua s your husband?’

‘I Do’ that hoe said.

More clapin. It was liek moestiquo saeson all over agin.

‘You may now kiss the bride’ said the old man. They leened in.


I was done. He was NOT goin to kitss her and cheet on me in fornt of eveybody!! I took off the vase and smatshed it for darmatic efect.

‘Miranda?!’ gasped Josh.

‘What’s that crazy bitch doing here?’ said colean.

‘WHADYOU CALL ME YOU FUCKIN CUNT?!’ I screeched. Forgt goin to hell. Im not goin to let zis happen even if it took me bad werds to say.

‘This is my wedding! It’s my moment!’


‘Calm the hell down Miranda!’ said Jotsh.

‘Not anymore then! Go back to sucking your uncle’s-‘


And so I puld out my gun.the crowed gasped. Then some1 screemed and they started runnin in every diretshen, hoeever colleen seemd glued to her spot with terrorise. Josths tried to move her but two late.

‘Say gudbye to your lyfe, queef’

‘Miranda! NO!’ screemed jotsh

‘YETS!’ I said

‘You can’t do this!’




And i puld the triger. 1secund later, i felt so mush pain in my left hands.


No one replyd. I decided to finnish with it quikly.


I barly heard his stuped shouts as I emptid my bulets in coleens body. Her head her chesticles her tookie and her eye crusties. Blodd exploded from e


vrywher. For a second i was truimphant.

But then…

I died.

FANFIC FRIDAY: MIRANDA GOES TO PARTY (Adventures With Miranda Fanfic – Part 7)


After a break last week (pfff no I didn’t forget I just.. um.. turtles?) Fanfic Fridays are back yaaay.
Just a heads up: it might not be up next week because 1) exams and 2) I always have trouble finishing stuff. So wish me luck on both!



When i got out of my car and went inside the churtch, the bride an groom werent there. Ther were peepol and guetsts. I put my meats on the gift table, which i guets was the altar.

The guetsts were goin throu a door that lead to a bootiful garden. I folowed them so that nobody gets suspitshus.

Everyone was tchatin and smilin and laughin. I was at the food table. There werent even any meats! Not even koolaid?! What the even heck was this?! There was just hommade cookies!! I ate them anyways. There was also glatses of sparkly waters. I found them intretsting and took one.

Then, i sawed glozell! I wento tak to her

‘Hi guyzel its me miranda.’

‘Miranda! I didn’t know you were invited! Whas’ good?’


‘Ooo damn. You seem to be pissed off at summat.’

‘Its nonoyour bizness’ i said, and i drinked all the sparkly juices. It tasted like somethin i never even tatsted before. It made my throat and organs and intestines so warm! 

‘I love this juce watisit?! Its even beter than koolaid!’

‘That’s champagne gurl.’









I ran away from my shame and hid in a broom closet. I found a botle of soaps so i ate them to watsh my mouths from these alcohols. It maked me gagged sobad liek i was chokin on somethin. It reminded me o my uncle for som reasen but i cant remember why even. He was ded anyways now so idosnt mater.

I finally detcided that it was time for me to come out of the closet. But not like tylar or joee or conner or hana cuz im not a lebenese.

They were now playin the song wach me wip that naynay that i made a vidio of lassmonth. So i starred doin it two and i was goud but i saw that GOZELL was TWERKIN the PORN WAY!!! I went to hide her butticle cracks but even more peepol startd twerkin like that so i new that i had to scar them to stop it. So i took my gun and pushed it into glodzels butt.

She started screeming but lukily stoped twerkin and all the others stoped to. 

Someone said ‘shoud we call 911?’

So i yelld at him ‘yarite these aren even the rite lyricts! Youll now it wen i cover it tomorow on my tchanel’

Sins the scare worked goodly enough and fast, i detcided that it wasn netcetsary to shoot the gun anymor so i took it bak from glodzels butt and licked it to remove the crusts on it. Besides that i was savin the shoots for something elts. Somone else, shoud i say it.

As i wakd away, i herd glozell muter ‘Next time you shove a dildo up my butthole, I’m shoving three down all o’yours, you bitch.’ I wondered hootchie was talkin to, and wat didlo means. Im shur i once ate one o these before. They tatsted squitshy thou.

Wen wazzis wedin even gona start?! Im getin tireded.

An sudenly, my qwetshen was ansered. A voitse said ‘Joshua and Colleen’s wedding ceremony will begin in a moment! Please re-enter the church and take a seat to share this special moment with them!’

Finaly. It was time.

They wanted a speshel moment? Ill give it to them. ill make it s


o speshel it woud be unfergotable even.

Ho ho ho.



As some of you may know, last week I threw a complete tantrum because I dropped my phone in soapy water, and I thought it was ruined for good.
However, by some kind of Miracle (and 70$), it was fixed!!! All my posts are still here, best of all, THIS FANFIC IS NOT LOST! So I’ll be posting as usual 🙂
Let’s go!!



I woked up the nest day feelin retsted. But also revendge. I new what i had to do.

I sat up, eated some of my weddin gifts meats, and drunk the botle of dr. peper that i founded on the streats. But it was SPITCY!!! As i spitt it out and wiped my mouse with my pants, i finaly undestood why its calld ‘dr PEPPER.’ 

I took the gifs and the carkiys and and got in the car to drive it. It was a goud drivin UNTIL i ran out of GATS!!! So i stoped at the gastayshen and filed the car with the gas. But the gastayshen man told me he wanted moneys for the gatses! And i said ‘what the even heck its juts gas whydyou even want money for it?! Ill give u gats myself if u want it’ so i tooted my gases in his fatce. Sudenly he seemed to turn green, and in the road signs green mean that your free to go. So i goed. I also heared someone singin ‘call 911 now!!’ again and i thout wow this seams to be a prety popplar song lately i shoud probly make a cover of itt on my chanel tomoro.

I kept drivin to my detstinatshen. And then i saw it: a churtch decortated with wite baloons and ribons and rozes. 

A weddin moosic was playin from inside. Peeple were cumin. 

There was my atstistant raichel there. THAT TRAITOR!!!1! I was gona fire her sogoud later. 

Altso there was chris the madgitchen and his dauter bayley. I swored that im never even gona do a madgik trik with him anymor and il never even sing a frodzen song with bayly ever again. Thatll show em to cum to my exes weedin.

Wher wasshee… Where washshee… I coudn find her… Where watshe…

And finaly i saw her: a wedin drets on herself, a wite bokay of flowers in her hands, a curly black hairs on her heads, a hudge nose, a wrinkles… There she was. The one ive been lookin for. The one wholl be sory she even essisted.