Well yes, technically it’s Saturday, but like it’s an hour late, just bear with me here.
Fanfic Fridays continue with Adventures With Miranda Sings!

Part 5: Miranda Gifts The Meats!


I had one goal: to ruwin jotchuas and cleens wedding days. invited or not invitaed, i was goin there. 

But firs, i had to bring a gifts for them becuase thats the traditshen and im a well rased critshen girl. So i went to a one dolar tshop and seartched for something to gift them. I found a scarscrow, a tshelll, a iBall, a cat, a boy, a magnet, eieughh, a dutst, one o these, and hairs. I put them al in my emty natshur box that i got for utube promotshen but that tatses discustin. Then i went to the growsrey tshop and got them some meats. Weiners becysae there my favrit. unfortshnetly i dint have enuf moneys to pay for al the meet so i decide to sing for the grotsry tshop workers insted of monny. So i begined ‘Honhonhonn my name is meurandaeuuuuu and im so bootifulk and lutshesss my lisstick is bootiful and my hairss are hairyy i have lots o baes and im goin to kill them if theyre cheetin on meee like jotchuaaa and altso ill kil u if your dresing like pornn and show ur skins and chesticle crakss and altsoo-‘ but then they screemed thigns like ‘OKAY STOP IT YOU CAN LEAVE’, ‘PLEASE JUST GO AND TAKE WHATEVER YOU WANT BUT SHUT UP!’, and  ‘THAT GIRL IS MENTAL’ so i left them quikly becuaes peepol were startin to take out ther phones and i said ‘no pittshurs pleese no piktshers’ becaus i was so femous. As i left i herd someone singin the skikrellex song ‘Someone call 911 now!’ Finlaly i left and the las gift was a free odiobook from audable.cum whichis the leedin provider of audiauboks with over a hunred fitty THOUSANDS bocks. 

Havin goten my gifts redy, i went to sleep in a cave with the birds and the skies. 

It was goin to be a big day tomoro.


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