Welcome, Bloggers, To Blogwarts!


It is September 1st, and Blogwarts has officially opened its doors after the Sorting Ceremony.


Here is a list of all our enrolled students so far:







Chloe Lauren



Eve @ Twist in the Taile












I Am Donovan







Em Is Lost








Cheyenne Raphael


DayDreaming Books




Lucia R

Farah Edz














Stuti Sood





Trisha Malone


Melanie Noell















Blogwarts Boards is the forum where most of the House Cup will be taking place. In addition, Tasks and Results will be announced weekly both on this blog and on the forums.

A warm welcome awaits you in the Great Hall, and prefects will lead you to your respective Common Rooms, which means you will then have to register to your respective house forums. Applications will be reviewed by me, to make sure no students sneak into other houses’ common rooms!


Enjoy your first few days at Blogwarts by holding discussions, chatting with friends and meeting new students. Everybody’s free to start up a thread in the Great Hall and get people talking, from Harry Potter, to any books or fandoms, to real life advice, to social debates.

On Monday, CLASSES OFFICIALLY BEGIN! Which means the respective house boards will open, the First Task will be revealed, and thus the race for the elusive House Cup will begin. Prepare yourselves for all kinds of wicked challenges and surprise minigames throughout the competition! The more active you are, the more points you will earn your house, and the better chance you have at WINNING THE HOUSE CUP!

Prefects and Heads of Houses are encouraged to grant House Points whenever they see a student deserves it. Worry not though, we won’t pull any Dumbledore-robs-Slytherin-from-their-House-Cup move à la Philosphers’ Stone. Any awarded (or deducted!) house points will be reported to me so that I can modify the leaderboards.

If you need any help with schoolwork, feel free to consult your house Prefect or Head of House. If they see it fit, they will pass it on to the Headmawkward Blogger, A.K.A me.











Throughout this new community game, hosted by me, aVeryAwkwardBlogger, many tasks await you to test your courage, kindness, wisdom and ambition. You will work as a team to win as many points as possible, and earn your house the glorious house cup at the end of year ceremony.


And the Sorting Ceremony begins!

As the newbies gather around the Sorting Hat in the Great Hall, the tension is high. The Headmawkward Blogger stands serenely by the side, excited to see where his first ever students will be sorted.

‘May I have your attention please?’ He asks calmly.

The ongoing chit-chat hints to him that he may not have it after all.

‘Sonorus’ he says pointing to his throat. ‘WILL YOU GIVE ME YOUR BLOODY ATTENTION YOU LITTLE – ahem – I think that will do. Very well! Welcome, welcome, to our humble school! I am so very pleased to see you all here ready to learn’

‘Learn?’ says Elm. ‘LOL. I’m here to win that cup!’

‘Gurl bye’, says L. ‘I’m here for the banquets.’

‘Very well… Then… I guess we’ll eat!’ declares the Headmawkward Blogger.

‘NO!’ they all cry out.

‘Is this old dude for real?’ snaps  Selfie.

‘We want to get sorted first!’ inquires Luna.

‘Fine, fine’ retorts the old dude. ‘You will all take the Sorting Hat test and shall be sorted into the most fitting house! Also, I will be randomly choosing a Head of House and a Prefect for each house. Most importantly, be honest. Good luck!’



For any questions, contact the Headmawkward Blogger in the comment section below.


So yesterday I went to my first party ever.

It was like, my first ‘official’ party. A PARTY party. Not a birthday party, not a bachelor party, not a wedding party, not a christmas party, not a farewell party, a PARTY. A full out beach bar party.
We, CSR Seniors 2016-2017, threw our first party to raise money for next year’s prom.

Was I nervous?

I don’t even need to answer that. Guess.

The whole time I was like WHAT on EARTH do people do at a damn party?! They drink? I’m not going to get wasted! They dance? LOL. I don’t want to kill my little social relevance just yet. They flirt? HAHA right.

First off, I had to look the part. I had literally nothing to wear to a beach party. Only a few weeks ago had I come out of the shyness closet and started going to beaches and wearing airy clothes, so I had to go out and shop for new clothes.

My mom took me around town to different stores, and I ended up buying a lot more than I expected. There were sales and my mom just couldn’t resist making me try everything. By the way, those were my (early) birthday gift. I’m happy about that.

I got myself ready, pshhed a bit of perfume, and went with my sister. Oh god. Dad would not stop.
‘Don’t drink too much’
‘Stay AWAY from the beach. The will get you.’
‘Don’t leave your drinks unattended because people WILL try to put drugs and all kinds of nasty stuff in it.’
‘If you see a fight call security and possibly the police.’
‘Stick with your friends if you don’t like being raped.’
OH, and:
‘Take care of your sister’
‘Keep an eye on your sister’
‘Always check on your sister’
‘Make sure no one is hitting on your sister’
‘Your sister’

After that short, long ride, we got there. Oh, did I mention that supposedly I helped organize the party? I was class prez this week so all 6 of us from different classes were behind the party. But I didn’t get too involved (for OBVIOUS reasons) so I felt more like a guest tbh.

First thing I did was go talk to my friends.

That also happened to be the thing I did for the entire. Rest. Of. The. Evening.

I’m not complaining though. I DID have fun. Way more than I was expecting. My closest friends were extra nerds and didn’t come, but one did and we basically spent the night with a few other friends, and the time passed quickly. I had a few Jamaicas and Orange Vodka (it felt so weird to be on the opposite end of the bar this time) (omg what a floppy bartender am I. Always behind the bar and never even tried it) but I didn’t feel like ‘drunk’ and stuff so that’s good (or bad? I don’t know, I wanna try being drunk for once and write a post while being it.)

At one point we all gathered at the beach (the waves didn’t get me, PRAISE JESUS HURRAY) and lit those cool flying lantern thingies (you like put some sort of burny candle thingie in it and once there’s enough air it flies). Some people were successful, some people failed at lighting it, some people’s candle dropped, but I was the only lucky one whose lantern literally got set on fire mid flight and started dropping firelets on people and tables and umberellas, causing terror and chaos. GOD. It was hilarious though, for whatever reason.

The entertainment was good, first we had a dance team put on a slayful show, then a singer came and sang basic songs (his voice slayed tho) and got da people goin. I tried to dance without looking too awkward and I think I somehow succeeded. A bit.

The best moment of the night was when my best friend and I got photographed by an instant polaroid camera. God, these photos are so precious. It made us look like movie stars from the last century. I keep it in my wallet and look at it from time to time to brag to myself how much of a movie star I am look.

I actually look nothing like a movie star but oh well

The party died down about 3 AM and everyone went home. Poor dad, we woke him up to come get us (that’s right, ‘Don’t trust taxis!’)

It was a pretty good party, many people showed up and we made a quite nice sum of money (about 3500$). I have no idea how much throwing an awesome prom would exactly cost but we’ll just keep raising hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble oooh heavy metal lovaaa as much money as we can.

Partying wasn’t that hard OR terrifying after all! I’m ready to take on another one. That is, with my friends by my side. WIIIIIII


Ahhhhhhhhhhh God bless summer vacation

How are you guys?! I have missed talking to you and reading your blogs SO much. I haven’t spoken to yall since the night before my SATs! It’s been nothing but exams since then.
Let me spare you the boring details: it was my first time taling the SAT, and I was so nervous, but it turned out great! I started a bit shaky (couldn’t finish the reading section) but it got a lot better (math was a piece of cake). My results come out on July 21st, hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

After the SAT I had of course my school finals. This was my first time in SEVEN years taking finals. Before, my school used to have something called ‘dispensés’, basically if you’ve had great grades all year you’re rewarded by not doing the final exams. This year our new headmistress thought it was wrong for some reason so I was reduced to taking the test with the rest of the peasants.
And boooy do I NOT regret it!
This could honestly be the best test I’ve ever taken. I didn’t screw anything up, everything went awesome (except maybe not biology but who cares) and all that without even studying all that much (okay tbf I did study a lot but you can’t imagine how much I procrastinated)
I was sleeping at 3AM everyday to finish my studies before the test, which should have made me fail everything (3 hours of sleep before a test!) but surprisingly it made me do great. Yayyy
I can’t wait for my grades. They come out on July 6th. So fast. Take notes, SATs.

In this timeframe I bought a new book at the bookfair called Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by blogger Cory O’Brien, and IT IS
Honestly you’ve got all the houtubers doing stupid books (xcept selp helf hay gurl) and then you’ve got bloggers doing amazingness with their books (aka Allie Brosh whose book I also found at that bookfair same time last year – I wonder if next year it will be my book I’ll find :poot: ). It kept me entertained through exam season.

Another thing that kept me entertained slash extremely distracted was my enrollment in the GagaDaily House Cup. Of course I was sorted into Ravenclaw, or as we call it Ravenclause because it has to be Gaga-related duh (you’ve also got GryffinDope, HufflePOP and Slytherin Nights -after Brooklyn Nights- ours was a tribute to Applause but we wanna change it to something clearer like ArtRAVENS… We’ll see.) It is SO fun but SO time consuming. Our first task was to create magical treats for Gaga’s pet Gagawocky. Here’s what we submitted:


Those are ‘Ravenclause’s Every Flavor RavenSticks’, obviously a reference both to HP’s Bertie Botts’ Beans and Gaga’s song LoveGame (featuring Disco Sticks). We came up with Gaga related flavors and ingredients, and a member helped us design the whole thing, it was awesome.
We were the only house that took into consideration both Harry Potter and Gaga. But this being a pop forum, obviously the judges liked the submission that was more pop; Slytherin’s:

I know right? Preposterous. Anyway, it was still fine since we got second place. Gryffindope are bombing.

But all that fun wasn’t meant to last: this was NOT gonna be an effortless summer. Oh no no, I was going to start working. From one side, I needed some job experience, everyone else had jobs and I wasn’t gonna spend summer doing absolutely nothing like last year. On the other, I also needed money. Many books, movies and albums are coming out this year, and Sia’s coming to the country so I really want those tickets. Plus, I mean college isn’t too far away, and I need to start saving! (Though I doubt any of this money is going towards college, to be quite honest.)

I went one day with my friend Mini to apply for a job in a hotel. I have no idea what we were thinking: NO job experience, still in school, underage, and applying to work in a friggin five star hotel.

Yet, we got the jobs!

Turns out, they were short on workers. My friend was hired as a waiter, and even better, I got hired as a barback! Basically I help the bartender, prepare the bar, make sure the supplies are available… But you know how I said they were short on workers? Well, that meant that not only was I a barback, but most of the time, I’m also the bartender.

My first day was on Wednesday. I got there, and my boss gave me a very quick tour. Basically, there was the bar in the lobby, the first floor bar, a bar in the restaurant, and a beach bar. Employees usually shift between these.

He took me straight away to Tournesol, the first floor bar. I met my bar mentor, who turned out to be very nice, and he gave me my uniform, showed the main stuff on the bar, introduced me to the staff. Then it was game time: I had to start learning how to actually work.

The first thing I learned to do was an espresso. That was pretty much the base for all things coffee. After learning about the coffee machine, I moved on to boiling milk and making cappucinos and lattes.
Then I learned how to make Turkish coffee, milkshakes of all kind, and lemonade, regular and minted. Of course, I had to learn the proper way to handle, serve, and garnish everything, from fresh orange juice to sodas to wine.

Basically, this was a better job than I could have hoped for. I’ve always loved working with food and drinks, and the job was really not exhausting. The only bad thing is that I have to be standing up for the whole shift (which is 9 hours), but I do have a break and when nobody’s looking, I sit on the ice cooler #rebel

I’m actually at work right now and my break’s about to end! But I’ll procrastinate a lil’ more muhahahahaha

My workink hours are taking up most of my day, so it’s quite hard for me to find the time to read, listen to music and blog. This post itself took me like 3 days to write. But I’m very glad to be back and can’t wait to catch up on all of you guys and see where this summer will take me!

So tell me about yours! How is your summer? How did your exams go? Let me know in the comments!

Beginners’ Guide To Blogging #1 – An Intro To Blogging

I’m taking part in a blogging project hosted by the lovely ateenagediaryonline called Beginners’ Guide To Blogging; where each two weeks we are given a topic to blog about. Anyone can take part!

Today’s topic is An Intro To Blogging. Let’s begin!

When I first started blogging, I literally had no idea what I was doing. I had just finished reading Hyperbole & A Half, and was so impressed that I decided to do a blog of my own. I thought it would just be my private corner on the internet where I “write stuff”.
I did not know that blogging was much more than that.
Blogging is a whole lifestyle. You can’t take it lightly, because it takes a fair amount of time. The more you want to perfect your blog, the more you’ll spend time on it, and the more you’ll become attached to it. This blog has become my baby. It’s my creation. I’m protective of it, no matter how useless my posts can be. Once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.
Blogging is also a community. Honestly, this is the absolute best part about it. I remember the thrill of having my first follower, my first like, my first comment. I never thought anyone would discover this blog; barely 3 months later (WAIT… IT’S EXACTLY 3 MONTHS LATER! HIGH FIVE 💃 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGIE) and I’m near a hundred followers! How did that happen? It’s because I took part in the community.
There is no way you’re gonna go out there, communicate, comment on people’s post and take part in their discussions, without them noticing you, visiting your blog and participating in it too. We’re a very lovely and helpful community, and I have yet to meet bloggers who are rude or unpleasant (either that, or I’m the unpleasant one. Please tell me I ain’t right. For my self-esteem.) You might very well find some of your best friends on here.
Most of all, blogging is fun. It’s your work in progress. It’s your outlet, your canvas, your creative journal. You can do virtually anything you like with it. Except maybe eat it. But that’s not much of an inconvenience.
Blogging is love.
Blogging is life.
Blogging is distracting me from my chemistry test, so bye.

The Liebster Award!

I was nominated by Laura from LaLa’s Blog and Adrienne G from The Aimless Review for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much!! Check out their blog, they’re really fun and nice gals 🙂

The Rules:

A-Make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated me and include the Liebster Award sticker in the post.

B-Nominate 5-10 other bloggers and notify them of this in one of their posts.All nominated bloggers are to have less than 200 followers. 

C-Answer the 11 questions posed by your nominator and create 11 different questions for your nominees to answer.  Or, you can repeat the same questions.

D-Copy these rules into your post.

Laura’s Questions for me:

~Who is your favorite historical figure? Why?

Hmm… I have never really thought about it.

I guess it’s whoever invented the things I love most. I’ll say Andy Warhol because he’s at the origin of pop culture (or so I think). Is he even considered a historical figure?

Does Victor Hugo count? I love his works and I think they’re very inspirational.

~What do you think of self-publishing? How about indie?

I’m not sure I understand this question… Do I encourage it? Heck yeah, if you can self-publish, do it! Do I like self-published books? It depends, of course… As for indie, I’m assuming this is about books. If it is, then I don’t really know which books you classify as ‘indie’. If you’re talking about indie music, it’s one of my favorites 😁

~Tell us 5 book pet peeves when it comes to romance/romantic relationships.

1. If it’s not a romance novel, please let the romance just be a subplot. It’s not your strongest point, so don’t make it a priority.

2. Please keep the love triangles to a minimum.

3. Actually, just don’t include them at all if you can.

4. I’m serious. Every YA or fantasy or whatever novel doesn’t need a ‘love triangle’. It’s lame. Move on.

5. I hate stereotypes and clichés. Especially gender stereotypes in this situation. If it’s really that basic of a romance, no one’s gonna be interested. 

~A book you love, but everyone else hates/dislikes.

I couldn’t think of any particular book, so I guess it’s Selp Helf by Miranda Sings. I’m not saying that people hate it in general, but all my friends sort of hate Miranda (mostly because of my obsession with her) and I guess they hate her book too. 

~A book you hate/dislike, but everyone else loves.

What do I hate… Let’s see… Allegiant, but tons of others hate it as well… I really have no idea. It’s been a while since I’ve disliked a book. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown was the last I remember not completing, I just couldn’t get into it.

~Which one you prefer: book trilogies or stand-alone novels?

Each has its pros and cons… Trilogies cost you more than stand-alone novels, that’s for starters, and there’s always the bother of buying the books in different editions, which is a real bummer… But with trilogies there’s more room for fandoming and anticipation and all that stuff that makes book releases exciting. BUT, if you like a stand-alone novel, it’s done, you like it, you’re in peace with yourself… However, with trilogies, the last book is often a bit disappointing, or doesn’t live up to expectations, and you have to choose a favorite (which almost always ends up being the first book)… So I guess it’s stand alone novels.

~What would you chose: to only re-read all your favorite books, or to read the books you’ve never read? (one or the other)

As much as it would pain me to never be able to re-read Harry Potter, I can’t just ignore the millions of other books waiting to be read! Once is usually enough. PLUS, what if J.K. Rowling decides to release a sequel?! It would be devastating to not be able to read it. So I’m going with the never-read books.

~Are you afraid of a specific kind of animals/insects? (e.g. birds, spiders)


~Do you think it’s fair to compare books to the popular ones? For example: vampires books to Twilight, magic books to Harry Potter.

Everyone has read Harry Potter, I mean I’m just bound to compare everything I read to the series. Every book that has magic will remind me of Harry and Hogwarts and all of that… However it’s not fair to ‘compare’ them to the books in professional reviews for example, I mean of course they won’t live up to the series. It’s a classic. It’s better to try and judge them by what they are/contain rather than by how similar they are to other books.

~Tell us an embarrassing moment.

This has happened to everyone. It’s in every bad comedy ever. I’m at the airport and my little cousin is running towards me and I open my arms guessing he was coming to hug me but he continues to run straight to my uncle behind me. It happens. But you still feel stupid.


Adrienne’s Questions for me:

~What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without? (Beside the obvious food, water, etc.)

Internet! Life would be so boring. Ugh. I can’t even think about it!

~Do you have any interesting hobbies or play a sport?

I have quite a few hobbies, they’re not really that interesting (reading, writing, playing piano by ear, dancing by myself, making people uncomfortable etc.). I’ve never played and probably will never play any sport.

~What is the craziest thing you have done for a dare?

The last time I played truth or dare, I was probably like 10. I don’t really remember what we used to dare each other but it was probably very lame.
I do remember once when it was one of my sisters’ birthdays we were daring each other and I had to try to do push ups while they filmed me.
It ended up on Facebook.
Retrospectively, I think I was just being bullied.

~You have a whole night to yourself at home and your internet connection is not working. What would you do to keep yourself entertained the rest of the night?

I’ve spent three months in my summer home with no wifi so that wouldn’t exactly be the hardest thing to imagine.
Usually at night I read, play with some apps on my phone, or listen to a new album while commentating it for my next review (you guys know how I review. It’s more of a reaction.)

~What’s your favourite food to cook and why?

CRÊPES! Or pancakes, whatever you call them, I don’t know the difference, but we call them crêpes. I’m obsessed with them. My grandma used to make us some with sugar every time we slept over when we were little (ah, memories…) and my mom does them with chocolate. When I discovered the recipe and found out that they’re so easy to make, I started cooking them almost every day (which drove my mom crazy). They’re just so yum! My friend’s mom makes the best crêpes, with whipped cream and strawberries and all.
I feel like I’ve talked about this for way longer than I should have.
(But I gotta add, what I love about cooking them is mixing the ingredients and later eating the crêpes. I hate the middle part where I have to fry them. Long and boring. Like these answers!)

~If you could move to another country tomorrow and money was no object, where would you move and why?

That’s a question I ask myself almost every day. My childhood dream was to live in France, but I’m not so sure anymore. Australia seems nice, and my cousins live there so it wouldn’t be too unfamiliar… England is like THE place to be for a Potterhead like me (I’m assuming), AND pretty much every artist I’d ever want to see has concerts there. Canada is a little mix of all these options, they talk both French and English there, plus my best bud (the one whose mom makes the delicious crêpes) might be moving there for college so I’d have someone familiar too.
It’s also interesting to note how willing I am to leave my country with no remorse. Well not really. I love my peeps.
Why are my answers so long?! Is anyome still reading?

~What’s your favourite TV show at the moment and what keeps you hooked on it?

The Big Bang Theory!! It’s pretty much the only TV show I follow. The new season’s just started and I think I’ll make a review of the first episodes soon.
I love it because of all the Nerd culture in it (even though it’s stereotypical, who cares). Plus, Jim Parsons is brilliant in his role!

~Why did you start your blog and what’s your favourite part about blogging?

I’ve started blogging, as I mention in my About page, because I discovered Hyperbole and a Half, which is the funniest, most brilliant blog ever and it inspired me to blog myself. I also needed somewhere to vent and write everything on my mind.
What I did not expect is all the social interactions that I was about to have! That’s really my favorite part of blogging, talking to fellow bloggers who share my interests about things like Harry Potter and books and music… It’s also the joy of knowing someone reads what you have to say and likes it, that’s really every writer’s dream! Except those who are serious.

~Your itunes account has been hacked and you can only allowed to listen to one album for the next year. Which one would you choose?

This is so hard! There’s no album I feel I could listen to exclusively for a whole year without getting sick of. I have of course been listening to some albums for over a year now, just not alone! ARTPOP, by my favorite Lady (hint: she’s Gaga), is a good contender. It has a little bit of everything. Right now, I’d pick BADLANDS by Halsey because I’ve just listened to it and I’m in the obsession phase, but i’m afraid it will wear off like with all the other albums… However… I’m still not over Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez, so maybe that? But what if it ends up driving me mad…

~Are you fluent in any languages other than English? Leave me a “hello” in all of them for me, please!

Beside English, I am fluent in both French (Salut!) and Arabic (Marhaba!). I’m trying to learn Spanish (¡Hola!) but I don’t have time now that school has started.

That’s it!
That wasn’t long… At all…

Now, here are my questions for my nominees:

1.What do you hate about blogging?
2. Would you prefer owning a cat-sized elephant or a dog-sized giraffe?
3. What’s the first blog you ever followed?
4. Who is your favorite youtuber? Do you remember the first video you ever watched?
5. Would you rather have a financially successful book-turned-movie that everyone hates on, or a barely known book that has been read and loved by a few but hasn’t got any kind of fandom?
6. If you could ban tank tops or shorts from the world, which would you pick?
7. How do you feel about Lady Gaga’s new transition into a classier look and her ventures in classics and jazz?
8. If you could change the fate of one fictional character, who would it be and what would you change?
9. Can you Whip That Nae Nae? Have you at least tried?
10. What’s your favorite fruit?
11. If I showed up at your house, like right now, while you’re reading this, what would your reaction be?

(Don’t worry. I’m not a stalker. Really. I swear.)

Now, for the nominees!
I’ve pretty much nominated everyone I know for the last award I got… I guess I’ll have to include some of them again 😁


Rei (

Rogan (

MyTinyObsessions (

Vivy Potter (

Bookworm83 (

Hope you guys participate!

Soundtrack To My Life Tag!

Hello! So today I was supposed to post my ‘Liebster Award’ post that I have been postponing for ever, but unfortunately I have been very busy. Yesterday we moved from our summer home to our winter one, and I had so much to unpack and organize. To top it all off, SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW! I literally have nothing done. I’m worried. Also, I really don’t want to go back to school. AND I have no wifi and no 3G so I have no idea how I’ll be posting this, but I’ll find a way. I always do.

Anyway, since I can’t post the award today, I’ll just post this nice tag I found online a while ago (I’m really sorry I don’t remember the source) that has been sitting in my draft list in case of emergency (like this one).

So here we go 🙂


Song you listen to when you’re happy?
#GETITRIGHT – Miley Cyrus

Song you listen to when you’re sad?
Grand Piano – Nicki Minaj (weird right)

What song will you have at your wedding?
Style – Taylor Swift

What song do you dance around the house to?
Chikini Chameli – Agneepath (incredibly catchy Indian song)

Song you play on your headphones when out and about?
Literally anything, but if I had to pick it would be The Night Is Still Young by Nicki Minaj.

Song you listen to when you’re angry?
When I’m angry I usually am in no mood for music.

Song you’d have at your funeral?
Lady Gaga Epic Megamix (just because when I first heard it, I thought this is the song I want for my funeral). Also, Pity Party by Melanie Martinez because it’s awesome and it would probably creep everyone out at the funeral.

Song that makes you lose your shit at a party?
Get Low – DJ Snake (this is based purely on my expectation. I’ve never been to a party for that to actually happen so I wouldn’t really know.)

The last song you listened to?
The Love Club – Lorde

Your karaoke song?
Shake it Off – Taylor Swift (and pretty much everything else by Taylor Swift.)

What song do you work out/exercise to?
Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-a-Lot

Song with the most memories attached?
Applause – Lady Gaga (my first ever anticipated release.)

Song that makes you cry?
Lily’s Theme – Deathly Hallows Soundtrack (yep. Everything about that movie makes me weep.)

Song you hate the most?
Every single scout chant that my sisters belt out every five seconds. I can hardly think of anything that makes me want to kill myself more. 

Your favourite song of all time?
Bad Romance – Lady Gaga. The best. Ever. 

Fin \(^o^)/

This was the tag, hope it was entertaining!

I’ll tag a few music-lovers:


Rob Minshull ( )

Emily ( )

manselcameron ( )

mashmato ( )

And anyone else who’d like to do this tag! 🙂

Thanks for reading! I’ll now go back to cleaning my bookshelves, organizing my closets and dreading school. Yay!


Ultimate Harry Potter Book Tag!

I found this tag yet again on (what great tags she has) and I really wanted to do it because I can go on for days about Harry Potter (as you can tell by the majority of my posts). Hiwigow!


Disclaimer: I have previously done the Harry Potter Book Tag, but it has other questions. If there are any similar questions, I’ll either skip them and link to that post or change the answer if convenient.

1. Favourite Book?

Last time I said Order of the Phoenix, and that was before I reread it. Now… I’m not sure. I sure enjoyed it but I have a feeling that I’ll enjoy the two following books even more. We’ll see!

2. Least favourite book?

I was wrong, Goblet of Fire is actually pretty awesome. And now this question is literally impossible. None of them are bad. I don’t have a least favorite. Movin’ on.

3. Favourite movie?

Same. Always.

4. Least favourite movie?


I’ll have to say Chamber of Secrets, because of the number of times I’ve already seen it, even before knowing about Harry Potter. There’s just something about it.

5. Favourite quote?

One of my favorites from when I read the 6th book in french was when Hermione suggested that the Prince could be a girl. And Harry said ‘Tu connais beaucoup de filles qui sont princes?’ and it just made me laugh so hard (ah, simple times). I’m not sure if it translates the same in English but it means ‘Do you know a lot of girls who are prince?’

There’s also a lot of funny ones that I like, like the one about the fly Harry was summoning “but maybe the fly was just stupid”. 

But since everyone loves the serious quotes and all, my favorite would be Dumbledore saying that humans love to go after the things that hurt them the most a.k.a money and eternal life in the Philosopher’s Stone.

6. Favourite Weasley?


Forge. Or Gred. I can’t chose one.

7. Favourite female character?

Hermione of course! But after rereading the 5th I really like Luna too. 

8. Favourite villain?

Umbridge. I’m sorry. Hate me. I’d absolutely hate her in real life, but she just seems so bitchy and shady and ugh she slays.

9. Favourite male character?

It’s between Snape and Dumbledore. They both have their quirks. Dumbledore’s way of speech is amusing but also sometimes irks me, so imma say Snape.

10. Favourite professor?


Trelwaney. Again, unpopular opinion but she just cracks me up. AND let us not forget that if it weren’t for her, we wouldn’t even have a story! No prophecy, no Boy who Lived, no Come to Die.

11. Would you rather a) wash Snape’s hair or b) spend a day listening to Lockhart rant about himself?

I wouldn’t stand Lockhart talking about himself. So I chose Snape, maybe I can get him a new haircut, or maybe like a makeover, and he’d be hip and cool… Nah, just kidding. If I could do that I’d do it to myself.

12. Would you rather duel a) an elated Bellatrix or b) an angry Molly?

Who in their right mind would duel Bellatrix?! Even if she’s elated (and by that I’m guessing you mean high on weed), she’s still an evil maniac. Molly wouldn’t hurt me that much (well except if I were coming for her daughter, you bitch).

13. Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts express or flying car?

Aside from the trolley, the train is just a train. But a flying car!! Who’d say no to that!?

14. Would you rather kiss Voldemort or give Umbridge a bubble bath?

For nothing on earth would I want to see Umbridge naked. So I’ll kiss Voldy, endure a couple of second’s disgust and terror, then it’d be over. And my eyes would be closed so that I wouldn’t be eternally scarred like in the other scenario.

15. Would you rather ride a Hippogriff or a Firebolt?

Neither really, because 1) an eagle headed flying lion sounds terrifying and 2) I do not fancy holding a wooden stick up my butt for who knows how long.

16. Is there any character that you felt differently about in the movies?

Dumbledore is so serious and all in the latter movies. Like no bitch make jokes and stuff.

Also I felt like Umbridge was kind of nicer in the movies and not as repulsive. Who else… Ron wasn’t nearly as funny as in the books, and I felt the twins’ jokes were a bit forced. However, Draco, Snape, Hagrid, McGo, all on fleek.

17. Is there a movie you preffered to the book?

No way. Never. They’re already two completely different things but no.

18. Richard Harris or Michael Gambon as Dumbledore?

I don’t know, Gambon looks more hip and Dumbledorey while Harris is more of a Santa Claus, but his serenity is what I imagine the real Dumbledore to be like.

19. Your top thing (person or event) that wasn’t in the movie that you wanted there the most?

I really wanted to see the Other Minister and Will and Won’t chapters in the 6th (the one where Fudge talks to the Muggle Prime Minister and the one where Dumbledore goes to the Dursley’s. Priceless.) Also, more Dobby!

20. If you could remake any of the movies which would it be?

I’d want to change the Voldemort death scene in DH part 2 but the movie is already perfect enough so I’ll leave it. Maybe the 6th? To include the scenes I already talked about…

21. Which house was your first gut feeling you’d be a part of?

I really don’t remember! But I know that it must have been Ravenclaw, and I still feel the same. I feel smart enough to belong there, and I’d be delighted to be in the company of people like Luna.

22. Which house were you actually sorted into on Pottermore?


I had two accounts, for passsord-forgetting reasons. In the first one I was sorted into Ravenclaw and was quite pleased with myself, but then one or two years later it sorted me into Gryffindor! I really don’t think I’m what you’d call ‘brave’! But I guess I’m loyal to my friends… Meh. It’s still good.

23. Which class would be your favourite?

I feel like Charms could be fun, but I also love cooking up stuff and Potions sound wonderful (I don’t really see how someone could fuck up clear instructions… But then again the same could be said about food recipes).

24. Which spell do you think would be the most useful to learn?

I can only pick one?!

I guess for the sake of my muggle belongings, Reparo. But I would also love to use Silencio on a number of people. And Wingardium Leviosa is like so iconic. And Accio would be so useful and time saving… Gahhh!

25. Which character do you think you’d instantly become friends with?

Hermione! We’d be more than friends. She’d be all over me. I share the same mindset, I’d fully support S.P.E.W, I’d study with her… Harry and Ron are such jerks to her sometimes.

26. If you could own one of the three Hallows, which would it be?

It depends on whether owning a wand makes me a Wizard. If so, I’d have no trouble chosing the Elder Wand because then I’d be able to do the most powerful magic and I’d go straight to Wizard Heaven or whatever when I die and see everyone and whisper behind the veil. But if I’d just be a muggle with a wooden stick, then definitely the Resurrection Stone so I could just talk with anyone I lost and make some friends talk to their deceased loved ones (I’m thinking of a girl in my class who’s mom is in an almost-dead state after a car accident and I feel so bad for her).

27. Is there any aspect of the books you’d want to change?

First off, I’m annoyed with the way the second through fourth books seem to try to re-explain notions from the first books that we all know by heart by now. I know it’s for new readers but like no.

I’d also change the epilogue for something less fairytaley.

28. Favourite Marauder?


Moony all the way.

29. If you could bring one character back to life, who would it be?

Ugh, Fred of course! He’s still alive for me anyway. He can’t have! (in fact, the only fanfic that I ever wrote – and that I’ll start posting here weekly soon – is about him and George. Nothing twincesty, though, don’t worry.)

30. Hallows or Horcruxes?


Who’d want Horcruxes?!

Like I can’t believe anyone would want to become what Voldemort has become in the Albanian forest. Or was it just his case? Do others who have only one Horcruxe just continue living normally? In that case… Wait no wtf I’d have to kill someone no no no. Plus Hallows are like the most badass objects ever. They’re like permanent life power-ups. Who wouldn’t want those?!

Aaaaaand that’s it! Well, that took long enough…. But it was really fun nevertheless. 

I nominate any hardcore Potterhead for this tag. Have fun with it!

Reading Habits Tag!

Hello baes.

I have stumbled upon this nice book tag on this awesome blog (check it out!), so I thought I’d do it too since I haven’t posted in a while (I want to continue working on my Potterviewster series but I’m too lazy right now)

So here we go:

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I usually read on my bed, in various and often weird positions. I can still read wherever I want but it’s not as comfortable.

2. Bookmark or random piece of paper?

 I used to make my own bookmarks with cards and stuff but last year a girl in my class had like a box of bookmark stickers that you just stick on the page wherever you stop and take them off easily and reuse them… So i nicked one and I’ve been using it ever since (I’m also surprised by how durable they are, mine’s still being used after almost a year and it’s still sticky).

 3. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at the end of a chapter / after a certain amount of pages?

I have several self-set rules for that…

First off, any actual reading session should last for at least 30 pages, the average being 50. Anything under that is weak.

Second, I may only stop reading at the end of sections inside chapters, a.k.a where there’s a blank line or where there are the little stars (you know, these *** in the middle). Stopping in the middle of a paragraph is only acceptable in case of emergency.

And lastly, at the end of every reading session a page check is mandatory. If I find that there are 10 or less pages left until the next chapter, I have to continue reading and finish what I started.

4. Do you eat or drink while reading?

 I have no problem drink-reading, because it’s quite simple. As for eating, if it’s a chocolate bar or a sandwich, then yes. If it’s a plate, or anything requiring more than one hand, I always try to make it work by flattening the book if possible or leaning it against something, but I usually fail and either eat hastily or just leave the food.

5. Multitasking: music or TV whilst reading?

No way. TV is just too annoying and distracting, and so is music, but to a lesser extent. Like I can listen to music and read, especially if it’s instrumentals or calm songs, but I usually become too invested in the music and start humming and singing so I just like to do everything by itself.

6. One book at a time or several on the go?

Is that even possible? Do people actually do that?

Oh wow. I never considered this. 

Maybe it could allow me to read more in a shorter period of time! 

But I don’t think so. The prospect is alarming. I don’t like the idea of giving my attention to two or more stories at a time, so I don’t get confused. Even when I finish a book I leave a 1-2 day ‘withdrawl’ periods (except for series of course).

7. Read at home or everywhere?

As my dearest friend Sheldon once stated…


I mean if it were socially acceptable (where Iive) for a 16 year old boy to carry a book around, I would do it all the time. But I want to avoid awkward stares so I’ll just leave reading for home (except for ebooks because no one would know).

8. Read aloud or silently in your head?

I usually read silently, but I recently discovered that I thoroughly enjoy reading Harry Potter dialogues out loud. I’ve got special accents for everyone, and it’s just so fun to try to talk british! 

9. Do you read ahead or skip pages?

I never skip pages, even if I’ve already read the book or know what happens (well except for particularly boring prologues). But I do have the unfortunate habit of reading ahead a few lines, especially if it’s the end of the chapter, and I get so pissed off at myself and become disoriented. (That’s why with books like the Hunger Games I put my phone or something on the bottom of the page and glide it as I read).

10. Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I always do my best to conserve the spines, that’s why I prefer unbendable ones, but I usually end up messing them up and folds appear so I just go what the heck and bend them.

11. Do you write in books?

In school books, obviously (just ask a certain friend of mine… He’s – ahem – ‘decorated’ all my books with quite interesting drawings).

In normal books, I try to conserve their original aspect as much as I can so no. I do wish I could scribble on my Harry Potter copies and highlight quotes and favorite moments but I just can’t bring myself to do it! 

Dassit 🙂

I nominate every bookworm out there, this was fun. 

See ya!

Q&A Tag!


Today I’m gonna do the Q&A tag/challenge; I was nominated by gxxdbyeagony to do it (this is my first nomination ever aaaa :’) thanku ) and here are the rules:

Respond and rework; answer the questions and replace one you ‘dislike’ with a question of your own.Tag 3 or more people to do this tag.

Let’s get to your qwastshanss (god I miss colleen’s corner so much) 

1.What is your favourite book/series?

It’s basically plastered all over my blog, Harry Potter of course!

2. What song is your ringtone?

Currently, Sex Yeah instrumental by Marina and the Diamonds. I usually use intrumentals to avoid weird stares.

3. What are you wearing today?

I’ve been wearing jeans and a tshirt everyday for about 4 years now. (not the same ones of course. I’m not a vagrant.)

4. Hair?

What do you mean, “Hair”? Do I have hair? Is that your question? Do you have a favorite hair? Do you support hair rights? 

I’ll just assume you’re asking what my hair looks like.

Since I’m no expert at hair description I’ll just show you a pic I took at the hairdresser right after I got my haircut (it’s now much flatter but meh)


5. Your favourite thing in the world? 

Are you kidding? I can’t chose. I’d hurt other things’ feelings.

6. What is the last thing you ate?

I had eggs and some sort of greasy meat for breakfast.

7. What is something you’d like to learn?

Piano. But it’s too late.

8. What’s for dinner today?

It’s too early to ask.

9. What are you listening to right now?

Unison by Björk (she’s by far the most mystical, whimsical thing I have ever laid ears on).

10. Favourite colour?

Between Aqua Blue and Cyan.

11. What weird talents do you have?

I do not consider this weird or a talent at all, but everyone around me thinks that it’s mind blowing how I can read books. You heard me. Just the fact of reading is astonishing. Smh.

12. Most challenging goal right now?

To not end up alone and miserable 😀 And to publish a book somewhere in the future, it’s one of my biggest dreams but I don’t think I have the guts for it.

13. What can’t you live without?

My phone, music, books, youtube, and of course the internet. 

14. How was your childhood?

In my first few years I was quite spoiled, being the first child in both my mom and dad’s families, but then other babies started pouring down and I continued with a normal childhood. Well, if you count reading and making up stories while all the others were playing catch or football ‘normal’…

15. Favourite songs?

Right now, Pity Party by Melanie Martinez. Of all time, it has to go to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. This song has shaped my taste in music and it was the first one that really struck me (I was about 9-10 when I heard it, I think it was one of the first English songs I knew)

16. If you could have anything in the world in your hand right now what would it be?

It would either be: a) A USB containing all of Lady Gaga’s unreleased songs that have not yet leaked (there must be hundreds) b) Infinite concert tickets for Miranda Sings or Gaga shows c) Ten billion dollars

17. What are you most excited for?

Can I name them all? 1) American Horror Story – Season 5 (starring Gagz) 2) The release of Allie Brosh’s new book because HELLO?! 3) The release of Gaga’s next album because it’s been 3 years gurl come on.

18. What’s your favourite type of music?

Everything with the suffix -pop. Dancepop, dreampop, indiepop, electropop, poppop, etc.

19. If you are in the sky with the birds on the rock with the that, and you do it, then will you?

Ooh what a great question. And the answer is, if you want to do, so take it because of it, but don’t let the meat.

20. Favourite singers/bands?

I’m currently really into Melanie Martinez. Usually my favorites change like monthly, just this year it went from Lana to Sia to Taylor to Rihanna to Marina to Nicki to Beyonce to Britney to whoever else, but my all-time favorite, as you might have guess, is Lady Slayga. 

So that was it yaaaaay

I’m going to nominate the first three people who I see on my notification dashboard, let’s see:




Hope you guys are down to do this ^^’ Don’t hesitate to check their blogs out!