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We continue with Adventures with Miranda!



I was drivign allover the cuntry and i saw lots of porn on the streets. Evrytime i seen somethin like thits, i started honking my horns and flatshing my hedlites in their faytces so they stop lookin like slutts. It was werkin at first but THENn i kept sawing more and more discustinnesses! So i grabedmy gun and started shouting bulets at all the chetsticle craks i was seein. They all strtated to drop on the floors jus like my uncle, and there seemed to be koolaid drippin from their chetsts. Or it coud be wine becuz they were siners afterall.That seemed to work bicuz people started finallly not dressing like hoses and they ran away wen they seen me. Also there were som cars following me that kept flatshing bloue and red lites around me and making loud noises like the ambulance, but i guetss these were jus warnings for the peoples to stoop beein porns.

So anyways, i kept drivin and drivin and i started to feel hungry and thistry despite the hairs and the sweats. So i stoped at a tacobell and ordered a big tacobell and a juices. But the lady gave me a medium tacobell! And the juice was beer!! It has ALCOHOL IN ITTT!!! so i shooted at the lady ‘HOW COUD U DO THITS?! DO I LOOK LIEK A SINNER?!’ and she said mmm hmmm so i throwed the food at her. And i killed her too.

Finaly i stoped at a 711 and got some koolaid and then some chipotlay and eated evrything.

I was redy for the actshen: i had to revenge myself to jotchua and collean. But how do i do it??

I opened my snattchat and started to stalk the bae. I seartched for jotchuadtv’s snattchat acount. I found it and opend his story. Firs i saw a selfie of himself and i dint even found him attrakiv. Then ther was a selfie with coleen and they were holdin their hends like hoes. And THENN… I SAW RINGS ON THEIR HANDS!!!!

and then there was a pic of theyre wedding invataytshen. THEY WERE GETTIN MARRIEDDEDED?!?!? HOW ISAT EVEN POTSIBEL?!

So i caled jotchua again and said ‘jotchua! How coud you even get marrid without me?! Im ur bae!’

‘Miranda?! I told you, there’s nothing between you and me, just leave me the fuck alone!’

‘WHADDID YOU JUST SAYYY?!?!1! U SAID TO ME A BAD WORD AND YOUr GETIN MARIED WITH ANOTHER GIRL?! Can i cum to the weding alleast and get some cakes?’

‘Absolutely not. You’ll ruin it. Just… Get out of my life, okay?’ And he just hunged up in my face! I mean ear! What the even heck!

I lookded at the snattchat again. at the invaytetion.

The weding was tomoro.

I wasnt invited… or so he thout.



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