Ahhhhhhhhhhh God bless summer vacation

How are you guys?! I have missed talking to you and reading your blogs SO much. I haven’t spoken to yall since the night before my SATs! It’s been nothing but exams since then.
Let me spare you the boring details: it was my first time taling the SAT, and I was so nervous, but it turned out great! I started a bit shaky (couldn’t finish the reading section) but it got a lot better (math was a piece of cake). My results come out on July 21st, hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

After the SAT I had of course my school finals. This was my first time in SEVEN years taking finals. Before, my school used to have something called ‘dispensรฉs’, basically if you’ve had great grades all year you’re rewarded by not doing the final exams. This year our new headmistress thought it was wrong for some reason so I was reduced to taking the test with the rest of the peasants.
And boooy do I NOT regret it!
This could honestly be the best test I’ve ever taken. I didn’t screw anything up, everything went awesome (except maybe not biology but who cares) and all that without even studying all that much (okay tbf I did study a lot but you can’t imagine how much I procrastinated)
I was sleeping at 3AM everyday to finish my studies before the test, which should have made me fail everything (3 hours of sleep before a test!) but surprisingly it made me do great. Yayyy
I can’t wait for my grades. They come out on July 6th. So fast. Take notes, SATs.

In this timeframe I bought a new book at the bookfair called Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by blogger Cory O’Brien, and IT IS
Honestly you’ve got all the houtubers doing stupid books (xcept selp helf hay gurl) and then you’ve got bloggers doing amazingness with their books (aka Allie Brosh whose book I also found at that bookfair same time last year – I wonder if next year it will be my book I’ll find :poot: ). It kept me entertained through exam season.

Another thing that kept me entertained slash extremely distracted was my enrollment in the GagaDaily House Cup. Of course I was sorted into Ravenclaw, or as we call it Ravenclause because it has to be Gaga-related duh (you’ve also got GryffinDope, HufflePOP and Slytherin Nights -after Brooklyn Nights- ours was a tribute to Applause but we wanna change it to something clearer like ArtRAVENS… We’ll see.) It is SO fun but SO time consuming. Our first task was to create magical treats for Gaga’s pet Gagawocky. Here’s what we submitted:


Those are ‘Ravenclause’s Every Flavor RavenSticks’, obviously a reference both to HP’s Bertie Botts’ Beans and Gaga’s song LoveGame (featuring Disco Sticks). We came up with Gaga related flavors and ingredients, and a member helped us design the whole thing, it was awesome.
We were the only house that took into consideration both Harry Potter and Gaga. But this being a pop forum, obviously the judges liked the submission that was more pop; Slytherin’s:

I know right? Preposterous. Anyway, it was still fine since we got second place. Gryffindope are bombing.

But all that fun wasn’t meant to last: this was NOT gonna be an effortless summer. Oh no no, I was going to start working. From one side, I needed some job experience, everyone else had jobs and I wasn’t gonna spend summer doing absolutely nothing like last year. On the other, I also needed money. Many books, movies and albums are coming out this year, and Sia’s coming to the country so I really want those tickets. Plus, I mean college isn’t too far away, and I need to start saving! (Though I doubt any of this money is going towards college, to be quite honest.)

I went one day with my friend Mini to apply for a job in a hotel. I have no idea what we were thinking: NO job experience, still in school, underage, and applying to work in a friggin five star hotel.

Yet, we got the jobs!

Turns out, they were short on workers. My friend was hired as a waiter, and even better, I got hired as a barback! Basically I help the bartender, prepare the bar, make sure the supplies are available… But you know how I said they were short on workers? Well, that meant that not only was I a barback, but most of the time, I’m also the bartender.

My first day was on Wednesday. I got there, and my boss gave me a very quick tour. Basically, there was the bar in the lobby, the first floor bar, a bar in the restaurant, and a beach bar. Employees usually shift between these.

He took me straight away to Tournesol, the first floor bar. I met my bar mentor, who turned out to be very nice, and he gave me my uniform, showed the main stuff on the bar, introduced me to the staff. Then it was game time: I had to start learning how to actually work.

The first thing I learned to do was an espresso. That was pretty much the base for all things coffee. After learning about the coffee machine, I moved on to boiling milk and making cappucinos and lattes.
Then I learned how to make Turkish coffee, milkshakes of all kind, and lemonade, regular and minted. Of course, I had to learn the proper way to handle, serve, and garnish everything, from fresh orange juice to sodas to wine.

Basically, this was a better job than I could have hoped for. I’ve always loved working with food and drinks, and the job was really not exhausting. The only bad thing is that I have to be standing up for the whole shift (which is 9 hours), but I do have a break and when nobody’s looking, I sit on the ice cooler #rebel

I’m actually at work right now and my break’s about to end! But I’ll procrastinate a lil’ more muhahahahaha

My workink hours are taking up most of my day, so it’s quite hard for me to find the time to read, listen to music and blog. This post itself took me like 3 days to write. But I’m very glad to be back and can’t wait to catch up on all of you guys and see where this summer will take me!

So tell me about yours! How is your summer? How did your exams go? Let me know in the comments!

32 thoughts on “WELCOME SUMMER

  1. hhahahah this is a very amusing post. Nice to see you’ve gotten your first job with a friend, that’s always fun. How are you working with wine though if you’re underage? Anyways, congrats on your tests – I’m an awful test taker so please come and take all my finals and soon my SAT’s for me. I study a lot but can never seem to do well :/ I’ve even tried studying a week in advance but, I don’t know, I guess I’m just not good at test taking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I hope you do well on your tests! I used to leave studying to the last minute but this year I’ve been studying in advance a lot to stay caught up…
      Thank you! The idea of ‘underage’ is pretty much non existant in my country (except for legal stuff like voting), it’s much rather a ‘whether parents have a problem with it or not’. People start drinking and driving (I meant SEPARATELY! XD ) around 15-16. They taste alcohol for the first time maybe before they hit puberty lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. finallyyy you’re back
    it’s winter here lol. glad you got ze first awesome job, and congrats on your tests and all the school stuff! and that gaga/hp things sounds so fun

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How many times do I have to welcome you back! Geez, stay awhile man ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good luck with your tests and the job! I’m waiting to see my AP scores on Tuesday and just got my 1st paycheck from my first jo!

    Liked by 1 person

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