Beginners’ Guide To Blogging #1 – An Intro To Blogging

I’m taking part in a blogging project hosted by the lovely ateenagediaryonline called Beginners’ Guide To Blogging; where each two weeks we are given a topic to blog about. Anyone can take part!

Today’s topic is An Intro To Blogging. Let’s begin!

When I first started blogging, I literally had no idea what I was doing. I had just finished reading Hyperbole & A Half, and was so impressed that I decided to do a blog of my own. I thought it would just be my private corner on the internet where I “write stuff”.
I did not know that blogging was much more than that.
Blogging is a whole lifestyle. You can’t take it lightly, because it takes a fair amount of time. The more you want to perfect your blog, the more you’ll spend time on it, and the more you’ll become attached to it. This blog has become my baby. It’s my creation. I’m protective of it, no matter how useless my posts can be. Once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.
Blogging is also a community. Honestly, this is the absolute best part about it. I remember the thrill of having my first follower, my first like, my first comment. I never thought anyone would discover this blog; barely 3 months later (WAIT… IT’S EXACTLY 3 MONTHS LATER! HIGH FIVE 💃 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGIE) and I’m near a hundred followers! How did that happen? It’s because I took part in the community.
There is no way you’re gonna go out there, communicate, comment on people’s post and take part in their discussions, without them noticing you, visiting your blog and participating in it too. We’re a very lovely and helpful community, and I have yet to meet bloggers who are rude or unpleasant (either that, or I’m the unpleasant one. Please tell me I ain’t right. For my self-esteem.) You might very well find some of your best friends on here.
Most of all, blogging is fun. It’s your work in progress. It’s your outlet, your canvas, your creative journal. You can do virtually anything you like with it. Except maybe eat it. But that’s not much of an inconvenience.
Blogging is love.
Blogging is life.
Blogging is distracting me from my chemistry test, so bye.

7 thoughts on “Beginners’ Guide To Blogging #1 – An Intro To Blogging

  1. I loved this post! Great tips and it was quite funny to. I just realised that my post is going right to the basics of actually creating a blog.

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  2. Wow! This was amazing! I loved your approach on blogging! I agree about the community and about how much time you spent on your blog because eventually you do become very attached to it! It is weird seeing people take part in something I have started! Well done !

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