12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #6 – (Fantasy!) Christmas Dinner! (Ft. Emiwee)

Salut 🙂
Today I’m going to be posting something quite interesting that I came up with, in collaboration with Emily.
It’s a short story – a fan fiction, actually, because the subject is to pick 5 characters from any book/movie and make them share a Christmas Dinner.
Emily picked her characters and wrote her story on my blog, and I’ll write mine on hers 🙂 here it is:


Heya! I’m Emily from emiwee. This guy here (fyi Anthony) and I teamed up together to give you two ultimate Christmas fanfics! Well, mine’s not that ultimate, but Anthony’s sure is XD (Also his will be on my blog soon) So the fanfics are about 5 characters from movies/books and forcing them to have a Christmas dinner together. Here are the characters I chose and their movies/books:

·         Baymax – Big Hero 6

·         Paddington Bear – Paddington/Paddington Bear Series

·         Mad Hatter – Alice in Wonderland

·         Audrey – Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

·         Tori Spring – Solitaire (Alice Oseman)

Yeah, I probably should’ve chose better characters. Uhh oops. Anyway, I tried my best to keep them in character and not to include any spoilers! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!

And continue to check out Anthony’s 12 Collabs of Christmas once you’re done, because it’s an absolutely GENIUS idea and so far has been amazing!



“Welcome to the tea party! Let’s have some tea!!” The Mad Hatter announced as the others sat down. He was at the head of the table.

“Tea,” Baymax began. “Tea has less caffeine than coffee, therefore is a good alternative to drink. It has been proven to be good for the heart and may reduce cancer. Green tea provides the human body the most positively out of all the teas – it helps improve blood flow and-“

“Mr Baymax. It is good to know about the beneficial qualities of tea but if I may ask, could you please change the subject?” Paddington Bear asked.

The girl with the dark glasses, otherwise known as Audrey, just slipped a note to Paddington Bear, which he read aloud as “Where’s the food?”

Tori scoffed, sipping her sweet tea as she took in this bizarreness. She hadn’t planned to attend this “Christmas dinner”, but her brother Charlie said it would be a much better improvement than her lastChristmas… there was free food, so how could she turn down the offer.

Soon, the table was filled with Christmas delights. Pudding, roast chicken, roast ham, a variety of salads, bread rolls… it was like the last supper all over again. Surely they weren’t able to eat this all. And one of the attendees was a robot!

The Mad Hatter’s mouth shot into a smile, but then opened to say, “We need to change our positions!!”

And thus, the music started and they all had to rise to swap positions. Fortunately, Tori hid her cup with her as she switched around, but then Baymax sat down without a cup. Not that he seemed to mind. It wasn’t like he could drink tea.

Paddington Bear cleared his throat. “I think it’s time to eat food. What else did we come here for?”

Baymax stared blankly at his plate whilst the others dove into the food. He wasn’t sure if they should be using their own cutlery because that would spread their germs when they came for seconds. And, he wasn’t sure what he should do because he couldn’t eat food.

Meanwhile, Audrey and Tori ate in silence and Paddington Bear listened intently to the Mad Hatter’s story.

“Ah, you see, I come from this land called Wonderland. March Hare and I are always having a tea party! Oh wait a minute!! I HAVE TO SING THE UNBIRTHDAY SONG! It’s not anyone’s birthday today, is it?”

No one nodded their head or said yes.

“Okay… 1, 2, 3! A very merry unbirthday.. to-“

“Please don’t start singing,” Audrey just barely said out loud.

“Why not??!?!” The Mad Hatter questioned.

“Because… I just want to eat if I could,” responded Audrey.

The Mad Hatter slumped back into his chair and picked up his cutlery. He started to cut up his chicken forcefully. Oh, and eat quickly. Too quickly that he began to choke.

Baymax stood up and hit the Mad Hatter’s back until he spat the chicken on to the side of his plate. The robot also gave him a glass with water.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?” Baymax asked.

“What is this, witchcraft?” The Mad Hatter asked, horrified at the robot.

“On a scale of 1 to-“


“You have been a good boy. Have a lollipop,” Baymax gave him a lollipop. “Are you satisfied with your care?”

“What?? Of course not!”

“Alright then.” The robot went back to his seat and sat down.

Audrey, Tori and Paddington Bear glanced at each other, unsure of what just occurred. They shrugged and continued eating.

Tori thought about her last Christmas while eating. It had been the first Christmas after Charlie came back, and it was incredibly hard for him. Her family kept asking him too many questions, questions that didn’t need to be asked, and then her mum lashed out at him. This caused Charlie to escape to his boyfriend’s house.

She shook her head. It wasn’t the time to think about that. This Christmas was something quite different… well, a lot different.

Suddenly, there was an announcement that silenced everyone’s thoughts, words and future dialogue.

“Mr Hatter, Miss Turner, Miss Spring and Mr Baymax – since Christmas is about giving, I think it would be a great idea to share what our lives have given us and how it has affected us, hopefully postively,” Paddington Bear announced.

The Mad Hatter was about to shout out something until Tori glared at him. His mouth closed and he sat back in his chair.

“Does everyone agree?” Paddington Bear asked.

Everyone nodded, except for Baymax, who said “yes”.

Tori volunteered to go first, with certain events fresh in her mind. She cleared her throat. “Well, um, this year, my life has given me a healthier brother. My brother had gone through some really tough times last year. I’m glad that he has gotten better. At school, there was this blog called Solitaire… and there is the boy… called Michael Holden. I’m… a better person, I think, of that.”

She shut her mouth and leaned back into her chair. Oh god, she found that embarrassing. Where was her normal cynical tone? Solitaire and that boy have really changed her life and how she acted.

The Mad Hatter decided to go next. “My life has stayed the same. Tea parties and Wonderland! But there was this girl, oh this girl, Alice! She did not understand the tea party and what unbirthdays were. Oh that girl was HORRENDOUS! There was absolutely NOTHING good about her! Zero, zilch, nada! She-“

“I think the others are currently in a… state of… insanity, I think. I have pinpointed the cause as ‘The Mad Hatter’s rambling’. Also, Tori, you should turn down your volume. Loud excessive sounds can cause ear damage,” Baymax said.

True to Baymax, Tori had her earphones in and her music could even be heard outside of her earphones. Audrey had crawled into a ball on to the floor and was hyperventilating and Paddington Bear had politely covered his ears with his paws.

The Mad Hatter had stood up and exclaimed out “Fine! If no one wants to listen to me, I will leave!” He stomped out of the dining room and left.

“Thank goodness Mr Hatter has left. If I have to be honest, he was being most annoying,” Paddington Bear sighed with relief. Soon, Tori turned off her music and unplugged her earphones, and Audrey managed to sit back on her chair.

“Audrey next?” the Bear asked.

She brought out her notepad and quickly scribbled something down. She handed it to Paddington Bear, who read out loud, “I’ve been getting better at handling my anxiety. Life gave me a therapist, my therapist’s stupid project (but it helped me anyway) and Linus. That is all for now.”

“Baymax?” Paddington Bear urged.

“My life was created, and it gave Tadashi, my creator, and Hiro, his younger brother. Although Tadashi is now deceased, Hiro has taken over. I helped him, and he helped me. I became his health care companion and I care for him very much,” the huggable robot replied, with that being the most words he had ever said together during the dinner.

The bear smiled. “I have enjoyed listening to everyone’s story, and now it is time for mine. My life has given me an adventure. I found myself in the great city of London! I was adopted by the kind Brown family, who gave me a home and a place to stay. They have helped me settle in and saved me from going through taxidermy. I really appreciate their care for me and I will never be able to thank them enough.”

Not too long later, the stars appeared in the sky and snow fell. Everyone gathered around the big window to be captivated by the sight.

Sure, the dinner had quite some interesting occurrences. But all in all, it was something different, something weird, something bizarre… not that it matter too much.

It was still a Christmas dinner.

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