12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #7 – Merry Christmas… Not! (Ft. Crap)

Hey! Today is something quite different. Enough of Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Crap is here with a very interesting story. She lives in a Christmas-free environment! While many of us find it hard to imagine a world with no Christmas trees, gifts and carols, some people actually have never celebrated this holiday. Let’s see what crap has to say about this:


     My first and maybe only memory of Christmas is the time I stopped believing in that big fat man I saw on the television. I was 7 and my dad took me to this big posh, expensive hotel for Christmas morning (I whined the previous night until he finally saw that annoying grin on his little angel’s face). It was this kid’s party and everything was nice and pretty and I felt real cool until I sat on South East Asian Santa’s lap and he gave me gum. CHEWING GUM! I mean what kind of a present is that? Who gives kids chewing gums that I have lying all over the house anyway? The fact that it was a flavor I detested didn’t really help either.
    So yeah, being in this part of the world, Christmas isn’t really as big of a deal as it is elsewhere. Yes, it is celebrated but by people who are Christian and they just go to churches or have a nice meal out somewhere. The whole town isn’t all sparkly and red. Not many traditions here either. So Christmas to me is: not having to wake up early and eating lunch in my PJs, tucked under the blankets.
  I feel like, Christmas has become a lot more of a cultural thing rather than religious, even though it is essentially a religious holiday. Where you are, has a lot to do with how you celebrate it. Even people who used to basically decorate even the toilet would probably just have a quiet dinner if they lived here.
   I do miss out on it though. I would have loved seeing some big old Christmas tree all dolled up standing in my living room. I sometimes have even fantasized about what would happen if my crush and I suddenly, randomly ended up under the mistletoe. (OH YUSSS!!!  *blush*blush*). And the food! GOD! I hate missing out on all that food.
Oh, and no snow. So there really is nothing to get excited about, and I hate how I can’t relate to any of the posts here these days. THEY’VE ALL GOT SOMETHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS. But it’s okay, we have our holidays and they make up for it I guess. I’m happy to see all of you so excited though. Have a blast !

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