12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #12 – Christmas Picasso Tag! (Ft. ateenagediaryonline)





It finally is Christmas day, which means this is the very last day of this wonderful project we’ve put together. This is the very last tag! I had SO much fun with this.

I don’t want to blab too much (I’ll leave that for later trolololo), so without further ado here’s the Christmas Picasso Tag!



My answers are bold

ateenagediaryonline’s are blue

We really need to get you a nickname

How about Lou?


HeyGuys! For those of you who dont know who I am well let me tell you! I am ateenagediaryonline. I blog about a lot of things from music to recipes to just random stuff! The amazing aVeryAwkwardBlog asked me to do a collab and so of course I said yes! So basically we are doing this drawing thing using the paints app on our computer.

How it goes: there are 6 categories, for each category each of us has to draw the best representation of the thing mentioned, with explanation when necessary. One rule: be as creative as can be!

Let’s go!


Best Santa


Okay so I decided to give him a rounded figure because thats how everyone sees santa right. Then well I just went with the traditional colours.


My santa is a bit unconventional, here’s what I considered when I drew her:

-It’s a girl because well think about it. Santa’s purpose is to keep kids nice to get presents. Well, I think that boys are mostly the ones who are usually naughty, more so than girls. So I think they’ll try to be nicer if they knew it’s a lady who’s visiting to bring them their toys instead of a big fat bearded man. Do you get my point?

-She should be thin, obviously, because the poor reindeers have suffered enough from santa’s dead weight.

-I think she should wear lightbulbs because 1) FASHUN and 2) It’s be easier for planes to spot her and avoid her path when she’s flying in her sleigh.

-A GPS, to know where to go, of course. We don’t want her mixing up presents. Imagine if I got the basketball and my neighbor got the book GAH THE HORROR

-A comfy outfit and shoes. I guess that’s the only thing that doesn’t change. I don’t want her wearing heels! Even if it’s classier, well, she can’t fly around the whole world wearing them, that’s torture.

-Long hair, because I’m guessing it makes her warmer? I’m really concerned about her well being!


Best Christmas Dinner



I mean we have a turkey and potatoes! The traditional irish stuff! I’m irish so yeah.


Let’s see.

The main dish is what I’ve had yesterday and today, and what I think is one of the best things ever. We call it ‘ghamme’ or ‘fweregh’, which, in short, are sheep intestines stuffed with rice and ham. I KNOW, IT SOUNDS DISGUSTING, I KNOW. But honestly, once you try them, especially those made by my grandma, you’d get why I love them so much. Top them with garlic sauce, and gah *_* delicious.

Next to that we have my favorite peach champain, and the top Lebanese traditional dish, Tabbouleh. A meal is never complete without Tabbouleh. It’s basically a tomato and parsley salad, but mixed with green onions, borghol, salt, mint, and olive oil. I can only describe the taste as ‘home’.

We also have some pastry (topped with thym, ham, nutella, hotdogs, meat, or cheese) at the front and hummus at the back (YUMMY HUMMUS). Finally, the traditional christmas dessert, which is Bûche de Noël. It’s basically a wooden-log-shaped cake, associated with christmas and decorated with small christmas artifacts and snow-like edible cream. It’s more like an oversized swiss roll. Délicieux!


Best Snowman




Who doesnt like a zombie snowman. I decided that I didnt want your bog standard snowman so here it is!


I wanted my snowman to feel special. To start off, I replaced his carrot nose by a cucumber, because why not. I also traded his top hat for a matching christmas hat, because he doesn’t have to be a posh old man! Also, instead of sticking the ‘buttons’ down his middle which if you think about it is horrible, I gave him a very cute little blue jacket. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You might have noticed the fancy lining of the jacket, well wonder no more! These are anti-melting bars. They stop the snowman from melting! Isn’t this awesome? Such a genius I am. Someone text Olaf.

Best Tree


Lights and tinsel thats all you need on a christmas tree really!


My tree is white (come on, I know it’s gray but I couldn’t draw white on white) because the other day I saw a white tree through a window and I just went WOW. I tried to recreate it as much as I can. Of course, there had to be something different, so I made the baubles chocolate! That way when you’re feeling hungry you could just snatch one up and munch it. Plus, you can buy new ones every year, and not worry about packing and all that exhausting stuff! And the gifts are there because no christmas tree is complete without gifts, duh.


Best Outfit


I just went for a basic dress because I mean who doesnt wear a nice sequin number over the holidays! That would be me anyways!


I couldn’t really come up with a perfect outfit so I just drew what I wore myself today. A blazer, a shirt and pants, their colors just as in this picture. I think I looked smokin’. And modest, too. And sarcastic.


Best present


I mean isnt this how everyone sees the perfect present! I know I do.


I think the picture speaks for itself.


Okay I know my art skills of the paint app are pretty bad (oh shushhh) but I had fun struggling to get it right! Thanks to AveryAwkwardBlog for letting me be on his blog!



Seriously guys, this has been GREAT. I got to know a lot of you more, and you’re all honestly the nicest people on the planet. Let me thank you in turn (and also test my memory skillz); Elm (QWEEN), mydailyinkling, Bianca, (okay I lost track of order from here but I’m sure I remember everyone), L, crap, Laura, ateenagediaryonline, Arielle, Calliope, Emiwee, Keira, and Lily. Love you guys, you’re the best, I hope you had a WONDERFUL  christmas and that you’ll continue blogging (OR START DOING SO MMHMM) for a long time. Thank you for taking part in this project, and I can’t wait to do this again next year!

(Oh, and since this is a tag, I tag everyone on this list to do the challenge. Except a.t.d.o., of course. Unless you want to give it another go, then go ahead!)


20 thoughts on “12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #12 – Christmas Picasso Tag! (Ft. ateenagediaryonline)

  1. Just reading ateenagediaryonline’s answers and drawings being so simple and then yours being so detailed! Laughed so hardd 😀 Thanks for including me on your collab and can’t wait for next year!! 🙂
    (will probably end up doing this eventually aha)

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