VERY OVERDUE Christmas Haul (like, it’s almost Easter already)

Don’t leave just yet!
Or do. I don’t really know what I’m going to make this post. But like I advise you to stay because… Um… Turtles?
Okay so.
I don’t know guys sorry there really are no Buts I have just been unbelievably lazy and postponed this post every time I came to do it.
I could just not do it, but I have canceled potential posts enough times and I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Also, I’ve already missed blogmas so I want to take part in at least one blogger tradition this year!
Oh wait. Is anyone still here? Hello? Meh. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.
So yep, this my Christmas Haul! Yaaaay
(Don’t worry, as you’ll see this won’t be too long)
So on Christmas eve we had dinner at Grandma’s (DELICIOUS INTESTINES. NO IT’S NOT EW YOU EW) and we exchanged Secret Santa gifts (the one between us cousins). Mine was a sweetheart and got me a book. This book:


Well… Yeah. I just had to return this. So I did.
Turns out the bookstore was shitty and this was like one of the best volumes there. But luckily I found this:


At least people have heard of it before, right? Anyway, I’m still happy to welcome him (or her? What am I saying it’s a it) to the family.

My other Secret Santa, the one from class, gave me


Turns out it’s not at all suffocating like my previous scarves, and it goes well with most of my clothes! So I really love this one.

Here is me rocking that scarf at the small village recital and casting shady glances at disturbance-makers:

Don't I look just fab.

And that’s it for my presents! See I told you this was going to be short. My parents, grandma, and grandpa (both sides) have me money, for a grand total of about 60$. I have to admit, money on Christmas is the worst. I don’t want to sound like a spoiled brat but it left me disappointed on Christmas eve. No gifts to unwrap! Just an envelope. Oh well, I guess that’s why I was pushing this post away in the first place.
So I pretty much am blowing up this money like a cool kid. I’m actually happy about it because fuck money. (By blowing it up I mean I bought a book, a movie ticket and a dessert. Oh and I’ll pay for my own choir trip tomorrow #REBEL)
The rest of it will go to…
*excited drumroll*
Getting piano lessons!!
I have wanted to learn piano for YEARS. I’M FINALLY GOING TO DO IT! I’M SO EXCITED YES but like don’t I need an actual piano or like a keyboard to practice or something? Meh. I just want to start even if it’s unreasonable.

I will now end my Christmas Haul with my outfit for Christmas day, to add some substance and content because as it is now it’s honestly just pathetic.


Bam. Isn’t it bam? No? Can’t you just say so? Still no? Okay.

I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’m going to end it here before any more disasters take place.

Merry LATE Christmas!! (I said I was gonna stop WHY did I not stop what is wrong with me BYE)

UPDATE (that no one will ever read): we’re too weeks into January 2016 and I JUST realized that there’s something missing.
Yep. I’m such a terrible friend.
On Christmas Eve my best friend (the ‘other’ one who has not been featured on this blog for its proclaimed lameness) came to my house, gave me my gift and then left.
Look at this.

He DREW me these. I can’t imagine how much time it must’ve taken him! They all look epicly flawless, and I definitely want to hang these on my walls. The Ravenclaw crest is just so beautiful! I really felt bad afterwards because all I had given him was a cover for his new phone and candy. And not the glorious kind.
Anyway, I just remembered them and I feel ashamed that I haven’t even mentioned them because they made my Christmas.
Now I can go back to doing nothing. Bye!

39 thoughts on “VERY OVERDUE Christmas Haul (like, it’s almost Easter already)

          1. yeah maybe. the power of their cuteness often overtakes people and they might sometimes completely forget about the post itself so they are to be used with caution while being aware of the risks!


  1. Learning the piano is honestly, so much fun:)
    And yes, you look just fab;)
    And also, ahem, did I just see a Melanie Martinez reference there:O
    Happy New Year!! (No point in saying Happy Late Christmas now, although, if you want my wishes, take them:D)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny thing is; I didn’t even MEAN for it to be shady! I have no idea at what point that occured, and I’m worried now that all my life I’ve been casting shadiness at the people around me and that’s why I have no relationships.

      Liked by 1 person

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