Some people are pricks.

I’m sorry for posting two consecutive pissed-off posts, but I had to.

If you’re new to my blog, I swear I’m usually cheerful and all. But gaahhhghhahahagagsgshsksjksksj

I’m fucking mad.

Put yourself in this situation: if you find out, by chance or by wit, that your friends are throwing you a SURPRISE birthday party, do you a) keep quiet and act surprised or b) tell them that they ain’t foolin you?


I mean when my friends threw me a party for my birthday, I literally knew like every single detail, but I tried my best to act surprised, because it would make them feel great. And really, I did not care at all, and was so¬†grateful that they thought of me and tried their best to make my birthday memorable (and it worked – check out this post if for some reason you’re interested in knowing how.) I didn’t tell them ‘meh, srsly guys it was all obvious down to the presents’. I only told one person, and this lovely girl is the only one who’ll probably read this so it’s alright (although she hasn’t been on here in a while…. Gah they give us so much work to do.)

So like, if you find out your best friends are throwing you a party, just KEEP QUIET! Because it could ruin everything. We don’t need to know that you’ve out-smarted us. Yay for you. Move on.

Now in reality not everything is ruined, I think the person I’m referring to noticed that it made me upset and dropped the subject quickly. So I guese he’ll try to act surprised for my sake.

If he doesn’t… Oh well. I tried. Fuck him.