All the things! (Actually just 2)

Hey! Remember me?

I’m Anthony, the horrible and irresponsible guy behind A Very Awkward Blog who hasn’t posted in a whole week.
I really have no excuse except that I’ve been horribly lazy. Also this has been quite a hectic week. I initially intended to do a post for each separate event but I realized that I have done 0. NONE. So I decided to just cram ’em all into one!
By the way, the only reason I’m writing this now is because I’m supposed to be studying for my maths, physics, chemistry and civism tests coming this week. Like how can I be myself if I don’t procrastinate? C’mon.

Saturday, March 5th

I skipped my piano lesson for the first time. Shame on me.
The reason was that my philosophy teacher had invited me and some friends to a seminary in a college, where they were going to show philosophical movies and discuss them. My friends were on a trip to a 5-star hotel that I couldn’t afford so I thought I’d go instead of moping around. I went with a girl from my class and met with our teacher and people from another class at the college. The first movie was too much to describe. Some words that come to mind are: weird, complicated, mentally messed-up, uncomfortable, disturbing. It was this black-and-white old Swedish movie called The Seventh Seal or something full of witch burnings and crazy jesters and yelling and torture. There was also a Voldemort-like character that wears all black and is supposed to be death and plays chess with people. Also, the Virgin Mary appeared next to a dancing baby. You know, typical saturday movie.
At that point I was thinking ‘what the fuck am I even doing here’. The philosophical people discussed the movie and its seemingly deep meanings and I was utterly lost. Then came lunch time and the sandwiches were so good. I’d even say that was the best part of the whole day. After that, they showed the second movie, and while it was not my usual type it was considerably better than the first. At least it was in color. And had a plot. We discussed it and I found that I understood and enjoyed that, so I’ll be coming back next month, hopefully with my friends.

Woow! One down.

Tuesday, March 1st

I almost forgot about that one. On that day, I felt like not going to school because I needed to study for the maths test I told you about in my last post (I ended up getting 15 by the way. A lot more than what I first thought I’d get but still not on par with the amount of studying I had done). Unfortunately I had chosen the wrong day to be absent because they gave us our mid-year exam grades that day.
I was going to write out every grade but ain’t me got time fo dat (also you probs don’t really care) so here’s da pic:


Yep! I’m first in my class. Whoow! 16.57 is a very good grade (well my friend in the other class got 17 but he’s a big exception) and I would have loved to get it in front of all the basics (there comes my modesty) but like all dem know it be me on top. I should really stop trying to sound thug because it’s just pathetic.
I can’t believe I got 38/40 on English! I only “lost” two grades on the essay because 13/15 is the top grade (for some curious reason, you can’t get a perfect score on the essay). It’s really the grade I’m the most proud of.
My maths grade is, while not horrible, still unsatisfactory. I studied for a LOT more than 92/120. And the dilemma continues…
In History, Philosophy and Geography, however, I got a grade way higher than what I deserved. Seriously! I’m really lucky. I studied the right stuff at the right time. This won’t keep working forever but I’m getting away with it for now!
This exam also marked the first time in my history where I got a higher grade on my Arabic essay (5.5/8) than on French one (5/8). I mean I’m very happy that I got such a grade but I literally used to get top grades in French. Maybe my investment in English and neglect of French had its impact (even though in my opinion what I wrote deserved a much higher grade). Oh well.
Enough about my grades. Let’s move on!

Actually, let’s not make this post a super long one that no one will read. Yay for procrastination! No, I swear I’ll begin on the next one right now. Maybe pre-schedule it. I haven’t done that in ages.

[NB: 8 hours later. Still haven’t started that post.]

Anyway, GUYS HOW U BEEN?? It’s been really long. Tell meh all about ur lyfs down belo