So yesterday I went to my first party ever.

It was like, my first ‘official’ party. A PARTY party. Not a birthday party, not a bachelor party, not a wedding party, not a christmas party, not a farewell party, a PARTY. A full out beach bar party.
We, CSR Seniors 2016-2017, threw our first party to raise money for next year’s prom.

Was I nervous?

I don’t even need to answer that. Guess.

The whole time I was like WHAT on EARTH do people do at a damn party?! They drink? I’m not going to get wasted! They dance? LOL. I don’t want to kill my little social relevance just yet. They flirt? HAHA right.

First off, I had to look the part. I had literally nothing to wear to a beach party. Only a few weeks ago had I come out of the shyness closet and started going to beaches and wearing airy clothes, so I had to go out and shop for new clothes.

My mom took me around town to different stores, and I ended up buying a lot more than I expected. There were sales and my mom just couldn’t resist making me try everything. By the way, those were my (early) birthday gift. I’m happy about that.

I got myself ready, pshhed a bit of perfume, and went with my sister. Oh god. Dad would not stop.
‘Don’t drink too much’
‘Stay AWAY from the beach. The will get you.’
‘Don’t leave your drinks unattended because people WILL try to put drugs and all kinds of nasty stuff in it.’
‘If you see a fight call security and possibly the police.’
‘Stick with your friends if you don’t like being raped.’
OH, and:
‘Take care of your sister’
‘Keep an eye on your sister’
‘Always check on your sister’
‘Make sure no one is hitting on your sister’
‘Your sister’

After that short, long ride, we got there. Oh, did I mention that supposedly I helped organize the party? I was class prez this week so all 6 of us from different classes were behind the party. But I didn’t get too involved (for OBVIOUS reasons) so I felt more like a guest tbh.

First thing I did was go talk to my friends.

That also happened to be the thing I did for the entire. Rest. Of. The. Evening.

I’m not complaining though. I DID have fun. Way more than I was expecting. My closest friends were extra nerds and didn’t come, but one did and we basically spent the night with a few other friends, and the time passed quickly. I had a few Jamaicas and Orange Vodka (it felt so weird to be on the opposite end of the bar this time) (omg what a floppy bartender am I. Always behind the bar and never even tried it) but I didn’t feel like ‘drunk’ and stuff so that’s good (or bad? I don’t know, I wanna try being drunk for once and write a post while being it.)

At one point we all gathered at the beach (the waves didn’t get me, PRAISE JESUS HURRAY) and lit those cool flying lantern thingies (you like put some sort of burny candle thingie in it and once there’s enough air it flies). Some people were successful, some people failed at lighting it, some people’s candle dropped, but I was the only lucky one whose lantern literally got set on fire mid flight and started dropping firelets on people and tables and umberellas, causing terror and chaos. GOD. It was hilarious though, for whatever reason.

The entertainment was good, first we had a dance team put on a slayful show, then a singer came and sang basic songs (his voice slayed tho) and got da people goin. I tried to dance without looking too awkward and I think I somehow succeeded. A bit.

The best moment of the night was when my best friend and I got photographed by an instant polaroid camera. God, these photos are so precious. It made us look like movie stars from the last century. I keep it in my wallet and look at it from time to time to brag to myself how much of a movie star I am look.

I actually look nothing like a movie star but oh well

The party died down about 3 AM and everyone went home. Poor dad, we woke him up to come get us (that’s right, ‘Don’t trust taxis!’)

It was a pretty good party, many people showed up and we made a quite nice sum of money (about 3500$). I have no idea how much throwing an awesome prom would exactly cost but we’ll just keep raising hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble oooh heavy metal lovaaa as much money as we can.

Partying wasn’t that hard OR terrifying after all! I’m ready to take on another one. That is, with my friends by my side. WIIIIIII

12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #2 – My First Time Tag! (Ft. mydailyinkling)

Hello! We’re back with day #2 of 12 Collabs of Christmas!
Today I’m with mydailyinkling, and this is the second part of our ‘My First Time Tag’! You can check out the first part on her blog by clicking here.

Let’s go:


16. First favorite book

mydailyinkling: My first ever favorite book that I remember was the Junie B. Jones series. I used to read every book and at least twice. 

Me: my first favorite book was Sans Famille by Hector Malot. I was about 8-9 when I read it and it was just wow.

17. First character you wanted to marry

mdi: The first character I remember wanting to marry (in a tv show) was Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible. I used to think that I would marry him and it made me really jealous of Kim Possible. However, I also wanted to be Kim Possible, so I was really faced with quite the predicament when I was 6.


Me: Hermione then, Hermione now.

18. First time you failed in class

mdi: I never actually “failed” a class. I didn’t do well for a long period of time in a few classes, but I never failed. The one time I do remember not doing so well was in the third grade. According to my parents, I apparently almost failed but the only reason they didn’t hold me back was because I was switching schools.

Me: neither did I! I was always a top student. My grade never went lower than 15.6, and that’s on my worst. However, I do remember some minor failures in small tests. I once got 5/10 on arabic dictation in around 4th-5th grade, and even though I passed I was crying in the way home. So pathetic I know.

19. First award/honour received

mdi: When I was in the third grade, I was a cheerleader. The very first award/trophy I received was a little cheerleader trophy from that year. I was one of the best on the team and they gave me a trophy for it. I was so proud of my 6 year old self. 

Me: our school does something very cute where they make a graduation ceremony when we finish kindergarten (yep, we’re in the same school from kindergarten till senior year). So I guess my first honour was this certificate:


20. First country you visited outside your own

mdi: I have, unfortunately, never been outside of the country. I really hope to visit Nicaragua with my nana and do a mission trip with her soon. I really want to go to Australia, also.

Me: SAME. I want to visit pretty much the whole world. France, the UK, Australia, the US, Spain, Italy… One can only dream.

21. First time you lost your parents in a store

mdi: I don’t particularly remember loosing my parents in a store, like the first time it happened. However, there’s a joke between my parents and I about Target. See, somehow, every time we go into Target, my step-mom always ends up getting separated from my dad and I. We spend a good majority of our time there just looking for her. So we try to keep a close tab on her when we go. 

Me: I don’t really remember the first time either, but I do remember that it happened more than once. One time I vividly remember is when I panicked and went through all the isles and asked strangers and I was just a kid. As usual, that lasted for about 15 seconds.

22. First time someone you know died and affected you

mdi: I just lost my grandfather less than a year ago. He was the first one I knew in my family to pass away. I called him bop-bop and he was my step-dad’s step-father. He and I weren’t particularly close or anything, but I did love him. I’m still getting used to just saying nanny instead of nanny and bop-bop.

Me: I remember when I lost my grandpa, so vividly. I remember being at his house with my cousins just a day before and not having a clue, I remember my dad telling me the next morning while I was still in my bed, I remember seeing mom on the couch, not crying, just sitting there with the saddest if smiles. I remember then seeing glimpses of her hysterically sobbing in my grandma’s kitchen while my other grandma tried to pull me out of the mourning house and take my mind off everything. 

I just don’t remember saying goodbye, because I never did.


23. First thing you do in the morning

mdi: The very first thing I do when I wake up is turn off my stupid alarm. But then I usually come out and sit on the couch for about 10 minutes and fall back asleep. Then I’ll wake up again and grab my phone. I usually sit on my phone for about an hour or so before I finally start school work (cause I do online school; so I get up at 8 and start at 9).

Me: go back to sleep.

23. First test & grade you’ve had this semester

mdi: First test of the semester was a test I took in Spanish and I made an 85% B.

Me: I think it was a math test and I got 10/10. THAT DID NOT REPEPAT ITSELF FOR THE REST OF MY MATHS TESTS.

24. First time you met an online friend in real life

mdi: I have never met an online friend in real life. I’ve never gotten too close to my online friends, simply because I’m not allowed to have social media.

Me: me neither. There aren’t even many people to meet, you just kinda feel like you know everyone. Also, I think it’d be super awkward because obviously I am (this isn’t a very awkward blog for nothing).

25. First phone you broke

mdi: I got my first phone at 13, an iPhone 4. I had it for three years and never dropped it one time and then my step-mom dropped it and it shattered the screen, only about 6 months ago.mIt still worked, though. And then I took it on a road trip with me during the summer and I dropped it in a red solo cup of Dr. Pepper… But I also just cracked my new phone really bad a few weeks ago. I’m getting it fixed this weekend.

Me: I never broke a phone, but I assisted to many breakings. One of the most notorious is when we were like 7 and we had just gotten a new phone and my little sister tried to look inside the screen. Literally INSIDE it. I don’t think details are necessary here. Let’s just say we had to throw the phone away afterwards.

26. First social media account

mdi: My biological mom let me have a MySpace when I was about 7… Bad parental mistake on her part, but it didn’t matter cause I never used it. Then my biological dad and my step-mom let me have a Facebook but that only last about a day before they decided I still wasn’t old enough. Then at 13, when I got my iPhone, they let me have an Instagram that only last about 2 months. And now I’m social media-less…..

Me: I think it’s Facebook. I was 8. Literally all my friends had facebook at 8. Parents had no idea back then of the dangers of the internet, because quite frankly we had JUST found out about the internet and it was the cool new thing (we’re talking Lebanon here. It’s a miracle we got internet before our twenties).


27. First thing you ever googled

mdi: I don’t remember, oddly enough. It was probably something like Ron Stoppable’s age or something, haha. Or like, cute free puppies in [state name]. I really don’t know but I’m sure it wasn’t “How to conquer the world in three easy steps.”

Me: people know that? I really don’t remember. It must have been ‘games’, though. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was games. I’m also pretty sure I was so amazed that there were so many games online and even thought it was a prank at first.

28. First time you won something

mdi:Hmmm… I probably won like a Minnie Mouse at a fair or something? I don’t know.

Me: um… Who knows. I was very cute so I probably won people’s hearts when I was a baby.

29. First blog post

mdi: My first blog post was an introduction to my blog, lol. My second one was my attempt at writing a short story. I didn’t really get into “blogging” until recently. My first couple posts were writing and such. I didn’t start blogging until September, and I started my blog in July.

Me: it was on the 27th of July, a day after my birthday. The post was actually written the day before, but I didn’t even have my blog yet. I was just so pissed off at everyone at the time and thought ‘this is it. I need to blog.’ You could still read it I guess.


30. First time you got on stage and had your own role

mdi: I did dance when I was 9-11 and I only danced in about 5 recitals. But, I never had a solo. We were working on a duet with a younger friend of mine before I had to move. I was so looking forward to that duet because after a duet, you typically got a solo if you’re good enough. And I. Wanted. That. Solo. But I never got one.

Me: we all participate in year-end dances in kindergarten so I guess it was then. I also got a narrator role when I was in grade 2. And then last year I said two of my poems in a poetic night. But the first time to perform in a play/sketch is THIS MONDAY AAARGHH ME AND MY FRIEND ALONE IM GONNA SCREW UP.


Yas that was it! Thank you for reading 🙂 and since this is a tag let’s tag some people:

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