That’s why I’ll never stop blogging (probably)

If you read my About page, you’d notice that since the beginning I was suspecting that eventually I’d start ignoring this blog and getting uninterested, just like what happens with so many things. I thought it’d be just a ‘phase’ or something. I’m really scared of not committing.

Now my blog is five months old, and I have not once considered leaving for good. But I still had my doubts, given my cute little trust issues.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I was hit by the realization that no, I will not suddenly stop blogging. I simply can’t.

Why? Because of you guys.

Yes, that does sound cheesy. But it doesn’t make it any less true.

When I started out, I always thought that this blog was just going to be for me. I never thought I’d actually have readers, because how are people even going to find my blog?! I had no way of knowing that a huge part of blogging are other bloggers.

I think we can all agree that 99% of our readers are other bloggers. We mutually support each other. That’s how this community is built.

Whenever someone starts out, and we find out about them, we are quick to head to their blog and offer them help and support. That’s just how we are. We’re a kind, loving, friendly community.

And that is why I could not just decide to quit blogging, just like I could not decide to quit being friends with everyone I know.

We have all become a family, in the way that each and every one of us is essential. Can you imagine a blogosphere without Elm’s awesome posts? Or Em’s sweetness? Or L’s creation of the blogospherian vocabulary? Or all the amazing things every single one of us brings to the table?

We are one big lovely family, that grows with every new blog, rejoices with every success, and mourns with every departure and tragedy.

So I just want to say I’m thankful to be part of this community. And I’m so glad I made the decision to join you last year. And though it might seem like I’m preaching, this really comes from the heart.

I just hope that 2016 will see us grow in both number and solidarity, and that we’ll always be there laughing and crying with each other. Blog on!


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #11 – Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (Ft. Arielle)

Good evening, and Merry Christmas to you and your family and friends! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.
Since it’s Christmas Eve, today’s collab – with awesome blogger Arielle – is all about that: what we usually do on Christmas Eve, and the following Day. Here it is!


Christmas Eve!
Arielle: My tiny family seems to never have anything done before so on Christmas Eve, before all the stores close, we go do some last minute shopping. Presents, food, and other random stuff that we see..and think we need. Along with shopping, we get all of our wrapping done. Fortunatley, I had some time the other day so I could wrap some of the presents that I bought.
We all go to my aunt’s for Christmas, so at my house, we don’t put up many decorations. We leave all that to my aunt. Not that my house isn’t Christmassy… it’s just that nobody really gets to see it if we put anything up.
After we get all of our presents wrapped and last minute things done, we load up everything in the car so we don’t have to do it Christmas morning. That saves a lot of stress trying to remember everything. We also get a little bit of cooking done, too. The chicken, turkey, ham.. we need to get done that night since it takes the longest. We also finish up our pies and deserts as well. For a small family, we do like to eat a lot.

Anthony: I honestly love Christmas eve more than the day itself, that’s because we open our presents that day!
Each year, our whole family gathers at (paternal) grandma’s house around the Christmas tree in the evening. We wait in agonizing anticipation for the sounds of bells announcing the arrival of Santa Claus, usually a dressed up family member. The presents are distributed, the pictures taken, the packages opened. It has been this way every year since I was born.
Then, we all share Christmas dinner, prepared by grandma  l(with the help of mom and my aunts). It’s usually delicious. If I’m lucky (LIKE TODAY YES), the dinner is what we call ‘Ghammeh’. It’s basically animal intestines filled with rice and meat, topped with garlic sauce. I know it really sounds off putting, that is if you’ve never tried it. Try it once, at the hands of grandma of course, and you’ll see it’s the most delicious thing ever.
Enough about food!
After our meal, we go back home, pray together, then sleep early.
Christmas Day
Arielle: Somehow everyone manages to get up quite early on Christmas. My family that lives around me gathers all of their other presents and food, which we didn’t put in the car the night before, and go to my aunt’s house in town. Once we get there, we unload everything (which is not fun compared to loading it up…) and get ready to have dinner.
Our dinner usually consists of the turkey, chicken, ham.. green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, bread (rolls), stuffing, this cranberry thing that I don’t really like, and I’m sure there’s a few others that I’m missing. For desert we have pecan pie and usually some other type of pie, cookies, and peanut butter and chocolate fudge.
The dinner is the best part because my aunt and Grandma are the best cooks. I look forward to Christmas (and Thanksgiving) dinner every year.
After dinner, it’s time to open presents. It takes a little bit to get them all sorted, but after that, we tear into them. We see what we’ve recieved, thank the person who got them for us and pack them up back in the car to take home.
Before my family goes our separate ways back home, some of them watch ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’. I don’t see the humor in this and think the movie is completly dumb, so I skip watching it with everyone. Instead, I’ll go help my aunt clean up after dinner and put things away.
After the movie is done and everyone is visiting, we all say our goodbyes and go home. Unloading everything again isn’t fun, but it has to be done. I take all of my stuff to my room, put it away, and usually go to sleep because the day is usually pretty tiring for me.
And that’s my Christmas Eve/Christmas Day! I know it doesn’t sound like much but it’s everything to me.
Anthony: We slept early because we had to wake up early on this day! It’s Christmas morning, which means ‘Merry Christmas!’, ‘Joyeux Noël!’, ‘Woulida Al-Massih, Hallelujah (Jesus is Born, Hallelujah)’ going all around.
We have to drive to our hometown before 10 A.M. to be on time for Christmas mass. So the hustle begins.
The house is jammed with us hurriedly eating something, trying on our newly bought clothes, showing these clothes to each other, fixing our hair, getting ready…
Then, as usual, we come down to our grandparent’s house to show tnem our clothes and hear compliments about how handsome we look.
Then, it’s off to the mass. After that’s done, we spend the rest of the day in the hometown. We have our Christmas meal with our mom’s family at grandma #2 ‘s house, along with my cousins, which is great. When we were younger we would get our presents from grandma at that point, but I don’t think it still will happen because we’re old now.
After everything we go back home, dad sleeps and we go back to carrying on with our lives. (Which in my case will include starting to write tomorrow’s very last collab – so exciting!)

I hope you have enjoyed reading our Christmas habits! 😀 what are yours? Do you have any special/unique/downright weird ones?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!


A family member of mine (not direct), has been recently diagnosed with cancer.
These news are never good. There’s never a good way to deliver them.
I was so happy with the holiday spirit and all. Now it all kind of deflated. Every time I think of something happy, I remember ‘oh, wait, no, someone has cancer’.
It makes me feel like… Like who knows?! Maybe I have cancer. Maybe everyone does, but we’re not diagnosed. It’s scaring me.
I’ve been searching about causes and symptoms for cancer, and I just… Ugh. I’m trying to convince myself that no, I don’t have any of these things, I’m fine. But am I?
I just loved that person! They don’t deserve this at all!
The doctor said that it’s completely curable, but will take time and pain. I don’t know how true this is and if the doctor is saying that because she’s also part of the family and doesn’t want to worry us, but I’m hanging on to that.
Still, it’s not all well. In order to get treatment, this person has to go through something awful. Downright horrible. I can’t even think about it.
Why is there still no simple cure? Why is fever or a cough more treatable than that stupid disease?
Okay, I know I sound like a two year old complaining, but I just can’t think straight.
I just hope, hope, HOPE everything will be fine. It won’t, there’s still going to be bad news everywhere in life, but I still hope. God, please.

Update: First of all, you guys are the best people. Your comments all cheered me up a huge deal. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Second, it really intrigues me that every single one of you know at least one person with cancer. Most of them have survived, which is honestly reassuring. May the souls of all the fallen warriors rest in peace.