12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #9 – Dashing Through The Snow Book Tag! (Ft. Calliope the Book Goddess)

Good evening!
Today I’m here with Calliope the Book Goddess and we’re doing a classic good ol’ book tag! We chose the Dashing Through the Snow book tag. Let’s go!



Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.

Calliope: I’m hoping for a lot actually! The Mara Dyer and Miss. Peregrine box sets, the Winner’s Curse and Winner’s Crime too. But most of all, I think I want to see The Wrath and the Dawn because I want to own it before I get the second one to re read. (Cause I library read the Wrath and the Dawn)
Me: I really, really, really wish I’ll find Allie Brosh’s new book, even though it’s still not out yet, because I NEEDS IT! I also would really like to find Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (aka of course Jo Rowling) BUT I STILL NEED TO READ THE SECOND GODDAMIT
[Ohmygod guys I just started using this new feature on my phone where I can just talk and it will translate what I said into words and it’s so relieving yassss.]

Name a book you’ll be reading during the holidays:

C:Since I’m going to have a long two day car ride to Florida and back during my Christmas break, I’m hoping to get some reading in, and hopefully finally read the Kiss of Deception and Angelfall, which I’ve been meaning to read for months.

Me: I have been reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows since friggin September I still haven’t finished it so I guess I’ll have to finish it now in order to continue reading other books later. I want to read 13 Reasons Why, The Silkworm and And Then There Were None. I’ll try to finish as much as I can but DOUBT IT! 😦

Name your favourite Christmas movie.

C:Ooh, this is hard. I love Home Alone, Elf, and the Grinch, I can’t decide.
Me:Home alone is a classic and I really love it too, duh. I also have enjoyed films like the Nightmare Before Christmas; I think it’s beautifully made.

Do you like snow?

C:Ok, I kind of like it because that usually means no school, but then I’m the one stuck shoveling the really long driveway. So I like the snow, but only if i don’t have to shovel it.
Me: Do I like snow? Are you kidding? Who doesn’t like snow?! I love snow! YAY FOR SNOW (except if by Snow you mean a certain president… Hmm hmm)

Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas Day with.

C:Can I go with the Weasley family? They’re just awesome.

Me:Yeah I guess the Weasleys would make good hosts for a Christmas party but if I had to pick one character I’d probably want it to be.. I don’t know! Probably  ‘are my knee Granger’ (stupid voice recognition) from Harry Potter [oh my god I can’t believe I just told YOU who her my knee Granger (HERMIOME FFS) is. If you didn’t already know her, I don’t think you’d be reading this.]

To give or to receive?

C:Hmm, um well, call me vain or selfish, but I like receiving because it’s so magical to unwrap presents. Plus, I suck at giving. Like if you get me a present that someone wants, i can wrap it and make it look super fancy and cool, but it’s just the picking out the gift part that i suck at.
Me: I like getting presents as much as the other person, but I really can’t describe the feeling I get when I give something. I’m not trying to be obnoxiously modest, but honestly giving gifts just makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something, you’ve done something worthy, and when you make someone happy it just automatically means you’re happy yourself!
[Okay so this voice recognition thingy sucks, it’s wednesday now and I’ve been fixing all the mistakes I had done yesterday for like half an hour. I’m never using this again! Oh and also… This is hilarious. The answers I was writing yesterday at 1 A.M. really make it look like I was completely drunk. I hope the 10 people who have already read this forgive me]
What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at?

C:Oh Hogwarts of course! Other than that maybe the Illean castle from the Selection series because they have the best holiday parties…with a lot of handsome guards hanging around. image

A:Yup as she said who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas at Hogwarts with Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, Hagrid, and their best friends?! I want to go to Hogwarts every single day, let alone Christmas!

Fondest Christmas memory?

C:You know, this came up as a journal for my Creative Writing class, and i have to say that i don’t really have one. (This might have to do with the fact that my family doesn’t celebrate Christmas and when i ask for something for Christmas, my mom says we don’t celebrate it, and i say bish wet, semantics mother)
Me: No idea! I love all christmasses. Last year, when I got this, phone, was really good. I mean I got a new phone!

Can you sat ‘Christmas Tree’ 10 times fast without messing up?

C:NOOOOO! I messed up on the 10th one!!! Can it please count though???
Me: I MESSED UP THE 9TH but the continued to num. 20 so I guess I can. Bown down bitches.
Whoops oh yeah it’s Christmas.
Joy to the world the lord is come.
Hope you enjoyed this 🙂 See you later!