12 Collabs of Christmas – Day #10 – Christmas Opposites Tag! (Ft. Laura)

Hello! It’s me (again). I’ve been wondering if after all these OKAY NOPE.
Today I have another tag, but this one I’ve come up with myself, together with Laura from LaLa’s Book Reviews.
It’s a Best/Worst list of all things Christmas! Sounds fun, right?
Let’s go!


Laura’s answers are purple
My answers are pure gold
Just kidding, they’re just yellow
You just got trolled

Best Christmas & Worst Christmas

I can’t think of one particular Christmas that was the best. However, my favourite Christmas holidays were during my childhood. In my country, kids are the ones who are decorating the Christmas Tree, and the classrooms at school. It was really fun to decorate my class with my classmates (we usually have one classroom for at least on year or more; we only move when we have to go to a lab.). Since we had the same classmates for the whole four years of elementary school, middle school or college, there was a competition between classes: who has the nicest decorated room. We would also go and sing carols to our teachers. For example, in grade 11 we went from class to class to sing carols to teachers and other students. And yes, it was during school hours. Some teacher also invited us to go to their house, sing carols to them and have a little chat. It was really nice, and we had a lot of fun.
My worst Christmas was in 2009, since I came to Canada in November 2009. I didn’t get to spend the holiday with friends and family. It was only me and my parents; I don’t think we had a Christmas tree that year. I also noticed that here, nobody decorated classrooms, nobody sang carols during school, the teachers weren’t that close to their students the way the ones in my country are. In a way it didn’t feel like Christmas at all.


I don’t think I can really pin down a best or worst Christmas… I mean, generally all of them were great. I don’t remember one of them that was more or less special than the other… All I honestly remember are the gifts, which is really bad. I know.


Best gift you’ve got & Worst gift you’ve got

I was in 7th or 8th grade, and my mum bought me Harry Potter 5 for Christmas. I loved it, especially since I’ve been waiting for a few months for the book to come out. It is not the only nice gift I got for Christmas, but it’s one that I will always remember.

Well, I got a new phone last year, what’s better than that?! I also remember a laptop I got when I was young. It was a ‘toy’ laptop, but for me it was awesome. Back then, laptops were the new thing, so I was thrilled and felt cool. It had so many features, I remember the neighbors came to our place to play on it because we didn’t even have computers then. But I lost it >_<

As for the worst gift, I remember it clearly. It was a portable mp3 player. First of all, I wasn’t old enough to listen to my own music yet. I was still at the age where something big and colorful would make a better gift than something small but valuable. Second, it only read CDs. Third, IT NEVER WORKED! I was really disappointed.

Best gift you’ve given & Worst gift you’ve given

When I was younger (elementary), I used to buy my mum silly stuff, like cheap earrings and other stuff like this. Since she never liked them or wear them, I suppose they were terrible gifts.

I only started giving gifts a few years ago, when we did ‘Ange Gardien’ in class, or what you might call Secret Santa. I always like my gifts to be nice and meaningful. I think the worst one I’ve given was in sixth grade, I was new to this whole secret santa thing so I did what everyone else was doing and got him… A mug. I admit it. I am ashamed, but oh well.

The best gift I gave for Christmas… I don’t know. I got my bestie Endgame by James Frey, a book she had been wanting, and though it’s just a book I’m really glad I got it because it’s fantastic.

Best Christmas traditions & Worst Christmas traditions

One of the best Christmas traditions is carol singing. In my country we go from door to door, or from gate to gate and sing carols to our friends and neighbours. They usually give

Worst Christmas traditions. I hate it when Christmas is reduced to buying a lot of stuff, eating a lot and giving presents. Sure, it’s not all bad, but these are not really things

I don’t think we have a bad Christmas tradition… No. I can’t think of any. But the best one is, as I previously stated, dinner at my Grandma’s.
Best Christmas song & Worst Christmas song

Best Christmas songs:

Carols. I love carols.

O Tannenbaum



Worst Song:

Cyndi Lauper – Feels Like Christmas


I love carols too. Any would do 😀 I love Adeste Fideles because, well, I just sang it yesterday in a  small recital (#star). Petit Papa Noel is also the biggest classic.

I kinda hate ‘Last Christmas’ by WhateverHisNameIsIDon’tRememberAndFranklyDon’tCare. I think it’s just pointless, and has no relation to Christmas whatsoever, excpet that it mentions it in the chorus, and has a cheesy christmasy melody. Urgh.

Five things you hate & love about Christmas

Five things I hate about the Christmas season:
· The amount of people in stores; especially during sales days. I hate agglomeration.
· The fact that “helping needy people” is just a Christmas thing. I know there are people who help others all the time, but during the Christmas season, everywhere you go and look there is an ad about how it’s nice to donate and do this because it’s Christmas.
· Bad music in stores. It’s kind of annoying to hear Christmas songs on repeat when you go shopping. How about no music at all? 😛
· Terrible movies at TV.
· Coca-Cola

What I love about Christmas:

·Traditional Christmas food ❤

·Hot wine

·Spending time with family and friends

·Decorating the tree and the house


Five things I hate:

1-All the preaching. We get it. Love. Kindness. Modesty. Helping people. Come up with something creative for a change!

2-The commercialization is awful. Come on, some things are taken way too far.

3-Celebrities trying to put out christmas songs. Ugh. They never work for me.

4-The radio during christmas week. It ONLY plays christmas songs. IT’S ANNOYING!

5-We’re only given less than two weeks as christmas break. That’s not enough AT ALL.

Five things I love: 

1-The decorations. They’re SO fun to put up! In my home, in class, everywhere. Even changing my phone wallpaper to a christmas tree is satisfying!

2-Christmas carols. They’re really fun to sing, and get me in the holiday feel.

3-Grandma’s food. On Christmas eve we all gather at our paternal grandma’s house where we share an amazingly delicious meal. I CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT’S AAAAAA

4-The ‘surprise’ arrivals. Every year now, one of my two uncles who live in Australia makes a surprise appearance on Christmas. It has happened so many times now that we’re getting used to it.

5-Opening presents. Oh what fun it is to wonder what may be hidden inside the wrapping paper! Just opening these suckers is a gift in itself.


Hope you enjoyed this tag 🙂 I nominate anyone who would like to do it.

Have a great day!