Game of Thrones SLAYSSSS




My best friend had been convincing me to start the series for years, but I just couldn’t imagine myself liking a story about swords and wars.

I started season 1 before christmas break… Now I’m at season 5.

IT’S JUST SO EPIC! THERE’S NO BETTER WORD. The story is amazing, suspenseful, engaging, it takes your breath away and keeps you on edge, that’s just something I hadn’t found ever since I first read Harry Potter years ago! 

Everything about this series is breathtaking. Everything. The production is the best I’ve ever seen. ALL the actors play their roles to PERFECTION. The soundtrack is flawless. Like honestly how is humanity capable of such a feat?

I’ve been curious about this series for years and I finally get to experience its greatness. I’m SO glad I waited for now, it really feels like a great timing. I may not have fully understood it had I started watching it years ago. 

This may be the first time I ever watched something before its book. I feel like by doing this I’m betraying everything I’ve ever stood for, but cut me some slack. The book series would take me ages, what with senior year and college coming soon; I simply would’ve lost interest (I did try to read the first book but failed miserably).

The thing is that before I finish season 6, I could find a spoiler in the most unexpected of places (and I already have, I know 2 of the most important events that happen in the series during season 5 and 6. It sucks but what can I do). So I’m being VEEERY careful as to what I see online. On the bright side, I just have a dozen of episodes left and then I’ll join the rest of the world waiting for season 7!

AHH it felt good to write this post. I just didn’t feel like writing a sappy oh-ma-gash-I-been-away-4-so-long-sorry-guyz like I’ve done this a thousand times. I’m lucky if this post even still gets read.

So yeah, life has been extremely busy, I’m actually in the process of completing my college application and I’m working on my essay. This is crazy. When I started blogging, college was a thousand years away… Ah life. Constantly surprising us.

I hope I’ll be able to write more, now that I got a new phone with a screen that isn’t snapped in half and an actual working keyboard. 

I just miss this so much.

Valar Dohaeris.





BUT BEFORE I POST THEM (HAHAA), I need to say, thank you all SO. MUCH. for participating and engaging in out first House Cup. I was present with all of the houses and you all did AMAZING. TRULY. I didn’t expect this much work and passion to come from you for this game. It just goes to show how great our small community is. I hope you all have started making friendships within the game, and that it will go on even after it’s over!

Here is what one of the judges, who happens to be the Slaytherin Nights Head of House in the GagaDaily House Cup I took part in, had to say about your submissions as a whole:

This task sounded so fun to me ever since I read the details, and I really hope it was fun working on it. In my opinion all the teams did an amazing job and put their hearts into it, which I’m very happy about – the spirit is essentially what makes or breaks the game. All the entries were creative and I enjoyed listening to/watching all of them. The task is definitely a bit subjective and the ratings will always be subjective to the judge’s point of view. All that being said, all submissions had their better and “worse” parts, and I tried to objectively rate them, but I definitely don’t dare say that what I said about them is the absolute truth and that I can’t be wrong. Let me finish by saying that I think you all did great and if you keep this up, the game will be great and enjoyable no matter who wins.

Now, time for serious business. Ladies and gentlemen, the ranking will begin in a few moments, starting with the 4th place up to the first.


I have a proposition for YOU, bloggeurz – Bloggers’ House Cup!

Hey yall! How are you doing?

Let’s get straight to the point.

Would you like to participate in a community game?

As you may know, I’ve been absent from the blogging world for quite a while. While most of you were evolving and growing your blogging connections, I was like not. That’s why I want to do something to compensate, get to know you all better and maybe bring this community together.

We’re doing something similar on another site I’m visiting (I talked about it in earlier posts) and I think it’d be perfect if we had a blogger version!

The name of da game: Bloggers’ House Cup.

Blogwarts School of WordCraft and Bloggery opens its doors for the first time to welcome all bloggers into its four Houses: Gryffindraft, Hufflepost, Ravenclick, and Slikerin. The Headmawkward Blogger will guide you through your entire school year, from your sorting ’til the House Cup ceremomy, where the best house will be crowned.

So basically, we’ll all be split into houses, and each week we’ll have tasks you’ll work on as a team. For communication, we’ll  create a forum for each house so that they can discuss their task progress, stay updated, or just chat 🙂 Each week the submissions will be ranked from best to worst and house points will be given accordingly. At the end of the competition, the house with the most points wins the title!

For this to work, we’ll have to get as many participants, of course. Whether you’re a blogger on any platform, or a reader, even if your siblings want to join! Let me know in the comments so that this event can start taking place. I’m so excited! 😀

Tag as many friends as you can. Share this. Spread the word!


The Blogger Recognition Award!



No, you’re not hallucinating. Your computer is not pranking you. Washing it won’t help.

I, the very awkward and procrastinating blogger, have finally dragged myself into doing my first award in like a decade.

NO, it’s not haughtiness, at ALL. Getting recognition by fellow bloggers and friends feels really amazing. And I feel terribly guilty for not posting many award posts. But both of these don’t compare to my astronomic feeling of laziness, which is why I keep postponing awards until it’s too shameful to get back to them.


I’m forcing myself to do this instead of some other completely useless thing. And it’s not bad so far! Let’s do it YES

The Blogger Recognition Award!

So I was nominated by Bella for this award, thank you so much 😀


  • Write a post to show your award.

blogger recognition

  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.

It was a hot summer day. I was begging my sisters, who happen to share a room with me in our summer house, to leave the lights on while they watched TV so I could peacefully read Harry Potter. They didn’t let me, and turned the lights off to piss me off. On my birthday. I got so pissed I turned on my laptop and began typing my first ever blog post, which you can still find on here. I didn’t think I was ever going to post that, because I didn’t even have a blog yet, but I desperately wanted to write my feelings out. The thought of someone reading them was fascinating, but terrifying at the same time. The next day, though, I said ‘why the fuck not’, created this here monument, and posted what I had written the previous day. Now here we are.

  • Give advice to new bloggers.

Socialize. That’s the key factor. Nobody would ever have found my blog if I didn’t explore WordPress looking for fellow bloggers to share with. Show your appreciation by reading content, liking and commenting, and they will very likely show that appreciation back. Blogging is a community, so don’t be shy, and join in 🙂

Also, keep writing. Keep posting. Don’t give up too easily. My first month or two of blogging, I barely got any likes on my posts and my first few comments were a huge deal. It picked up gradually from there; the point is that if I had stopped, I wouldn’t be here today, wouldn’t have met all ya amazing people, wouldn’t have achieved so much to be proud of. Perseverance is key, and it’ll be worth it in the end 😉


  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

It really feels fuzzy and nice every time someone thinks of me and nominates me, so thank you Bella ❤ Check ha out by clicking on ha name

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Are u kidding

That’s where my laziness kicks in guys. Imma keep Bella’s noms. Reinforce them I guess? XD SORRYYYY I’ll just add in someone in place of my own name

  1. Elm
  2. L
  3. An Overthinking Teenager
  4. Chloe Lauren
  5. Luna
  6. Ariana
  7. Reine
  8. Teenella
  9. Okaaythen
  10. Crown
  11. Em
  12. LittleBlog
  13. Keira
  14. Caitlin
  15. Truuty

Okay I feel terrible for doing this but I also feel rebellious YAS


ANYWAY, thanks a lot for reading! 😀 Hopefully I’ll be doing some more awards and challenges in the future, this was fun.

See ya 🙂


12 Collabs Of Christmas!


Yes! The project I have been so excited for is here!

This month, I’ll be hosting the “12 Collabs Of Christmas” project. Every day, starting the 14th of December, I will be posting a collab with a different person on my blog, up till Christmas!

I have been meaning to do this for a long time, and have been preparing, contacting and organizing all week. I got the idea after realizing I’ve missed Blogmas by a few days, so I wanted to make up for it by doing something different. Youtuber iiSuperwomanii (Lilly Singh) did something similar last year on her channel, so I borrowed the idea and converted it into blog form!

I really want this project to work, because it’s the product of all the friendships I have made through this blog, and all the effort I put into making this blog a place to express my inner awkward self.

I want to celebrate this Christmas with friendship, laughter and love,
and cap my year off with these things.

I also want to prove to myself that if I’m committed to my ideas, I can make what I want happen.

Putting this together wasn’t easy, and there is still a long way to go. But I’m very happy with what I’ve prepared so far, and can’t wait to post everything.

Most of all, I’m so glad that you guys are so supportive and nice. Not one collab request was turned down! Everyone is generous, and has a warm heart. We’re really a family.

I’ll leave it here for tonight. Make sure to come back tomorrow for the very first post from 12 Collabs of Christmas! Enjoy!

Beginner’s Guide To Blogging #2/3 – Blogging Platforms/Domain Name & Blog Theme

Guess who missed a week 😁 *this guy*

Exams. You get it.

The previous topic had been: Blogging Platforms. I’m glad it was, because I have really no experience with any other blogging platforms, so I can’t elaborate on it. However, I can say that WordPress really is a great platform, and has failed me very rarely, so just use it and fu forget about the rest 😀

So we’re back with a new topic of Beginner’s Guide To Blogging, the awesome project hosted by ateenagediaryonline. 

This week’s topic is: Domain Name and Blog Theme. Let’s gesstarted!

The domain name is the heart and core of your blog. Everything has to revolve around it, and every post should relate to it in a way, however subtle or obvious it is.

Way before I even thought about blogging, I always tried to imagine what I’d name my site if I had one for my very own. There were a lot of suggestions, most of which terrible. 

When I decided that it was time for me to blog, I spent a few days trying to decide what the hell I was going to name my site. It was emotionally challenging to say the least. Frustrating would be a better word.

So basically, I was still trying to decide exactly what I was going to blog about. 

Was it a book blog? No, it couldn’t be. I did love to read but I wasn’t reading enough to make an exclusive blog for it. 

A music blog? It’s fun to review (and throw shade at my) popstarz, but who’d read that?

A humor blog? Was I really that funny? Hhhh nope.

What about a personal life blog? Again, who’d be interested in that? I was living in my country house at that time (which means summer) and my life was being at its boringest. 

Ultimately, as you might guess from my tagline, I decided to go with all 4 of these. It would make a good balance, and allow me to post whatever I wanted. The hard part was going to be to find a blog title that would fit with all these subjects. It was really tough. I kept racking my brains, and whenever I thought of a good title, it’d turn out to be taken. Of course. Some of my first ideas were ‘LittlePotterMonsterHead’ (I’m still surprised that was taken. But I’m glad about it now), ‘Nervermind Me’ (also taken; glad it was because it’s too depressing), and ‘A Random Blog’ (the closest to what it is today).

Finally, I had to resort to chosing a title that was ME. It was my blog after all, and the best way to describe it would be how I describe myself.

Hence came aVeryAwkwardBlog.

I had my doubts at first. I even considered deleting the whole thing and doing it all over again. But I was thankfully too lazy to do that, and here I am!

As for the theme, that’s pretty simple. Pretty much all the themes are great and attractive, and I’m sure you’ll be fine with any. There are however some themes that have special features others don’t, so keep an eye out for that in the WordPress FAQ site.

You can still personalize a lot of your blog. The header, the background, the banner, everything on this blog is hand (or cursor) made. It’s really fun to create, too. Also, you may notice the exotic category titles on the side bar. That’s very easy to customize, and I recommend you to do that if you run a personal/friendly blog because it’s just you. It lets your readers know you have a unique style. It’s #kewl 😎

And of course, if you’re new to this stuff and are a bit lost, do not hesitate for one moment to ask for help! We’re all more than glad to offer a hand. Need help chosing a theme? Designing a banner? Putting up a background? Leave a comment on any of our blogs and we’ll do our best to make yours look fantabulous. Remember, we’re family 🙂

So that was it for this week! I know next week’s topic will be revealed soon so I’ll keep an eye out for that. Hope you enjoyed this! See you soon 🙂

Suggested by Keira: A good site for banners etc. is You can get some images for free as well as layouts and more!

Beginners’ Guide To Blogging #1 – An Intro To Blogging

I’m taking part in a blogging project hosted by the lovely ateenagediaryonline called Beginners’ Guide To Blogging; where each two weeks we are given a topic to blog about. Anyone can take part!

Today’s topic is An Intro To Blogging. Let’s begin!

When I first started blogging, I literally had no idea what I was doing. I had just finished reading Hyperbole & A Half, and was so impressed that I decided to do a blog of my own. I thought it would just be my private corner on the internet where I “write stuff”.
I did not know that blogging was much more than that.
Blogging is a whole lifestyle. You can’t take it lightly, because it takes a fair amount of time. The more you want to perfect your blog, the more you’ll spend time on it, and the more you’ll become attached to it. This blog has become my baby. It’s my creation. I’m protective of it, no matter how useless my posts can be. Once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.
Blogging is also a community. Honestly, this is the absolute best part about it. I remember the thrill of having my first follower, my first like, my first comment. I never thought anyone would discover this blog; barely 3 months later (WAIT… IT’S EXACTLY 3 MONTHS LATER! HIGH FIVE 💃 HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLOGGIE) and I’m near a hundred followers! How did that happen? It’s because I took part in the community.
There is no way you’re gonna go out there, communicate, comment on people’s post and take part in their discussions, without them noticing you, visiting your blog and participating in it too. We’re a very lovely and helpful community, and I have yet to meet bloggers who are rude or unpleasant (either that, or I’m the unpleasant one. Please tell me I ain’t right. For my self-esteem.) You might very well find some of your best friends on here.
Most of all, blogging is fun. It’s your work in progress. It’s your outlet, your canvas, your creative journal. You can do virtually anything you like with it. Except maybe eat it. But that’s not much of an inconvenience.
Blogging is love.
Blogging is life.
Blogging is distracting me from my chemistry test, so bye.