Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello, peoplez of the blogz! (what)
Today I’m gonna do an award that I found burried in my drafts. I don’t even remember who nominated me #MESS
I think it was ateenagediaryonline, who apparently has curiously disappeared off the face of the interwebs. I hope she’s alright.
Let’s do this!

The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you, simple 🙂
Answer the questions from your nominators
Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

My questions are:

Have you been watching the rugby world cup?
Rugby is a SPORT. Does that answer your question?

Who are you supporting?
I’m supporting myselt #hashtagblessed

What is your favorite thing about autumn?
The weather.

What is your favorite food?
I hate this question and will never be able to answer it because I’m against food discrimination. All foods are created equal. (Except for beans. Fuck you, beans.)

Have you heard 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album?
Certainly not.

Mustard or ketchup or both?
Ketchup; mustard is too weird for my taste.

Pizza or burgers?

Apple or Windows?
I SAID NO FOO- oh okay. Well I hate Apple and Windows has stuck by me through thick and thin so yeah.
Did you know you can change your colour on your blogs writting?
Huh what how

New Zealand or South Africa?
New Zealand pls.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
Oh my freaking god did I get nominated for this before last October >_< what a flop. No, I didn’t dress up.

What are you going to get your best friend for christmas?
It’s way too early to decide henny.

That’s it!

I thought that was it but apparently Keira had nominated me too xD (back when she was still known as Rogan) let’s see her questions:

What book would you recommend to a seven year old with a high reading ability?
Matilda, which talks about another kid with high reading abilities (and is such a lovely book)

Hairbrush or comb?
Umm… I can’t remember which is which. Either way I choose the fuzzy wuzzy one that is not like a plastic bar with teeth bc it’s useless

Would you rather be the lawyer for someone who murdered someone or who participated in child trafficking?
What the
I’d be a lawyer I guess because a) there are plenty of those situations and b) I get da monneeh

On a lighter note, what is your favourite season?
HAHAHAHAHA that was funny for some reason xD well, I guess Winter (is Coming)

Duvet or blanket?
What the hell is a Duvet?
I’ll choose it anyway because it sounds super soft.

Painting of sketching?
Painting because I like mixing colors n stuff n making a big mess plus I suck at sketching (ladies and gentlemen, a future architect)

Be able to write a poem or be able to write a book?
I can write a poem. I wanna write a book. I WISH.

Would you rather have the ability to read and comprehend any classic you want, easily, or the ability to stop time whilst reading a classic (NOTE: THIS POWER ONLY APPLIES TO THE READING OF CLASSICS)?
Hmmmmph that is HARD. I think I’ll stick to understanding them because that’d be really cool and also I’d be terrified to fiddle with the fabric of time like that just to read classics.

Non-fiction or Short Story collection?
Non-fiction, but certain kinds.

Black or white?

What Hogwarts house would you be in according to your own opinion of yourself?
Ravenclause, duh :hor:
I mean Ravenclaw
God GGD has ruined me.

Aaaaand that is it! Hopefully I’ll get to write a post every day during break like today.

Oh I have to come up with questions still.

1. What is your favorite Lady Gaga song ever? (Feel free to buy her entire discography and listen twice to make sure you made the right choice.)
2. Would you rather work at a restaurant or a hotel?
3. Omfg electricity just ran out in the entire hotel and we can’t get it to turn back on and lights are flashing everywhere oh god.
4. Whoops that was not a question
5. That one neither
6. I have to stop
7. There, I just spared you from thinking up answers to five questions.
8. Six. You’re welcome.
9. Trump or Hillary?
10. Describe the first time you fell in love in one sentence.
11. Do you like pickles?

I nominate:
Every single person who reads this. You are allllll sunshines! (Plus I can’t tag anyone rn so)
I’m serious tho yall deserve this award so much. Take it. Do it. Post it. This sounds like a commercial.

Goodbaiiii break’s ovah

The Blogger Recognition Award!



No, you’re not hallucinating. Your computer is not pranking you. Washing it won’t help.

I, the very awkward and procrastinating blogger, have finally dragged myself into doing my first award in like a decade.

NO, it’s not haughtiness, at ALL. Getting recognition by fellow bloggers and friends feels really amazing. And I feel terribly guilty for not posting many award posts. But both of these don’t compare to my astronomic feeling of laziness, which is why I keep postponing awards until it’s too shameful to get back to them.


I’m forcing myself to do this instead of some other completely useless thing. And it’s not bad so far! Let’s do it YES

The Blogger Recognition Award!

So I was nominated by Bella for this award, thank you so much 😀


  • Write a post to show your award.

blogger recognition

  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.

It was a hot summer day. I was begging my sisters, who happen to share a room with me in our summer house, to leave the lights on while they watched TV so I could peacefully read Harry Potter. They didn’t let me, and turned the lights off to piss me off. On my birthday. I got so pissed I turned on my laptop and began typing my first ever blog post, which you can still find on here. I didn’t think I was ever going to post that, because I didn’t even have a blog yet, but I desperately wanted to write my feelings out. The thought of someone reading them was fascinating, but terrifying at the same time. The next day, though, I said ‘why the fuck not’, created this here monument, and posted what I had written the previous day. Now here we are.

  • Give advice to new bloggers.

Socialize. That’s the key factor. Nobody would ever have found my blog if I didn’t explore WordPress looking for fellow bloggers to share with. Show your appreciation by reading content, liking and commenting, and they will very likely show that appreciation back. Blogging is a community, so don’t be shy, and join in 🙂

Also, keep writing. Keep posting. Don’t give up too easily. My first month or two of blogging, I barely got any likes on my posts and my first few comments were a huge deal. It picked up gradually from there; the point is that if I had stopped, I wouldn’t be here today, wouldn’t have met all ya amazing people, wouldn’t have achieved so much to be proud of. Perseverance is key, and it’ll be worth it in the end 😉


  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

It really feels fuzzy and nice every time someone thinks of me and nominates me, so thank you Bella ❤ Check ha out by clicking on ha name

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Are u kidding

That’s where my laziness kicks in guys. Imma keep Bella’s noms. Reinforce them I guess? XD SORRYYYY I’ll just add in someone in place of my own name

  1. Elm
  2. L
  3. An Overthinking Teenager
  4. Chloe Lauren
  5. Luna
  6. Ariana
  7. Reine
  8. Teenella
  9. Okaaythen
  10. Crown
  11. Em
  12. LittleBlog
  13. Keira
  14. Caitlin
  15. Truuty

Okay I feel terrible for doing this but I also feel rebellious YAS


ANYWAY, thanks a lot for reading! 😀 Hopefully I’ll be doing some more awards and challenges in the future, this was fun.

See ya 🙂


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #12 – Christmas Picasso Tag! (Ft. ateenagediaryonline)





It finally is Christmas day, which means this is the very last day of this wonderful project we’ve put together. This is the very last tag! I had SO much fun with this.

I don’t want to blab too much (I’ll leave that for later trolololo), so without further ado here’s the Christmas Picasso Tag!



My answers are bold

ateenagediaryonline’s are blue

We really need to get you a nickname

How about Lou?


HeyGuys! For those of you who dont know who I am well let me tell you! I am ateenagediaryonline. I blog about a lot of things from music to recipes to just random stuff! The amazing aVeryAwkwardBlog asked me to do a collab and so of course I said yes! So basically we are doing this drawing thing using the paints app on our computer.

How it goes: there are 6 categories, for each category each of us has to draw the best representation of the thing mentioned, with explanation when necessary. One rule: be as creative as can be!

Let’s go!


Best Santa


Okay so I decided to give him a rounded figure because thats how everyone sees santa right. Then well I just went with the traditional colours.


My santa is a bit unconventional, here’s what I considered when I drew her:

-It’s a girl because well think about it. Santa’s purpose is to keep kids nice to get presents. Well, I think that boys are mostly the ones who are usually naughty, more so than girls. So I think they’ll try to be nicer if they knew it’s a lady who’s visiting to bring them their toys instead of a big fat bearded man. Do you get my point?

-She should be thin, obviously, because the poor reindeers have suffered enough from santa’s dead weight.

-I think she should wear lightbulbs because 1) FASHUN and 2) It’s be easier for planes to spot her and avoid her path when she’s flying in her sleigh.

-A GPS, to know where to go, of course. We don’t want her mixing up presents. Imagine if I got the basketball and my neighbor got the book GAH THE HORROR

-A comfy outfit and shoes. I guess that’s the only thing that doesn’t change. I don’t want her wearing heels! Even if it’s classier, well, she can’t fly around the whole world wearing them, that’s torture.

-Long hair, because I’m guessing it makes her warmer? I’m really concerned about her well being!


Best Christmas Dinner



I mean we have a turkey and potatoes! The traditional irish stuff! I’m irish so yeah.


Let’s see.

The main dish is what I’ve had yesterday and today, and what I think is one of the best things ever. We call it ‘ghamme’ or ‘fweregh’, which, in short, are sheep intestines stuffed with rice and ham. I KNOW, IT SOUNDS DISGUSTING, I KNOW. But honestly, once you try them, especially those made by my grandma, you’d get why I love them so much. Top them with garlic sauce, and gah *_* delicious.

Next to that we have my favorite peach champain, and the top Lebanese traditional dish, Tabbouleh. A meal is never complete without Tabbouleh. It’s basically a tomato and parsley salad, but mixed with green onions, borghol, salt, mint, and olive oil. I can only describe the taste as ‘home’.

We also have some pastry (topped with thym, ham, nutella, hotdogs, meat, or cheese) at the front and hummus at the back (YUMMY HUMMUS). Finally, the traditional christmas dessert, which is Bûche de Noël. It’s basically a wooden-log-shaped cake, associated with christmas and decorated with small christmas artifacts and snow-like edible cream. It’s more like an oversized swiss roll. Délicieux!


Best Snowman




Who doesnt like a zombie snowman. I decided that I didnt want your bog standard snowman so here it is!


I wanted my snowman to feel special. To start off, I replaced his carrot nose by a cucumber, because why not. I also traded his top hat for a matching christmas hat, because he doesn’t have to be a posh old man! Also, instead of sticking the ‘buttons’ down his middle which if you think about it is horrible, I gave him a very cute little blue jacket. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! You might have noticed the fancy lining of the jacket, well wonder no more! These are anti-melting bars. They stop the snowman from melting! Isn’t this awesome? Such a genius I am. Someone text Olaf.

Best Tree


Lights and tinsel thats all you need on a christmas tree really!


My tree is white (come on, I know it’s gray but I couldn’t draw white on white) because the other day I saw a white tree through a window and I just went WOW. I tried to recreate it as much as I can. Of course, there had to be something different, so I made the baubles chocolate! That way when you’re feeling hungry you could just snatch one up and munch it. Plus, you can buy new ones every year, and not worry about packing and all that exhausting stuff! And the gifts are there because no christmas tree is complete without gifts, duh.


Best Outfit


I just went for a basic dress because I mean who doesnt wear a nice sequin number over the holidays! That would be me anyways!


I couldn’t really come up with a perfect outfit so I just drew what I wore myself today. A blazer, a shirt and pants, their colors just as in this picture. I think I looked smokin’. And modest, too. And sarcastic.


Best present


I mean isnt this how everyone sees the perfect present! I know I do.


I think the picture speaks for itself.


Okay I know my art skills of the paint app are pretty bad (oh shushhh) but I had fun struggling to get it right! Thanks to AveryAwkwardBlog for letting me be on his blog!



Seriously guys, this has been GREAT. I got to know a lot of you more, and you’re all honestly the nicest people on the planet. Let me thank you in turn (and also test my memory skillz); Elm (QWEEN), mydailyinkling, Bianca, (okay I lost track of order from here but I’m sure I remember everyone), L, crap, Laura, ateenagediaryonline, Arielle, Calliope, Emiwee, Keira, and Lily. Love you guys, you’re the best, I hope you had a WONDERFUL  christmas and that you’ll continue blogging (OR START DOING SO MMHMM) for a long time. Thank you for taking part in this project, and I can’t wait to do this again next year!

(Oh, and since this is a tag, I tag everyone on this list to do the challenge. Except a.t.d.o., of course. Unless you want to give it another go, then go ahead!)


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #4 – Look At It This Way (Ft. L)

Bonjour 🙂
Today I’m here with a piece of writing that I think everyone should read and learn from. It really shines a light on the way we treat people, not just those who have special conditions, but everyone on general. It was written by L (londonblind) and I really want to thank him for taking the time to write this for my project 🙂 Hope you enjoy it as I did!



Well hello there, blogosphereians.
**As you probably don’t read my blog, I suppose I should clarify that blogoshpereians is an endearing title I have given to the people of the blogging universe.**
My name is L, and I was kindly taken up on my offer to write for this epic blog. May I mention what a brilliant blog you’ve chosen to read this fine day/night, Sir/Madam? You likely know very little about me, but if you do, then well done you! For those less fortunate, I’ll list a few interesting facts about me below, labelled in a non-numerically ordered list:

24. I like Italian food
6. I’m from London, England, UK
1. I’m super excited for Christmas
102. I don’t like cheese
69. I’m blind
2. I write a REALLY good blog [I never said these facts were ture, did I?]
41. I love to read, write and listen to music
19. I travel a LOT by train

Look, OK, I acknowledge that this post is currently making me look like a little bit of a crazy, rambling idiot with a really bad sense of humour. [Oh wow, I’ve literally just managed to sum myself up without even trying – GET ME!]

I wanted to write about point number 69. [If you can’t remember it, feel free to go and find it again, but don’t forget to come back and keep reading. I’ll put in a pause, so you can quickly nip back and check what point number 69 was.]

You back? Awesome!

So, I’m blind. I don’t let that get in my way, because to me, after all these years,it’s just a way of life – my way of life. Things are different, and I go about performing every-day tasks differently, in a way that’s easier for me, and in a way which enables me to be independent. I use a white cane – I’m sure you’ve seen them before; they’re the long white sticks that blind people sweep in front of them to detect obsticles or people [they’re one and the same really]. When people see me using my cane out and about, they usually come out with one of the following responses:

A] “Aww, you poor thing. I feel so sorry for you; you’re such an inspiration to everyone around you” [Extreme cases of this response have before led to strangers wanting to hug me, or to give me £20 notes.]
B] “Look where you’re going, will you? That’s my bag you’ve just fallen over!”
C] “Oh wow, that’s so interesting! How do you watch TV?” [Or something similar]

Although response A [it was so tempting to write number A then] can improve my finances, and response B can allow me to let off some steam by shouting at someone, I actually prefer it when response C is what I’m greeted with. I prefer it, because it shows that people aren’t completely ignorant. It demonstrates that they are interested in what I have to brng to the world, and they’re interested to learn about how a disability can make you think and perform daily tasks in a completely different way. However ego-boosting being called “an inspiration” is, it’s not the response I want. I wish to be a normal participant in society, not someone who stannds out because I do things differently due to a lack of sight. That in itself has had me called inspirational before now, but that’s quite ironic considering that’s the response I’m trying to get away from.

Sure, I’m happy to explain to anyone who’s interested how I live my life differently; how I do things differently because I can’t use my eyes to aid me; how I have adapted some every-day equipment to aid me around the house. I have no issue with that, I just don’t want to be called inspirational, because I’m not. I’m your average teenager, just living out my life on the internet, and reading more books than you could find in a library. Hey, that’s me: WhatsApp and books… I like that.

If any of you guys hae any questions for me, whether it be about what I’ve written here or not, I’m open to emails, tweets or Kik messages; you can get in touch by:
Twitter; @CWarned
Kik: CWarnedL

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post, and if you haven’t, don’t worry, because normal service will resume shortly.

Don’t forget to check my blog out:


12 Collabs of Christmas – DAY #2 – My First Time Tag! (Ft. mydailyinkling)

Hello! We’re back with day #2 of 12 Collabs of Christmas!
Today I’m with mydailyinkling, and this is the second part of our ‘My First Time Tag’! You can check out the first part on her blog by clicking here.

Let’s go:


16. First favorite book

mydailyinkling: My first ever favorite book that I remember was the Junie B. Jones series. I used to read every book and at least twice. 

Me: my first favorite book was Sans Famille by Hector Malot. I was about 8-9 when I read it and it was just wow.

17. First character you wanted to marry

mdi: The first character I remember wanting to marry (in a tv show) was Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible. I used to think that I would marry him and it made me really jealous of Kim Possible. However, I also wanted to be Kim Possible, so I was really faced with quite the predicament when I was 6.


Me: Hermione then, Hermione now.

18. First time you failed in class

mdi: I never actually “failed” a class. I didn’t do well for a long period of time in a few classes, but I never failed. The one time I do remember not doing so well was in the third grade. According to my parents, I apparently almost failed but the only reason they didn’t hold me back was because I was switching schools.

Me: neither did I! I was always a top student. My grade never went lower than 15.6, and that’s on my worst. However, I do remember some minor failures in small tests. I once got 5/10 on arabic dictation in around 4th-5th grade, and even though I passed I was crying in the way home. So pathetic I know.

19. First award/honour received

mdi: When I was in the third grade, I was a cheerleader. The very first award/trophy I received was a little cheerleader trophy from that year. I was one of the best on the team and they gave me a trophy for it. I was so proud of my 6 year old self. 

Me: our school does something very cute where they make a graduation ceremony when we finish kindergarten (yep, we’re in the same school from kindergarten till senior year). So I guess my first honour was this certificate:


20. First country you visited outside your own

mdi: I have, unfortunately, never been outside of the country. I really hope to visit Nicaragua with my nana and do a mission trip with her soon. I really want to go to Australia, also.

Me: SAME. I want to visit pretty much the whole world. France, the UK, Australia, the US, Spain, Italy… One can only dream.

21. First time you lost your parents in a store

mdi: I don’t particularly remember loosing my parents in a store, like the first time it happened. However, there’s a joke between my parents and I about Target. See, somehow, every time we go into Target, my step-mom always ends up getting separated from my dad and I. We spend a good majority of our time there just looking for her. So we try to keep a close tab on her when we go. 

Me: I don’t really remember the first time either, but I do remember that it happened more than once. One time I vividly remember is when I panicked and went through all the isles and asked strangers and I was just a kid. As usual, that lasted for about 15 seconds.

22. First time someone you know died and affected you

mdi: I just lost my grandfather less than a year ago. He was the first one I knew in my family to pass away. I called him bop-bop and he was my step-dad’s step-father. He and I weren’t particularly close or anything, but I did love him. I’m still getting used to just saying nanny instead of nanny and bop-bop.

Me: I remember when I lost my grandpa, so vividly. I remember being at his house with my cousins just a day before and not having a clue, I remember my dad telling me the next morning while I was still in my bed, I remember seeing mom on the couch, not crying, just sitting there with the saddest if smiles. I remember then seeing glimpses of her hysterically sobbing in my grandma’s kitchen while my other grandma tried to pull me out of the mourning house and take my mind off everything. 

I just don’t remember saying goodbye, because I never did.


23. First thing you do in the morning

mdi: The very first thing I do when I wake up is turn off my stupid alarm. But then I usually come out and sit on the couch for about 10 minutes and fall back asleep. Then I’ll wake up again and grab my phone. I usually sit on my phone for about an hour or so before I finally start school work (cause I do online school; so I get up at 8 and start at 9).

Me: go back to sleep.

23. First test & grade you’ve had this semester

mdi: First test of the semester was a test I took in Spanish and I made an 85% B.

Me: I think it was a math test and I got 10/10. THAT DID NOT REPEPAT ITSELF FOR THE REST OF MY MATHS TESTS.

24. First time you met an online friend in real life

mdi: I have never met an online friend in real life. I’ve never gotten too close to my online friends, simply because I’m not allowed to have social media.

Me: me neither. There aren’t even many people to meet, you just kinda feel like you know everyone. Also, I think it’d be super awkward because obviously I am (this isn’t a very awkward blog for nothing).

25. First phone you broke

mdi: I got my first phone at 13, an iPhone 4. I had it for three years and never dropped it one time and then my step-mom dropped it and it shattered the screen, only about 6 months ago.mIt still worked, though. And then I took it on a road trip with me during the summer and I dropped it in a red solo cup of Dr. Pepper… But I also just cracked my new phone really bad a few weeks ago. I’m getting it fixed this weekend.

Me: I never broke a phone, but I assisted to many breakings. One of the most notorious is when we were like 7 and we had just gotten a new phone and my little sister tried to look inside the screen. Literally INSIDE it. I don’t think details are necessary here. Let’s just say we had to throw the phone away afterwards.

26. First social media account

mdi: My biological mom let me have a MySpace when I was about 7… Bad parental mistake on her part, but it didn’t matter cause I never used it. Then my biological dad and my step-mom let me have a Facebook but that only last about a day before they decided I still wasn’t old enough. Then at 13, when I got my iPhone, they let me have an Instagram that only last about 2 months. And now I’m social media-less…..

Me: I think it’s Facebook. I was 8. Literally all my friends had facebook at 8. Parents had no idea back then of the dangers of the internet, because quite frankly we had JUST found out about the internet and it was the cool new thing (we’re talking Lebanon here. It’s a miracle we got internet before our twenties).


27. First thing you ever googled

mdi: I don’t remember, oddly enough. It was probably something like Ron Stoppable’s age or something, haha. Or like, cute free puppies in [state name]. I really don’t know but I’m sure it wasn’t “How to conquer the world in three easy steps.”

Me: people know that? I really don’t remember. It must have been ‘games’, though. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was games. I’m also pretty sure I was so amazed that there were so many games online and even thought it was a prank at first.

28. First time you won something

mdi:Hmmm… I probably won like a Minnie Mouse at a fair or something? I don’t know.

Me: um… Who knows. I was very cute so I probably won people’s hearts when I was a baby.

29. First blog post

mdi: My first blog post was an introduction to my blog, lol. My second one was my attempt at writing a short story. I didn’t really get into “blogging” until recently. My first couple posts were writing and such. I didn’t start blogging until September, and I started my blog in July.

Me: it was on the 27th of July, a day after my birthday. The post was actually written the day before, but I didn’t even have my blog yet. I was just so pissed off at everyone at the time and thought ‘this is it. I need to blog.’ You could still read it I guess.


30. First time you got on stage and had your own role

mdi: I did dance when I was 9-11 and I only danced in about 5 recitals. But, I never had a solo. We were working on a duet with a younger friend of mine before I had to move. I was so looking forward to that duet because after a duet, you typically got a solo if you’re good enough. And I. Wanted. That. Solo. But I never got one.

Me: we all participate in year-end dances in kindergarten so I guess it was then. I also got a narrator role when I was in grade 2. And then last year I said two of my poems in a poetic night. But the first time to perform in a play/sketch is THIS MONDAY AAARGHH ME AND MY FRIEND ALONE IM GONNA SCREW UP.


Yas that was it! Thank you for reading 🙂 and since this is a tag let’s tag some people:

My Tiny Obsessions

And lots more of you but I have tons of work to do and can’t be bothered to tag everyone because I’m bad like that
(So basically everyone is tagged. Yes yes even you fortunate peasant)

Hope you enjoyed that and that you’ll do the tag 😀 See you tomorrow!

12 Collabs Of Christmas – DAY #1 – Christmas Tree! (Ft. Elm)

Hello everyone!! I’m so excited to finally present the project I’ve been working on, 12 Collabs Of Christmas, today 😀
For the premiere, I chose one of my favorite bloggers of all time and QUEEN OF THE INTERNET, Elm!
Without further ado, here’s the post! Hope you enjoy it 🙂



Heya! It’s Elm, from Just Call me Elm or Something, and the amazing Anthony has let me collab with him on his blog.  That’s pretty bloody amazing, because I adore it.  Anyway, let’s get onto the post before I bore you with my fangirl ramblings.

I love Christmas, mainly because of the festive atmosphere; I’m not religious so I don’t celebrate it in the Christian sense.  I love the decorations and the presents and the foods.  So I thought, seeming as I’m called Elm, why not write about the tree? (That’s…  That’s NOT clever, Elm, really).

Every single year, we get a real tree: we insist on it.  I love the smell of pine, the feel of the needles, the way the tree fans out.  When I was 10, and a bit before that, I always used to get bored – I’d strip the needles off some of the smaller branches and put them in a bowl, and the smell was glorious.  It shouldn’t have been, because I was demolishing a tree (that’s REALLY bad) but still: I have memories of doing that and it kind of represents my childhood.

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t love the decorations.  My sister and I decorate the tree together, usually, along with my father.  We’ve left it late this year, but we should be decorating it tonight and tomorrow.  My favourite has to be the tinsel, because it’s sparkly and awesome and I used to drape it around myself like a scarf.  I also did that with chains of beads, which I still love.

Of course, you’ve got baubles – which are bloody cute – and the angel, but I’m not really fussed about them.  Baubles are fun to hang up, though, even though I have to get help because I can’t tell if they’re spread evenly.  Same with our other strange, miscellaneous decorations.

Ahh, I just love Christmas in general.  I’ve been rebellious and not joined in with Blogmas, but as it gets closer to the 25th, you might see a sneaky Christmas post appearing on my blog.  This one’s got me in a festive mood.

Thank you so much, Anthony, for letting me post on here.  You’re really amazing, and I’m looking forward to reading the other collabs you do, because it’ll make me feel even more festive.

I really hope you enjoyed that!

From Elm 🙂

Beginner’s Guide To Blogging #2/3 – Blogging Platforms/Domain Name & Blog Theme

Guess who missed a week 😁 *this guy*

Exams. You get it.

The previous topic had been: Blogging Platforms. I’m glad it was, because I have really no experience with any other blogging platforms, so I can’t elaborate on it. However, I can say that WordPress really is a great platform, and has failed me very rarely, so just use it and fu forget about the rest 😀

So we’re back with a new topic of Beginner’s Guide To Blogging, the awesome project hosted by ateenagediaryonline. 

This week’s topic is: Domain Name and Blog Theme. Let’s gesstarted!

The domain name is the heart and core of your blog. Everything has to revolve around it, and every post should relate to it in a way, however subtle or obvious it is.

Way before I even thought about blogging, I always tried to imagine what I’d name my site if I had one for my very own. There were a lot of suggestions, most of which terrible. 

When I decided that it was time for me to blog, I spent a few days trying to decide what the hell I was going to name my site. It was emotionally challenging to say the least. Frustrating would be a better word.

So basically, I was still trying to decide exactly what I was going to blog about. 

Was it a book blog? No, it couldn’t be. I did love to read but I wasn’t reading enough to make an exclusive blog for it. 

A music blog? It’s fun to review (and throw shade at my) popstarz, but who’d read that?

A humor blog? Was I really that funny? Hhhh nope.

What about a personal life blog? Again, who’d be interested in that? I was living in my country house at that time (which means summer) and my life was being at its boringest. 

Ultimately, as you might guess from my tagline, I decided to go with all 4 of these. It would make a good balance, and allow me to post whatever I wanted. The hard part was going to be to find a blog title that would fit with all these subjects. It was really tough. I kept racking my brains, and whenever I thought of a good title, it’d turn out to be taken. Of course. Some of my first ideas were ‘LittlePotterMonsterHead’ (I’m still surprised that was taken. But I’m glad about it now), ‘Nervermind Me’ (also taken; glad it was because it’s too depressing), and ‘A Random Blog’ (the closest to what it is today).

Finally, I had to resort to chosing a title that was ME. It was my blog after all, and the best way to describe it would be how I describe myself.

Hence came aVeryAwkwardBlog.

I had my doubts at first. I even considered deleting the whole thing and doing it all over again. But I was thankfully too lazy to do that, and here I am!

As for the theme, that’s pretty simple. Pretty much all the themes are great and attractive, and I’m sure you’ll be fine with any. There are however some themes that have special features others don’t, so keep an eye out for that in the WordPress FAQ site.

You can still personalize a lot of your blog. The header, the background, the banner, everything on this blog is hand (or cursor) made. It’s really fun to create, too. Also, you may notice the exotic category titles on the side bar. That’s very easy to customize, and I recommend you to do that if you run a personal/friendly blog because it’s just you. It lets your readers know you have a unique style. It’s #kewl 😎

And of course, if you’re new to this stuff and are a bit lost, do not hesitate for one moment to ask for help! We’re all more than glad to offer a hand. Need help chosing a theme? Designing a banner? Putting up a background? Leave a comment on any of our blogs and we’ll do our best to make yours look fantabulous. Remember, we’re family 🙂

So that was it for this week! I know next week’s topic will be revealed soon so I’ll keep an eye out for that. Hope you enjoyed this! See you soon 🙂

Suggested by Keira: A good site for banners etc. is You can get some images for free as well as layouts and more!

It’s been one month already?!

Wow. I just realized I have been blogging for over a month now!

It all breezed through so seemlessly. It didn’t feel like an extra weight on my shoulders like I was afraid; quite the opposite, in fact. The thrill of having people interested in what you’re writing and most importantly letting you know that they like what they’re reading is wonderful. I can’t believe that in just one month I already have a few readers! That was way beyond any of my expectations. I didn’t think anyone would notice me in a sea of already established bloggers.

I’m really thankful, because this is exactly what I have been dreaming of for the past years, and what I always wanted to achieve: people seeing, noticing and reading what I have to say.

While most of what I post about is no more than mindless little essays or some humorous but unsubstantial tags, it counts to me because I know that soon enough I’ll have more than that to share. I want to write – articles, books, series, whatever it is – and this for me is a start. Blogging is a way for me to express myself with the tools I love best – words – and to grow and learn at the same time, while observing around me what fellow writers are doing, and gaining experience from it.

That’s what’s really great about blogging: sharing! It has given me the opportunity to discover so many awesome blogs and bloggers, and I finally get to interact with people who are just as passionate about reading and writing as I am! When you live in such an intellectually poor (for lack of other uninsulting words) area, people like that are very hard to find.

I’m invested in this now, and I hope I will be enjoying this ride for a long time to come. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this blog updated now that school is approaching alarmingly fast,  and that I’ll still be able to keep you all entertained 🙂

Thank you for reading!

P.S: For anyone who has gotten this far, I’m assuming it means you care (please don’t let me be wrong). If hopefully so, I’d really enjoy your feedback! It’s the only way to make me grow and improve, whether it is positive or negative. Tell me what you like about my blog and posts, what you think needs improving, what I should change or add to it… I really want to know your honest opinion.