Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello, peoplez of the blogz! (what)
Today I’m gonna do an award that I found burried in my drafts. I don’t even remember who nominated me #MESS
I think it was ateenagediaryonline, who apparently has curiously disappeared off the face of the interwebs. I hope she’s alright.
Let’s do this!

The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you, simple 🙂
Answer the questions from your nominators
Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

My questions are:

Have you been watching the rugby world cup?
Rugby is a SPORT. Does that answer your question?

Who are you supporting?
I’m supporting myselt #hashtagblessed

What is your favorite thing about autumn?
The weather.

What is your favorite food?
I hate this question and will never be able to answer it because I’m against food discrimination. All foods are created equal. (Except for beans. Fuck you, beans.)

Have you heard 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album?
Certainly not.

Mustard or ketchup or both?
Ketchup; mustard is too weird for my taste.

Pizza or burgers?

Apple or Windows?
I SAID NO FOO- oh okay. Well I hate Apple and Windows has stuck by me through thick and thin so yeah.
Did you know you can change your colour on your blogs writting?
Huh what how

New Zealand or South Africa?
New Zealand pls.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
Oh my freaking god did I get nominated for this before last October >_< what a flop. No, I didn’t dress up.

What are you going to get your best friend for christmas?
It’s way too early to decide henny.

That’s it!

I thought that was it but apparently Keira had nominated me too xD (back when she was still known as Rogan) let’s see her questions:

What book would you recommend to a seven year old with a high reading ability?
Matilda, which talks about another kid with high reading abilities (and is such a lovely book)

Hairbrush or comb?
Umm… I can’t remember which is which. Either way I choose the fuzzy wuzzy one that is not like a plastic bar with teeth bc it’s useless

Would you rather be the lawyer for someone who murdered someone or who participated in child trafficking?
What the
I’d be a lawyer I guess because a) there are plenty of those situations and b) I get da monneeh

On a lighter note, what is your favourite season?
HAHAHAHAHA that was funny for some reason xD well, I guess Winter (is Coming)

Duvet or blanket?
What the hell is a Duvet?
I’ll choose it anyway because it sounds super soft.

Painting of sketching?
Painting because I like mixing colors n stuff n making a big mess plus I suck at sketching (ladies and gentlemen, a future architect)

Be able to write a poem or be able to write a book?
I can write a poem. I wanna write a book. I WISH.

Would you rather have the ability to read and comprehend any classic you want, easily, or the ability to stop time whilst reading a classic (NOTE: THIS POWER ONLY APPLIES TO THE READING OF CLASSICS)?
Hmmmmph that is HARD. I think I’ll stick to understanding them because that’d be really cool and also I’d be terrified to fiddle with the fabric of time like that just to read classics.

Non-fiction or Short Story collection?
Non-fiction, but certain kinds.

Black or white?

What Hogwarts house would you be in according to your own opinion of yourself?
Ravenclause, duh :hor:
I mean Ravenclaw
God GGD has ruined me.

Aaaaand that is it! Hopefully I’ll get to write a post every day during break like today.

Oh I have to come up with questions still.

1. What is your favorite Lady Gaga song ever? (Feel free to buy her entire discography and listen twice to make sure you made the right choice.)
2. Would you rather work at a restaurant or a hotel?
3. Omfg electricity just ran out in the entire hotel and we can’t get it to turn back on and lights are flashing everywhere oh god.
4. Whoops that was not a question
5. That one neither
6. I have to stop
7. There, I just spared you from thinking up answers to five questions.
8. Six. You’re welcome.
9. Trump or Hillary?
10. Describe the first time you fell in love in one sentence.
11. Do you like pickles?

I nominate:
Every single person who reads this. You are allllll sunshines! (Plus I can’t tag anyone rn so)
I’m serious tho yall deserve this award so much. Take it. Do it. Post it. This sounds like a commercial.

Goodbaiiii break’s ovah

The Blogger Recognition Award!



No, you’re not hallucinating. Your computer is not pranking you. Washing it won’t help.

I, the very awkward and procrastinating blogger, have finally dragged myself into doing my first award in like a decade.

NO, it’s not haughtiness, at ALL. Getting recognition by fellow bloggers and friends feels really amazing. And I feel terribly guilty for not posting many award posts. But both of these don’t compare to my astronomic feeling of laziness, which is why I keep postponing awards until it’s too shameful to get back to them.


I’m forcing myself to do this instead of some other completely useless thing. And it’s not bad so far! Let’s do it YES

The Blogger Recognition Award!

So I was nominated by Bella for this award, thank you so much 😀


  • Write a post to show your award.

blogger recognition

  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.

It was a hot summer day. I was begging my sisters, who happen to share a room with me in our summer house, to leave the lights on while they watched TV so I could peacefully read Harry Potter. They didn’t let me, and turned the lights off to piss me off. On my birthday. I got so pissed I turned on my laptop and began typing my first ever blog post, which you can still find on here. I didn’t think I was ever going to post that, because I didn’t even have a blog yet, but I desperately wanted to write my feelings out. The thought of someone reading them was fascinating, but terrifying at the same time. The next day, though, I said ‘why the fuck not’, created this here monument, and posted what I had written the previous day. Now here we are.

  • Give advice to new bloggers.

Socialize. That’s the key factor. Nobody would ever have found my blog if I didn’t explore WordPress looking for fellow bloggers to share with. Show your appreciation by reading content, liking and commenting, and they will very likely show that appreciation back. Blogging is a community, so don’t be shy, and join in 🙂

Also, keep writing. Keep posting. Don’t give up too easily. My first month or two of blogging, I barely got any likes on my posts and my first few comments were a huge deal. It picked up gradually from there; the point is that if I had stopped, I wouldn’t be here today, wouldn’t have met all ya amazing people, wouldn’t have achieved so much to be proud of. Perseverance is key, and it’ll be worth it in the end 😉


  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

It really feels fuzzy and nice every time someone thinks of me and nominates me, so thank you Bella ❤ Check ha out by clicking on ha name

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Are u kidding

That’s where my laziness kicks in guys. Imma keep Bella’s noms. Reinforce them I guess? XD SORRYYYY I’ll just add in someone in place of my own name

  1. Elm
  2. L
  3. An Overthinking Teenager
  4. Chloe Lauren
  5. Luna
  6. Ariana
  7. Reine
  8. Teenella
  9. Okaaythen
  10. Crown
  11. Em
  12. LittleBlog
  13. Keira
  14. Caitlin
  15. Truuty

Okay I feel terrible for doing this but I also feel rebellious YAS


ANYWAY, thanks a lot for reading! 😀 Hopefully I’ll be doing some more awards and challenges in the future, this was fun.

See ya 🙂


Sunshine Blogger Award!!

I haven’t done one of these in a while!

Ugh… So many books to read, so many albums to listen to, so many movies to watch… But all I do is SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL. Fuck school.

Oh wait… Is this the Sunshine Blogger Award? Woops. Such a delicate ray of sunshine I’m being. Excusez-moi.

I have been nominated by ateenagediaryonline and Keira for this award a looooongg time ago. Sorry guys. Better late than never? 😁 seriously check their blogs out because they’re some of the sweetest people on here.

So let’s get to it:


The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you, simple 🙂

Answer the questions from your nominators

Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

ATeenageDiaryOnline’s Questions (we should really get you a nickname)

Have you been watching the rugby world cup? 

Trololololo no.

Who are you supporting?

I thought I said no

What is your favorite thing about autumn?


I guess it’s the amount of albums and movies and books that drop during this time of year (BUT I CAN’T ENJOY THEM BECAUSE SCHOOL HAHAHAHAHA FML)

What is your favorite food?

When I was little, it was always pizza. Then I had a bad pizza once and turned to hamburgers. Now I don’t really have a favorite, I love everything, but burgers have a special place in my heart. And fat.

Have you heard 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album?

Nah. I just can’t like them. ‘She’s Kinda ahot’ makes me cringe, and that’s just the title. 

Mustard or ketchup or both?

Depends, usually ketchup, sometimes both. (Nah really it’s just ketchup)

Pizza or burgers?

You just asked me that!! Burgezzz

Apple or Windows?

Windows all the way. Ah the memories.

Did you know you can change your colour on your blogs writting?

I did know, but I don’t know how!! How?!?!

New Zealand or South Africa?

Well that’s random… I don’t know much about these countries. In which am I least likely to meet attractive teenagers that make hate myself and shrivel up and cry?

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are you going as?

Omfg you had nominated me before Halloween? I’m such a bad blogger.

We don’t celebrate Halloween, however we do celebrate St. Barabara’s which is like our version of Halloween. I don’t think I’ll dress up, though I wish I could be Harry.

What are you going to get your best friend for christmas?

Hmmmmm… There’s a chance they’ll read this (though doubt it because we have about 12 exams this week) so I’ll keep it to myself 🙂

Rogan’s Questions:

What book would you recommend to a seven year old with a high reading ability?

Ironically, Matilda. I know, I know, she had a high reading ability herself and whatever but really, if a kid like her read the book they’ll feel special. It’s also a really sweet story. (once you take out the mom, the dad, the headmistress, you know)


Hairbrush or comb?

What’s the difference? 😅

Would you rather be the lawyer for someone who murdered someone or who participated in child trafficking?

I’d rather not be a lawyer thank you very much. If I had to chose, I guess it’s the first, because there are a billion ways this could have happened. Child trafficking, on the other hand, is just atrocious in any way you put it. 

On a lighter note, what is your favourite season?

Ugh, I’m like your mom. Don’t do favs. Every season has something I love and something I hate. I guess spring has the least stuff I hate so I’ll go with that. 

Duvet or blanket?

What’s a duvet? It sounds warm and fluffy so I’ll go with that. 

Painting of sketching?

I’m horrible at both, but painting is so fun. And squetshy.

Be able to write a poem or be able to write a book?


Would you rather have the ability to read and comprehend any classic you want, easily, or the ability to stop time whilst reading a classic (NOTE: THIS POWER ONLY APPLIES TO THE READING OF CLASSICS)?

Understand classics! That’d be so useful omg.

Non-fiction or Short Story collection?

Hmm… Non fiction just doesn’t click with me (except if it’s like humor). So short stories.

Black or white?


What Hogwarts house would you be in according to your own opinion of yourself?


Kayyy now my turn to qwetshen you:

1. How do you feel about ISIS’ cute little plan for a worldwide day of terror?

2. What do you think of Adele’s HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIIIIIIIIIDE
3. If you could have any book in the world for free, whether it exists or not, what would you take? (I’m practically giving you a free book. Any book. For free. What’s better than that?)
4. Can you show us your favorite shoe?

5. If you saw someone burning a Harry Potter book, with what weapon would you kill them?

6. What musical instrument would you eradicate if you could?

7. Who’s the pop star you feel like you hate the least?

8. What book would you want to turn into a TV Show?

9. What book would you want your grandma to read when she was your age?

10. Look down, right now, without moving, and type 5 things you see.

11. Bloggers’ Whatsapp Chat Group: Yay or Nay?

Gosh I love coming up with these questions. 

I also want everyone to answer that last question in the comments. I’d LOVE it if we had a chat group just for us.


I’ll nominate these following people according to who pops up first, but please feel free to participate and answer the questions (whether on your blog or in the comments or on Merlin’s left- Don’t speak like that to your mother! Waddup HP reference! Waddup iiSuperwomanii waddup reference reference! Waddup okstopit).







Vivy Potter

The Average Gurl


My Personal Teen Life



KT (oh look at that we’re both awkward)

Alex Smithson

Infinity Blogs

My teenage madness



Siblinghood of the World Award!

Hello! It is time for another award, the Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Award! By the way, thank you for changing Sisterhood to Siblinghood. I appreciate it.

I was nominated by both calliopethebookgoddess and anonymoustallulah, and they are both very very nice people with incredibly entertaining blogs.

Let’s get started!

The Rules

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post.

Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided.

Nominate ten other bloggers (or up to 10).

Create ten questions for your nominees and notify them of their nominations.

Calliope’s Questions:

1. Pick a book for every letter of your first name.

This is a hard one! Let’s see.

Anthony Adverse by Hervey Allen (which also happens to be my actual name)

Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Hyperbole & a Half by Allie Brosh

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

N or M? By Agatha Christie

Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

2. What’s the tenth book on your shelf?

A very nice french book called Le Roi De La Forêt Des Brumes 

3. What are you currently reading?

Since the day I started this blog, I’ve been rereading Harry Potter. I couldn’t find the time to continue in the past few weeks because of school (6 TESTS NEXT WEEK GOSH) but I picked the Half-Blood Prince up yesterday and read the last few chapters, I still have the very last that will take me a couple of minutes, and then it’s off do Deathly Hallows! (The only one I still haven’t read in English)

4. Would you rather get a book signed, or get a free book?

IS THIS A REAL QUESTION?! OF COURSE I WANT A SIGNED BOOK! Free books aren’t hard to come by. But a signed copy of Harry Potter? OR SELP-HELF?! I’d die.

5. Who is your fictional crush at the moment?

At the moment, at all moments, Hermione Granger. Love you bae.

6. What is the biggest book on your shelf (Page number wise)

Anthony Adverse, with way over 1100 pages. I was planning to sell it at a bookyard but I discovered that it’s a classic so imma read it sometime. I honestly don’t know how, but I will.

7. What is the smallest book on your shelf (Page number wise)

I have too many children’s books to count which is the smallest, but there are some with little over 100 pages.

8. Do you have a ship that you called would sail from the moment you met the characters?

Hazel and Augustus, duh.

9. What is a series that you just couldn’t finish?

Artemis Fowl. I need to get back to it tho.

10. What is your name backwards?

You could just read the first letter of every book from the first question, from last to first, and there you have it 🙂

Rogan’s questions:

1.Have you read a Brandon Sanderson book? If not, you should.

Alright then, I will 🙂

2.Review the last book you read using only words that begin with b.

Barry Botter band bhe Balf-Blood Brince bis bone bof by bavorite books bof ball bime. Boldemort’s back btory bis bo baptivating, band Bumbledore’s beath bas bone bof bhe bost biconic biterary boments  bin bistory BIMO.

I don’t think that was the question, but meh.

3.What colour would you say describes you as a person and why?

Let’s say white, even though technically it’s not a color.

People who don’t know me think I’m nothing more than a plain old nerd who does nothing but study, but once you get to know me you discover that I’m a combination of loads of colors. I have many hobbies, and many sides to my personality. 

4.If you imagine your life a year from now, where do you hope to be?

Writing this blog, with a hopefully bigger audience, listening to Gaga’s newest album, studying my favorite subjects, with the same friends, and maybe even a girlfriend (DOUBT IT)… I don’t really want much to change to be honest.

5.Have you ever made your own bookmarks? If you have, show us a few!

Yes, but they were gifts. They’re currently not with me.

6.Choose two IRL friends and describe what makes them special to you. Take a moment to appreciate them. Why don’t you write down what you said and give it to them? Spread some kindness, it will do everyone some good.

The first one, who’s probably reading this, is the nicest girl, who helped me with a lot, was always kind (except when you know I ruffled her feathers a bit). We’ve spent hundreds of boring days chatting and talking about nothing and everything. She’s a bookworm and Potterhead such as me, but HATES Miranda which is fine kinda. She also adores Eminem and biology.

The second, who for my sake I hope he never reads this blog again, is a hilarious guy who’s been my buddy since 9th grade. He does have some annoying quirks (like criticizing everything), but overall he’s a good person. He likes Imagine Dragons and alternative music (although he does have a past with the likes of Nicki Minaj), and we both love TV shows like Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad. Also, his birthday is this week!

Oh and there’s no way I’m letting anyone know about this. Forget it gurl.

7.Where would you like to go this winter?

We never ‘go’ anywhere. I’m staying home bae. I ain’t complaining tho.

8.Apple or Samsung?

Are you kidding? Samsung. Downloads bruh.

9.Do you prefer funny books or sad books?

They’re both brilliant if done well, but tragic if not. Imma say funny books because let’s spread some more positivity into the world.

10.Do you ‘do favourites’? My mum doesn’t. I’ll tell you a story: When my mum was five, she was asked by a teacher what her favourite colour was. She said she didn’t have one. The teacher’s response was that all five-year-olds have a favourite colour. So my mum said: “Yellow” and as the teacher began to look triumphant, my mum added, “with red spots.”

First of all, your mom slays. Second, I also have a very hard time picking favorites. It drives me mad because I always feel bad for the things I didn’t pick and I don’t want them to be hurt that I didn’t pick them! This is sad.


Phew!! That was fun 🙂

My questions are:

1. What is your favorite TV show, of all time and at the moment?

2. If you could get rid of one character from Harry Potter, who would it be and at what point of the story?

3. On a scale from Cockroach Clusters to Chocolate Frogs, HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD?!?!  (I swear not all my questions are HP related)

4. Pick one song you would want to haunt your worst enemy forever.

5. What’s your favorite type of furniture? 

6. Yellow. Table. Sea water. Cable. Dishwasher. 72. Slay. Poop. Necki Menij. Use these words in one cohesive paragraph (as cohesive as Necki Menij and Dishwashers get, anyway).

7. The fate of the world lies in your hands, unfortunately you’re a loser. You decide to give the  responsability to one fictional character. Who is it and why?

8. Is there a country you’d absolutely hate to visit?

9. Look out of your window and write down 10 things you see. You may use more windows in case you don’t see enough things.

10. Are you doing this blog post instead of something else way more important in your life?


My nominees are: (these are new people I’ve recently e-met + older blog friends)





Vivy Potter


I honestly can’t wait to read all your answers!! If you’ve already done the award and don’t want to repost, you can answer the questions in the comments section if you have time 🙂 

Also feel free to answer any questions you like down there, I honestly nominated the people that came to my mind first. I’d nominated the whole blogging community because y’all are great but I don’t think that’s possible.

Thanks for reading! 

One Lovely Blog Award!

I was nominated for the “One Lovely Blog” award by Vivy Potter. Thank you so much! This is my first award ohmagash I’m so flattered :’)


The rules are as follows:
* Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
* Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
* Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
* Nominate about 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

So I’ll now try to think about some facts about me that aren’t too boring or too strange. That’s gonna be easy…

Okay so here they are:

1- Despite me being a socially awkward teenager now, I was such a devil child when I was, well, a child. I pooped all over the floor, broke everyone’s possessions, bit guests on the forehead… In other words, I wouldn’t have qualified for this particular award back then.

2-I read my first english book around one year ago. I haven’t read anything in any other language since then.

3-I’m in love with Hermione Granger and want us to have children. Fuck Ron.

4-I’m watching Goblet of Fire at this very moment, and my little cousin HAS NOT STOPPED TALKING SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVIE. Gosh.

5-I could never ignore someone. I feel like replying is the minimum level of politeness. If someone ignores me I get seriously offended.


7-I’m also in love with Miranda Sings from Youtube and wish I could be her. And I’m so jealous of Colleen’s husband Josh because he’s so lucky to have her and I cried during their wedding video (both tears of joy and sadness).

8-I’m a rebel and I don’t care if the rules say 7 facts, I’m giving you 8. 

9-What? Got a problem with that? Here’s 9. You’re welcome.

This was it! My first award :’) I would like to thank… The judges for picking me… My parents who I love… I love you Houston!

(If you got that Beyonce reference, you’re cool. I dig u bro.)

Time for me to nominate 15 Lovely Blogs. There are plenty, so I am going to pick them randomly from my dashboard (I’m sorry if you have been nominated already!)

gxxdbyeagony (

Rei (

Rogan (

fibit (

mattherlives (

Louis Medici (

zentaurius (

susannevalenti (

calliopethebookgoddess (

potterheadonline (

MyTinyObsessions (

Are these 15 already? I don’t know. Seems like enough to me.

Thank you for reading, let me know if you accept the award! 🙂