Game of Thrones SLAYSSSS




My best friend had been convincing me to start the series for years, but I just couldn’t imagine myself liking a story about swords and wars.

I started season 1 before christmas break… Now I’m at season 5.

IT’S JUST SO EPIC! THERE’S NO BETTER WORD. The story is amazing, suspenseful, engaging, it takes your breath away and keeps you on edge, that’s just something I hadn’t found ever since I first read Harry Potter years ago! 

Everything about this series is breathtaking. Everything. The production is the best I’ve ever seen. ALL the actors play their roles to PERFECTION. The soundtrack is flawless. Like honestly how is humanity capable of such a feat?

I’ve been curious about this series for years and I finally get to experience its greatness. I’m SO glad I waited for now, it really feels like a great timing. I may not have fully understood it had I started watching it years ago. 

This may be the first time I ever watched something before its book. I feel like by doing this I’m betraying everything I’ve ever stood for, but cut me some slack. The book series would take me ages, what with senior year and college coming soon; I simply would’ve lost interest (I did try to read the first book but failed miserably).

The thing is that before I finish season 6, I could find a spoiler in the most unexpected of places (and I already have, I know 2 of the most important events that happen in the series during season 5 and 6. It sucks but what can I do). So I’m being VEEERY careful as to what I see online. On the bright side, I just have a dozen of episodes left and then I’ll join the rest of the world waiting for season 7!

AHH it felt good to write this post. I just didn’t feel like writing a sappy oh-ma-gash-I-been-away-4-so-long-sorry-guyz like I’ve done this a thousand times. I’m lucky if this post even still gets read.

So yeah, life has been extremely busy, I’m actually in the process of completing my college application and I’m working on my essay. This is crazy. When I started blogging, college was a thousand years away… Ah life. Constantly surprising us.

I hope I’ll be able to write more, now that I got a new phone with a screen that isn’t snapped in half and an actual working keyboard. 

I just miss this so much.

Valar Dohaeris.

1 Year Blogaversary – THANK YOU!

Oh my God.
It’s been a year already.
Exactly one year ago, after months of wanting to, I finally went to WordPress and registered a blog. This blog.
And boy, has it been a ride since then.
I said it before, and I’ll say it again: you guys are the absolute sweetest people in the whole world. I can only dream of meeting people like you in my everyday life. Your comments have never failed to make me smile. If it weren’t for you, I’d have dropped this whole thing a few months in.
Writing my thoughts out, and especially knowing that they will be read by somebody, is such a liberating experience. I know I have you guys. Just look at my last few posts! Overwhelming support, even from those if you who are new to my blog! I posted the same thing on another forum, and all I got was a few likes. And that’s from people I interract with on a daily basis.
I know I have been posting less frequently in the last few months, but I am happy with the way things are. If I force myself to write posts I don’t feel like writing, this whole thing will become a chore, which it is NOT supposed to be. I want my blog to be a place I can escape to, not from.
And as I promised you, I AM planning a huge community game, and as I also promised, the announcement will be coming soon. Not Gaga soon. Soon soon. One-month-before-Hogwarts-traditionally-opens-its-doors soon 😉

(Edit: Apparently I registered my blog at 4:02 PM because WordPress just sent me an anniversary message! XD)

I loved sharing my life with you guys. And I know, one day, I’ll look back to these posts and be swept away by nostalgia and happy memories… Ah man.
Thank you. Thank you all for making this year a true revival for me. Thank you for being my friends. Thank you for proving to me that wonderful people like you do exist.
Thank you for reading.




I’d make this long but I’ll keep it short: I took the SAT in June and the scores are finally in TODAY

I found in my drafts a cute lil post I had written about the SAT; the whole thing, how I registered, how it went, all that stuff. But I FORGOT TO POST IT SO YAY U GO G0RL. Anyway, I hadn’t finished my Reading section. I hastily guessed the final paragraph’s questions. I was extremely bummed by that and was like certain I’ll retake the test. I did better in the Language section. I did AMAZING in the maths section, way better than any practice test. Finally, I had a feeling I did quite well in the essay, even though it was hastily finished and almost inconclusive.

I had almost forgot about my results until recently when people started asking me if the results were in and I had to check.

Now remember, this is the NEW SAT so it’s over 1600 and not 2400 like before (the Essay no longer counts with the total score and is optional).

I looked up what a good score would be, and google said 1250. After I did my practice tests, I put my tarhet score at 1350+. It just looked pretty (and also would be enough for a college scholarship, I assume). I really wanted a 1400 though, because my competitive self needed to beat my best friend who took the test in May.

So today, at 12PM, I opened up my laptop and saw that the results were finally in.


I scroll down to find the links to the results AND I AM COMPLETELY SHOCKED TO FIND THAT THEY WERE JUST SITTING THERE



THEN my mind recovered from this messy situation (all of those jumbled emotions squeezed in two seconds and a half) and I finally focused on the number in front of me, my SAT score.






Okay. Wow. I still can’t believe this (and it’s Friday Friday gonna get down on Friday now). I’m in the 99% percentile! That’s unreal. (And it rhymes)

How did I, an Arab, French-educated, self-taught English speaker, manage to score higher than 99% of test takers, the vast majority of which were born and raised in America. That might sound like bragging, because it is #modest

I got 780 in maths with 56 right answers and 2 wrong ones (I think I know which questions these were, because I practically guessed them). Which means I got 730 in English (370 in Reading Analysis and 360 in Writing/Language). I made only 5 mistakes in the Reading section (46 right), which surprised me a LOT, because I had expected to flop BAD. I mean I guessed half a dozen questions! Could those be the only ones I got wrong? Oh man. I also had 2 wrong answers and 42 right ones in the Language section, which should have been converted to MORE than 360 logically. I don’t know what happened there but oh well.

The disappointment was with my essay scores. I got 14/24. It’s appalling. You might have guessed that as a blogger, I pride myself in my writing (even though it may suck mostly). I expected to at least do great in the Writing part, where they give you grades on your language us and coherence and stuff, and I got 5/8. I also am 100% sure I understood 100% of the text, but I just got 5/8 as well. That’s why I’m 100% sure (well, not THAT sure) that my grade was deeply affected by my terrible handwriting. They actually show you your essay in the SAT site and I can’t believe how messy I wrote. I couldn’t understand my OWN handwriting. Shame. I’d post them here but I’m afraid it would be illegal or something.

Anyway, it’s now Sunday and I still can’t believe I scored that much on my first try on the SAT. I really see no point in redoing it except for a better essay grade. But I ain’t gonna spend 100$ just to retake a test and definitely score less overall just to up my essay score (which isn’t even relevant for the college I’m applying to).

And that’s it for my SAT 😀 it was a fun ride. Sorry it took me so long, I started this post the day I learned my score but I’ve been extremely busy slash depressed slash relieved (and I WILL tell you all about that soon). Yesterday was my birthday party and it was great. In 4 days, it will be my actual birthday AND my 1 year Blogaversary (!!!!!) Expect a sweet, magical announcement then 😉 See you soon!



So yesterday I went to my first party ever.

It was like, my first ‘official’ party. A PARTY party. Not a birthday party, not a bachelor party, not a wedding party, not a christmas party, not a farewell party, a PARTY. A full out beach bar party.
We, CSR Seniors 2016-2017, threw our first party to raise money for next year’s prom.

Was I nervous?

I don’t even need to answer that. Guess.

The whole time I was like WHAT on EARTH do people do at a damn party?! They drink? I’m not going to get wasted! They dance? LOL. I don’t want to kill my little social relevance just yet. They flirt? HAHA right.

First off, I had to look the part. I had literally nothing to wear to a beach party. Only a few weeks ago had I come out of the shyness closet and started going to beaches and wearing airy clothes, so I had to go out and shop for new clothes.

My mom took me around town to different stores, and I ended up buying a lot more than I expected. There were sales and my mom just couldn’t resist making me try everything. By the way, those were my (early) birthday gift. I’m happy about that.

I got myself ready, pshhed a bit of perfume, and went with my sister. Oh god. Dad would not stop.
‘Don’t drink too much’
‘Stay AWAY from the beach. The will get you.’
‘Don’t leave your drinks unattended because people WILL try to put drugs and all kinds of nasty stuff in it.’
‘If you see a fight call security and possibly the police.’
‘Stick with your friends if you don’t like being raped.’
OH, and:
‘Take care of your sister’
‘Keep an eye on your sister’
‘Always check on your sister’
‘Make sure no one is hitting on your sister’
‘Your sister’

After that short, long ride, we got there. Oh, did I mention that supposedly I helped organize the party? I was class prez this week so all 6 of us from different classes were behind the party. But I didn’t get too involved (for OBVIOUS reasons) so I felt more like a guest tbh.

First thing I did was go talk to my friends.

That also happened to be the thing I did for the entire. Rest. Of. The. Evening.

I’m not complaining though. I DID have fun. Way more than I was expecting. My closest friends were extra nerds and didn’t come, but one did and we basically spent the night with a few other friends, and the time passed quickly. I had a few Jamaicas and Orange Vodka (it felt so weird to be on the opposite end of the bar this time) (omg what a floppy bartender am I. Always behind the bar and never even tried it) but I didn’t feel like ‘drunk’ and stuff so that’s good (or bad? I don’t know, I wanna try being drunk for once and write a post while being it.)

At one point we all gathered at the beach (the waves didn’t get me, PRAISE JESUS HURRAY) and lit those cool flying lantern thingies (you like put some sort of burny candle thingie in it and once there’s enough air it flies). Some people were successful, some people failed at lighting it, some people’s candle dropped, but I was the only lucky one whose lantern literally got set on fire mid flight and started dropping firelets on people and tables and umberellas, causing terror and chaos. GOD. It was hilarious though, for whatever reason.

The entertainment was good, first we had a dance team put on a slayful show, then a singer came and sang basic songs (his voice slayed tho) and got da people goin. I tried to dance without looking too awkward and I think I somehow succeeded. A bit.

The best moment of the night was when my best friend and I got photographed by an instant polaroid camera. God, these photos are so precious. It made us look like movie stars from the last century. I keep it in my wallet and look at it from time to time to brag to myself how much of a movie star I am look.

I actually look nothing like a movie star but oh well

The party died down about 3 AM and everyone went home. Poor dad, we woke him up to come get us (that’s right, ‘Don’t trust taxis!’)

It was a pretty good party, many people showed up and we made a quite nice sum of money (about 3500$). I have no idea how much throwing an awesome prom would exactly cost but we’ll just keep raising hell in the streets drink beer and get into trouble oooh heavy metal lovaaa as much money as we can.

Partying wasn’t that hard OR terrifying after all! I’m ready to take on another one. That is, with my friends by my side. WIIIIIII





This is called a ‘carnet’ (french for report card). You can see my finals scores in the box I pointed to in red:



That’s like, way above any expectations for people in my class (11th). I think I explained how our ridiculously strange grading system works in some post. Basically this is great 😀

I am so happy to have ended the school year like this. I have the highest total between people in my grade! First time this year. YAS. Slay.

Again, as usual my parents were like politely indifferent (good job son :D) while my lazy sister got promised a fucking camera for getting 14 and a half. I get nothing, AGAIN, AS USUAL, because a) I’ve had good grades all my life and b) I’m working now!
Please explain this logic: I work my ass off every day while my sister goes to the beach and watches TV all the time, I get top scores in my grade while she barely moves a finger, yet SHE’s the one being rewarded because I’m making my own money. Right? Because I’m ‘making’ it. Not like working hard in the sun with obnoxious people to earn it.

Anyway, whatever, I’m happy this way. Not like ‘happy’ but content.

Yesterday was the first time I got paid for work, ever. It wasn’t my paycheck, just tips (they collect everything and divide it between employees every week end). It was about 60$. On one hand, it felt great. Finally, my work is paying off (literally). On the other hand, it felt stupid, almost like a joke, that I was giving up all this summer time I’m supposed to be enjoying just for these couple pieces of paper.

Still it was a cause for celebration, so I took my mom and sister out to a dessert café, Dip ‘N’ Dip, and we had DELICIOUS crepes. Just look ugh:



Mom didn’t let me pay for everything so we split the bill. Still, it felt good to know that I earned that fettucini crepe.

Wow. I started this post last week and every day I’ve written a bit. I started talking about tests and now I’m raming about crepes. It’s like a game of broken telephone. With myself. Because I’m so lonely.


Aaaaanyway, I’ve seen the response to my last post suggesting a blogger game (Bloggers’ House Cup!) and it’s very positive, so it’s settled! I’m going to start working on it. I’ll set everything up, discretely contact people to be Heads of Houses (look out!), come up with a task plan, and one day when you’ll least expect it it will all BEGINNNNN.



Ahhhhhhhhhhh God bless summer vacation

How are you guys?! I have missed talking to you and reading your blogs SO much. I haven’t spoken to yall since the night before my SATs! It’s been nothing but exams since then.
Let me spare you the boring details: it was my first time taling the SAT, and I was so nervous, but it turned out great! I started a bit shaky (couldn’t finish the reading section) but it got a lot better (math was a piece of cake). My results come out on July 21st, hopefully I won’t be disappointed!

After the SAT I had of course my school finals. This was my first time in SEVEN years taking finals. Before, my school used to have something called ‘dispensés’, basically if you’ve had great grades all year you’re rewarded by not doing the final exams. This year our new headmistress thought it was wrong for some reason so I was reduced to taking the test with the rest of the peasants.
And boooy do I NOT regret it!
This could honestly be the best test I’ve ever taken. I didn’t screw anything up, everything went awesome (except maybe not biology but who cares) and all that without even studying all that much (okay tbf I did study a lot but you can’t imagine how much I procrastinated)
I was sleeping at 3AM everyday to finish my studies before the test, which should have made me fail everything (3 hours of sleep before a test!) but surprisingly it made me do great. Yayyy
I can’t wait for my grades. They come out on July 6th. So fast. Take notes, SATs.

In this timeframe I bought a new book at the bookfair called Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by blogger Cory O’Brien, and IT IS
Honestly you’ve got all the houtubers doing stupid books (xcept selp helf hay gurl) and then you’ve got bloggers doing amazingness with their books (aka Allie Brosh whose book I also found at that bookfair same time last year – I wonder if next year it will be my book I’ll find :poot: ). It kept me entertained through exam season.

Another thing that kept me entertained slash extremely distracted was my enrollment in the GagaDaily House Cup. Of course I was sorted into Ravenclaw, or as we call it Ravenclause because it has to be Gaga-related duh (you’ve also got GryffinDope, HufflePOP and Slytherin Nights -after Brooklyn Nights- ours was a tribute to Applause but we wanna change it to something clearer like ArtRAVENS… We’ll see.) It is SO fun but SO time consuming. Our first task was to create magical treats for Gaga’s pet Gagawocky. Here’s what we submitted:


Those are ‘Ravenclause’s Every Flavor RavenSticks’, obviously a reference both to HP’s Bertie Botts’ Beans and Gaga’s song LoveGame (featuring Disco Sticks). We came up with Gaga related flavors and ingredients, and a member helped us design the whole thing, it was awesome.
We were the only house that took into consideration both Harry Potter and Gaga. But this being a pop forum, obviously the judges liked the submission that was more pop; Slytherin’s:

I know right? Preposterous. Anyway, it was still fine since we got second place. Gryffindope are bombing.

But all that fun wasn’t meant to last: this was NOT gonna be an effortless summer. Oh no no, I was going to start working. From one side, I needed some job experience, everyone else had jobs and I wasn’t gonna spend summer doing absolutely nothing like last year. On the other, I also needed money. Many books, movies and albums are coming out this year, and Sia’s coming to the country so I really want those tickets. Plus, I mean college isn’t too far away, and I need to start saving! (Though I doubt any of this money is going towards college, to be quite honest.)

I went one day with my friend Mini to apply for a job in a hotel. I have no idea what we were thinking: NO job experience, still in school, underage, and applying to work in a friggin five star hotel.

Yet, we got the jobs!

Turns out, they were short on workers. My friend was hired as a waiter, and even better, I got hired as a barback! Basically I help the bartender, prepare the bar, make sure the supplies are available… But you know how I said they were short on workers? Well, that meant that not only was I a barback, but most of the time, I’m also the bartender.

My first day was on Wednesday. I got there, and my boss gave me a very quick tour. Basically, there was the bar in the lobby, the first floor bar, a bar in the restaurant, and a beach bar. Employees usually shift between these.

He took me straight away to Tournesol, the first floor bar. I met my bar mentor, who turned out to be very nice, and he gave me my uniform, showed the main stuff on the bar, introduced me to the staff. Then it was game time: I had to start learning how to actually work.

The first thing I learned to do was an espresso. That was pretty much the base for all things coffee. After learning about the coffee machine, I moved on to boiling milk and making cappucinos and lattes.
Then I learned how to make Turkish coffee, milkshakes of all kind, and lemonade, regular and minted. Of course, I had to learn the proper way to handle, serve, and garnish everything, from fresh orange juice to sodas to wine.

Basically, this was a better job than I could have hoped for. I’ve always loved working with food and drinks, and the job was really not exhausting. The only bad thing is that I have to be standing up for the whole shift (which is 9 hours), but I do have a break and when nobody’s looking, I sit on the ice cooler #rebel

I’m actually at work right now and my break’s about to end! But I’ll procrastinate a lil’ more muhahahahaha

My workink hours are taking up most of my day, so it’s quite hard for me to find the time to read, listen to music and blog. This post itself took me like 3 days to write. But I’m very glad to be back and can’t wait to catch up on all of you guys and see where this summer will take me!

So tell me about yours! How is your summer? How did your exams go? Let me know in the comments!

It’s June already?

Okay so hiii heheheehh
I promised myself I’d be active for the whole month of may and it was actually going well enough for the first like two weeks but then I disappeared.
I feel bad I dooo
But like… I had a valid reason?
Nah I won’t lie to myself. I had plenty of time. I was just lazy.
I really really want to do a May recap but I also really really need to sleep right now so I hope I get the motivation to do so tomorrow. God I sound so obnoxious. Even I’d unfollow me.
I’m still gonna give you an excuse tho.
AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaAAAA i’m worried
I’ve been studying for the past two weeks (NOT enough tho). I have two or three days left to go over 8 maths chapters, learn how to write an essay, AND take like 10 practice tests. Undoable. Physically undoable.
But oh well, I’ll do my best. Wish me luck! (Omg how do i dare asking you for luck after this embarrassing absence. Shame on meee)
I have a lot more to tell you and also more deets om that SAT so HOPEFULLY I’ll see you tomorrow!

This post is going to be a disaster

Yes. Just like you read. I have no idea what this post is going to contain but I just know that it’s gonna be a disaster. Why? Because I just had the wonderful idea of not actually writing this post, but ‘speaking’ it. Basically I’ll just be talking and the fancy speech-to-text translator is gonna do its magic and transform my ramblings into words. And because 1) this app is far from state-of-the-art and 2) I already am not very fluent in spoken English, this is gonna flop so hard.
I promise I won’t edit anything out. I’ll keep it as it is. You’ll be reading directly what I say, and God please don’t make me stumble through my words as much as I usually do.

*10 minutes later*

Okay so I attempted this three times so far and I’m right. It’s so bad that I can’t even post it as a joke. And I’ll try again.

Okay see my sister at 10 at trying to record what ignore that last sentence because it translated very horrible I was saying this is my fish V fish 5 oh my god I’ve been trying to say the word just like the one that comes after the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th but it’s just not translating anyway so fish it’s not working this is my attempt at recording and it’s already going horrible but I’m just going to keep trying until it makes something 1% coherent okay so I’m just going to describe my room since it’s the simplest thing and I already tried to tell you about my day or what I’m doing right now but it still won’t work okay first it was not my room it was the game room the room where all our games they lost when we were little but then as my sister came they needed to make face and they could not have me and my sister that’s not the third the second I forgot anyway they cannot have it all in the same room so they made the steam room into my room and they painted it green by my request and it was ratchet it’s really like embarrassing until last year at Christmas when my parents weren’t renovated it for me so now it’s was supposed to be red but I got food and all that’s right and this is my bed sheets which is pretty cool because they are like a nice shade of red and you can actually see them in my book Holes in my book called it’s not translating hold correctly but whatever in the post where I talked about the books that I Bob this month this month oh my gosh it’s happening getting distracted Anthony so yeah like 10 minutes telling you about my bed sheets it’s pretty cool seeing this wood texture with brown of course that’s like light brown just like my library work it’s not a library it’s like a big bookshelf it has one two three four shells and and next we have next to it a big huge baby picture of mine yeah and I really look cute in it just saying anyway on the offense fall we have my bed where I am currently laying and speaking and looking after the sisters that I’m writing like just now it’s literally translated disasters to sister okay so dispatch wait what am I going with this sentence I don’t know on the wall on my right hand have a window and it opens a nice little I don’t know how you call it it’s not a forest but it’s like a mini forest with many many trees I don’t know what to call it okay someone just getting underway to go answer the door

So what I was trying to tell you at the end is that someone just knocked on the door and I went to answer it. My whole family came home so now I obviously can’t continue speak-shouting into my phone. So yep you have my family to thank for making me shut up and relieve you from your torture!

Like I just reread this and I don’t know if I should burst out laughing
or crying. It’s hilarious in the way that it makes literally n0 sense but that’s like the bad type of hilarious. Whatevs, I’ll let you be the judges. If I see a sudden drop in followers and riots petitioning for the closure of this blog, I think I’ll get a pretty good idea of what you think of this mess and whether or not I should try this again in the future. Yay!

I’m chuckling. You are gonna be so confused xD ahh I’m twisted. Bai

I’m Sick (ft. Other Updates)

God I missed writing here.

Hey! 😀 how is everyone?
I’m feeling a bit blue, so I thought I’d talk on here.
I have definitely talked about this before. I will say it again.
The sadism in my school is unreal. UN. REAL.
They gave us an exam schedule for a non-exam. There is no motive. They just did. Gave us 11 tests to prepare for over the weekend.
And I officially cracked.
I had done my physics test on friday. I didn’t do well at all. I gave it all I had, and I still fell flat. I have no idea why this has been happening to me, but God, does it make me feel awful about my future.
Another subject I have discussed countlessly on here, so I won’t get deep into it, but I’m still as lost as ever when it comes to what I want to study/become later. The time to choose is looming closer and closer, and I’m just feeling more and more clueless. Doing bad on unexpected tests, doing surprisingly good in others, feeling like I want to just leave school for good – my mind is at war with itself. Nobody’s winning.
Yesterday, in church, I teared up. I felt hopeless. What was I doing? Where was I going? I had NO idea. And I kept on living my life just the way it is, not bothering to change anything up. Because I’m too much of a coward.
Anyway, I went to sleep last night, fully knowing that I’ll never be able to finish studying the next day.
I was not sure if I was sleeping or not. Ever experience that state of extremely uncomfortable half-asleep-half-awake-half-dreaming state? It was awful. I started hallucinating about trigonometry equations for some reason.
At 1:38 A.M, I woke up alarmed. My stomach was feeling weird.
Next thing you know, I was in the bathroom, throwing up, crying, clunching my stomach and my burning throat. I don’t need to go into much more detail because we all know it’s best to leave them aside. But it happened again an hour later, and I had no power to do anything but just stand there, looking at the pathetic mess facing me in the mirror.
Luckily, in a way, I wasn’tvexactly silent during the whole process, and while all I got from my sister was disgusted grunts telling me to stop, my dad got up and took care of me. He made me mint tea, and fed it to me spoonful by spoonful. I was scared I’d throw up again but I didn’t think anything was still down there.
I went to bed after that, already dreading what would happen when I finally wake up.
5:43 A.M. I wake up. No anomaly in sight. Usual routine of checking Gagadaily for news.
And oh boy what news I had!


I know. It sounded very weird to me at first. But who cares about the title? (Which actually eventually makes sense) FINALLY A NEW RELEASE. An appetizer while waiting for LG5.
Not only did Bey deliver 12 new tracks, it was a visual album. It was accompanied by an hour-long short film featuring all the songs in some sort of epic music video.
I have ALWAYS dreamed of something like this happening, but I always thought it was like a myth. Not something that would ACTUALLY happen!
Because of my tests, my conscience did not agree for me to listen to the album. NO kind of fun until that darn hell is over. It’ll be my congratulatory treat.
Well… About those exams.
I didn’t do them.
Well I may be the only one gasping but it’s the first time I’ve missed major exams ever so it’s normal I feel so rebellious about it.
After the incident Saturday/Sunday night, I woke up and I felt broken. Like literally, my body was in pieces. It pained me to move, and I couldn’t eat anything. I was very dehydrated, obviously, but I still was scared to drink too much. My head hurt like hell. There was no way I could study anything in that state.
So I just laid in bed, all day. Not studying anything. And do you know how stressful it is to sit there not studying when you’re not even sure whether you’ll do the tests or not? But I just did not have the power to study, so it wasn’t much of a choice of mine.
At that point, it was pretty clear that there was NOT going to be tests for me tomorrow. If I went, I’d flop HARD. On the one hand, the subjects were important (maths, chemistry) and I had a high grade in them so their cancelation would decrease the final one. But on the other, much heavier hand, if I did do the tests, I could get grades so low they’d decrease the final one a LOT. I had no choice.
I didn’t tell my friends right away, because I didn’t want it to feel like an IN YO FACE BISHES while they were studying their asses off. But when I did, they were very supprotive. Well except for my best friend who’s never supportive but that’s his thing so liek
The harder part was going to be convincing my parents to let me miss my exams. They are the hardest people to persuade, especially when it comes to missing school. Jesus.
They’re not even like NO U CANT STAi HOME U LIL BITCH, they’re like um hunty ain’t nuthn wrong with u like y do u even wanna stay it’s pointless ur argument is pointless bai
“But you’ll be fiiiiine tomorrowwww go do the teeeest”
But I haven’t even studied!
“You’ve been studying for like… 2 days! Why would you need more?”
“Lol fine wutvr stay”
And that’s how I stayed.
The day was pretty sweet. The rebellious feeling inside me was almost too much, I felt like jumping off the roof screaming I’M HOME DURING MY TEST! or just doing ANYTHING that would get people to know that I skipped school. Like it wasn’t even some crazy act! I was sick for God’s sakes!
Later during the day, mom came home. She wasn’t happy. At all.
“They called me up from school. Asking for yo ass. Bitch what was I supposed to tell em? I aint no lyin hoe.” (I don’t know in what world my parents have a ghetto accent but I like it and will keep it)
“How about you just tell them I’m sick, considering I AM!”
“Bitch stfu I did but they was all like hunty we aint buyin yo shit we nees to see the receipts or yo son aint doin no more tests”
“Works for me!”
“Aw really? Damn well. Get a 0 and fail dem exams, who needs to pai 4 ur tuition anyway”
(Okay this is getting old)
So yeah, turns out I needed to present a doctor’s report so that they count me absent and not give me a zero.
I lost my shit at first and was all worried but mom fixed me up and got me my report. It was valid for two days, but I still wanted to go do my exams the next day because if I didn’t my grade would drop a lot (because those tests held my grade high and I needed them especially after the awful physics test).
And so I went. I started my biology test feeling confident that I wanted to ace this. But when I saw it, I almost passed out because the questions made no sense to me. I started panicking, I got tensed up, my brain could not process anything, and my stomach kicked in. I couldn’t do it. I got a permission to go see the headmistress/nun to whom I had presented my report earlier in the morning.
Luckily, she remembered me. She also knows me because as a class president I have to speak to her in case we have a request or want to talk about something. Plus, she knows I have the highest grades in my class. In short, she knew I was a serious student.
She immediately offered to call my mom and ask her to come and take me home. I kindly disagreed, told her I needed to do the other tests for my grades, and she was sort of amused at how she was the one telling me to go home and rest and I was the one insisting on staying. She ended up calling my mom to ask her what I should eat and take as medicine. I bought some cupcakes from a store close to the school and the nurse gave me a pill for my stomach. I spent the time studying for my next test which was this subject I still have no idea what it’s called in English so I’ll just use the unconvincing Google translation which is ‘public spirit’ (but mostly deals with politics and how the government works and such). I took that test and did very well in it.
I finished, got out if the classroom and found mom waiting for me near the principal’s office.
“Hoe who even told u 2 come liek who invited dis bitch”
(Sorry mom. I’m doing it for the blog.)
Turns out she had free time and came to check up on me.
I still had Philosophy and English. The latter was the one I most insisted to take because it was my best subject.
But suddenly I thought of something. I ran to my English teacher and asked her if she’d put my project/oral test’s grade as my final grade, and she agreed, and I was thrilled because I had a very high grade.
After I got all my businesses sorted out, I could leave with a clear conscience. So I went to the principal and thanked her for everything, checked up on my friends who were like totally not jealous, and left.
And that’s how I ended up doing 4 out of my 11 tests for this semester. #NotEvenSorry.

The tests were over, and you know what that meant… LEMONADE TIME!
I finally listened to that album after all these years months weeks days. And may I just say, WOW. That was such a beautiful piece of work. Everything felt connected, poignant, alive, fierce, powerful, Beyonce. Special mention goes out to Jay Z whose repulsing and rat bastardy attitude inspired this album. May he never heal from all the Bey-stings he received.
And do NOT get me started on that short film… Just… Jesus. It was like all my dreams coming true. I actually want to review it soon in a later post but hopefully this ‘soon’ won’t be a Gaga ‘soon’. For those of you non-popculturehoes, that means it will probably never come.

Wednesday was okay. I got my physics grade. 14/20. Bad. Not terrible, but very bad. For me. I gave the teacher such dirty looks that I felt he almost wondered if he should hire a security guard for the night.
It was the last day of school for our seniors, and they had a big party, like every year. Music, water fights, they even got colored powder and trashed the whole gym with it, throwing it around at themselves and making a huge mess with water.
I felt uneasy. We had one year left. One year. As much as I hate school’s guts, I really don’t want it to end. Even now, these moments feel priceless. I can’t believe how much I’ll miss it when it’s finally over.
Anyway, I was glad to go home that day because it’s the beginning of the second short Easter break (for the orthodox I think). Today was the first day, there are 5 left. I spent it helping mom prepare for my sister’s birthday party tomorrow (while her actual birthday was two weeks ago), baking (and failing) dozens of cupcake recipes and making crafty stuff with crepe paper.

This has officially become the longest, most boring and useless post I ever posted and I wonder if anyone managed to read through it. I’m convinced no one will, heck, even I don’t have the energy to reread this.

Wow. Good job Anthony. Such good blogging quality you’re delivering.

Oh well, no matter, I wanted to write because it’s been a while and I’m glad I did. Hope you guys have wonderful weekends and if you celebrate Easter this week, Happy Easter!