Pity me, me.

Tomorrow is my 18th birthday party. 

I just caught myself hoping no one would bring me any presents so that I can pity myself later on about not having presents for my 18th birthday.

And some of y’all think I’m joking when I say I’m a psychopath.

13 thoughts on “Pity me, me.

  1. Dear Anthony,
    Happy 18th Birthday!!! I’m sure they will bring you presents, because I’m sure you’re a great psychopath. And psychopaths have their good sides too. I’m just kidding as well. But just let me tell you I think you’re great. And I know this is weird but it’s me.
    Have a nice day and Happy Birthday again : )

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  2. Happy early Birthday!!! They will definitely bring you presents, but I don’t think wanting to pity yourself makes you a psychopath 😛

    Also, I just noticed that you still have your 2016 Reading Challenge widget up 😀

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