Weird Rampage.

It was prom night… Which was weird. We’d just had our prom last week. But that wasn’t the only weird part.

Almost everything about it was weird. The setting, the location, the people, even my friends didn’t seem normal. I mean there was a contest and I won a disco ball lamp. What on earth…

We magically moved to a garden where we watched a random performance I can’t remember. After that, we were supposed to go to the after-prom; for some reason I found myself at a “friends’ house” – which was a building. I’d never been there before, I wasn’t even friends with that person, but somehow I had an idea where that house was located. Okay…

So my friends and I were sitting in the garden, doing nothing noteworthy. Suddenly a gang of gang-looking men arrived and went up to the appartment. One of my friends, Z, desperately wanted to go with them. Was she drunk, were we all drunk? I just remember smiling and nodding at her.

A few minutes later, E followed, and one by one all of my friends did the same. What was weird, the guy whose place we were supposed to be at wasn’t even there at any time. I remained alone in the garden. I tried glancing into the building, but all I saw was a naked man sleeping on the ground floor, so I backed off.

I decided it was time I called my father to come pick me up. For some reason, he sounded quite angry at me, which couldn’t be because of the time because it was barely 1 or 2 in the morning and he’d picked me up at 5 the previous week. I don’t remember how the conversation heated up but I accidentally hung up on him and he didn’t call back to ask for directions to come pick me up. I started worrying. I remember hearing my mom throw in the phrase ‘What’s happening? Did you all really kill that boy?’ I had no idea what she was talking about at all, and figured she’d seen some random news about a gruesome murder and instantly linked it to us, because that’s what moms do.

I went into the building, and entered one of the appartments as if I owned them all. There I saw someone I can’t remember. A while after, a boy and a girl came by, looking like they were at work, carrying grocery bags. I remember the boy coming at me, and me running away…

Next thing I know, it’s morning and I’m standing in the driveway to my house. How did I get here? I had no idea. But I saw my dad’s car wasn’t there, so I figured he still was there trying to pick me up. For some reason I convinced myself I had to go back to that building so that my dad can pick me up and bring me back home – you know, where I already was. I figured I’d try flying, but it didn’t work. I closed my eyes and tried to teleport there, still didn’t work. 

Out of the blue, my English teacher appeared in her car, with the two teenagers from yesterday night. I got in and she gave me a ride to the place. During the ride, we had a relatively sane conversation. She asked me about college and I told her about the full scholarship I’d earned yesterday. Just normal banter, and I payed no mind to the two strangers from yesterday night.

So I arrived at the building. My parents were there. A whole crowd of people as well. Reporters. Law enforcement. As soon as I got there, they all stopped talking then ran at me. The reporters were hurling question after question. The police were seizing me. My mom was crying, and showing me an online article: “teenager breaks in, murders two infant boys”. What did that have to do with me?!

Then they showed me a video. It was me. I was standing above a crib, looking completely unconscious, smiling like I’ve never seen myself smile before, babytalking two newborns in their cribs. Slowly, my hands locked around their throats and started choking them. 

I could not believe what was happening. WHEN did that happen? HOW did that happen? I specifically remember not having anything to drink during prom, or after. Was there a chance I got caught and was drugged after I tried running away? That would explain my attempts to fly… But how the hell did I get home then? Nothing made sense.

Only one thing did. It was that concrete, incriminating proof was already out in the world and that I had no control over it. That was going to ruin my life forever. I immediately thought of my newly earned scholarship that I would have to wave goodbye to…

And that was enough to finally wake me up.

11 thoughts on “Weird Rampage.

  1. Hahaha omG this was soo well written, I literally thought it was real and cringed more and more with every new para as you built the climax but oh God…it was such a relief to read the last line. I am still laughing! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really didn’t notice I didn’t mention that was a dream until I finished writing xD I thought I’d leave it like that and see if people would realize or not. That worked clearly! I didn’t make any of this up by the way :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha oh my Gawd! You didn’t make it up? I will have to say you have one of the most craziest imaginations on earth, or shall I rather ask what on earth was on your mind before you went to sleep?? xD This dream is as wild as one of my owns, I mean I cringe upon mine let alone sharing them in the blogosphere. But you have got nerves!! Way to go xD

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Hahaha it is only rightful for your best friend to worry but its okay since we all have one of those very weird and awkward (see what I did there xD)dream nights.

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Okay now that’s creative of another level, like creative genius. Did u honestly had such dreadful nightmares? No i think u should just keep it to veryawkward becuase it is almost like what makes you stand out, you are unique with your awkward dreams lol xD

                Liked by 1 person

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