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And the Sorting Ceremony begins!

As the newbies gather around the Sorting Hat in the Great Hall, the tension is high. The Headmawkward Blogger stands serenely by the side, excited to see where his first ever students will be sorted.

‘May I have your attention please?’ He asks calmly.

The ongoing chit-chat hints to him that he may not have it after all.

‘Sonorus’ he says pointing to his throat. ‘WILL YOU GIVE ME YOUR BLOODY ATTENTION YOU LITTLE – ahem – I think that will do. Very well! Welcome, welcome, to our humble school! I am so very pleased to see you all here ready to learn’

‘Learn?’ says Elm. ‘LOL. I’m here to win that cup!’

‘Gurl bye’, says L. ‘I’m here for the banquets.’

‘Very well… Then… I guess we’ll eat!’ declares the Headmawkward Blogger.

‘NO!’ they all cry out.

‘Is this old dude for real?’ snaps  Selfie.

‘We want to get sorted first!’ inquires Luna.

‘Fine, fine’ retorts the old dude. ‘You will all take the Sorting Hat test and shall be sorted into the most fitting house! Also, I will be randomly choosing a Head of House and a Prefect for each house. Most importantly, be honest. Good luck!’

Ladies and Gentlemen (and Bloggers), the sorting results are in!

After an inexcusably long sorting ceremony, all 52 of you have been sorted into their respective houses: Gryffidraft, Ravenclick, Hufflpost and Slikerin. But I am a messy bitch so I will keep you hanging a few more hours until I post the results for each house separately.

See you soon!


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