I’d make this long but I’ll keep it short: I took the SAT in June and the scores are finally in TODAY

I found in my drafts a cute lil post I had written about the SAT; the whole thing, how I registered, how it went, all that stuff. But I FORGOT TO POST IT SO YAY U GO G0RL. Anyway, I hadn’t finished my Reading section. I hastily guessed the final paragraph’s questions. I was extremely bummed by that and was like certain I’ll retake the test. I did better in the Language section. I did AMAZING in the maths section, way better than any practice test. Finally, I had a feeling I did quite well in the essay, even though it was hastily finished and almost inconclusive.

I had almost forgot about my results until recently when people started asking me if the results were in and I had to check.

Now remember, this is the NEW SAT so it’s over 1600 and not 2400 like before (the Essay no longer counts with the total score and is optional).

I looked up what a good score would be, and google said 1250. After I did my practice tests, I put my tarhet score at 1350+. It just looked pretty (and also would be enough for a college scholarship, I assume). I really wanted a 1400 though, because my competitive self needed to beat my best friend who took the test in May.

So today, at 12PM, I opened up my laptop and saw that the results were finally in.


I scroll down to find the links to the results AND I AM COMPLETELY SHOCKED TO FIND THAT THEY WERE JUST SITTING THERE



THEN my mind recovered from this messy situation (all of those jumbled emotions squeezed in two seconds and a half) and I finally focused on the number in front of me, my SAT score.






Okay. Wow. I still can’t believe this (and it’s Friday Friday gonna get down on Friday now). I’m in the 99% percentile! That’s unreal. (And it rhymes)

How did I, an Arab, French-educated, self-taught English speaker, manage to score higher than 99% of test takers, the vast majority of which were born and raised in America. That might sound like bragging, because it is #modest

I got 780 in maths with 56 right answers and 2 wrong ones (I think I know which questions these were, because I practically guessed them). Which means I got 730 in English (370 in Reading Analysis and 360 in Writing/Language). I made only 5 mistakes in the Reading section (46 right), which surprised me a LOT, because I had expected to flop BAD. I mean I guessed half a dozen questions! Could those be the only ones I got wrong? Oh man. I also had 2 wrong answers and 42 right ones in the Language section, which should have been converted to MORE than 360 logically. I don’t know what happened there but oh well.

The disappointment was with my essay scores. I got 14/24. It’s appalling. You might have guessed that as a blogger, I pride myself in my writing (even though it may suck mostly). I expected to at least do great in the Writing part, where they give you grades on your language us and coherence and stuff, and I got 5/8. I also am 100% sure I understood 100% of the text, but I just got 5/8 as well. That’s why I’m 100% sure (well, not THAT sure) that my grade was deeply affected by my terrible handwriting. They actually show you your essay in the SAT site and I can’t believe how messy I wrote. I couldn’t understand my OWN handwriting. Shame. I’d post them here but I’m afraid it would be illegal or something.

Anyway, it’s now Sunday and I still can’t believe I scored that much on my first try on the SAT. I really see no point in redoing it except for a better essay grade. But I ain’t gonna spend 100$ just to retake a test and definitely score less overall just to up my essay score (which isn’t even relevant for the college I’m applying to).

And that’s it for my SAT 😀 it was a fun ride. Sorry it took me so long, I started this post the day I learned my score but I’ve been extremely busy slash depressed slash relieved (and I WILL tell you all about that soon). Yesterday was my birthday party and it was great. In 4 days, it will be my actual birthday AND my 1 year Blogaversary (!!!!!) Expect a sweet, magical announcement then 😉 See you soon!

37 thoughts on “MY SAT SCORES!!!!

  1. WELL AREN’T YOU THE SMART ARSE??!!! Seriously speaking… I was legit gaping at my compute screen, I mean WHAT??!!! Even though I don’t really know you, I’m proud of you! I can’t even fathom getting that much, but this isn’t about me, it’s about you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I’m so happy for you! And happy birthday in advance, have a great life ahead! 🙂 And congrats once again 🙂 *thumbs up* Cheers 😀

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  2. Congratulations!!! I remember getting my IGCSE results and then completely flipping out because I was so sure I flopped it but ended up getting pretty good results! I’m so happy for you, this blog post is leaking of joy and happiness and it made me happy too!!

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  3. The 99% percentile? You’re living the dream! Congratulations!!! I am so proud of you and incredibly happy for you! GO OUT THERE AND TREAT YOURSELF SOME ICE CREAM AND PRETEND IT’S FROM ME, YEAH?

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              1. Just read the post! Sounds fun and interesting but I’m currently revamping my blog (which apparently takes more work and effort than I anticipated) and I’ll be moving back into my university some time next week so classes and enrollment will probably kick my ass. 😞 Have fun though! And happy birthday!!! ❤️

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  4. I was wondering if you ever coiendersd changing the layout of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say. But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or two images. Maybe you could space it out better?

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