Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello, peoplez of the blogz! (what)
Today I’m gonna do an award that I found burried in my drafts. I don’t even remember who nominated me #MESS
I think it was ateenagediaryonline, who apparently has curiously disappeared off the face of the interwebs. I hope she’s alright.
Let’s do this!

The rules are:

Thank the person who nominated you, simple 🙂
Answer the questions from your nominators
Nominate 11 other bloggers and give them 11 new questions to answer

My questions are:

Have you been watching the rugby world cup?
Rugby is a SPORT. Does that answer your question?

Who are you supporting?
I’m supporting myselt #hashtagblessed

What is your favorite thing about autumn?
The weather.

What is your favorite food?
I hate this question and will never be able to answer it because I’m against food discrimination. All foods are created equal. (Except for beans. Fuck you, beans.)

Have you heard 5 Seconds Of Summer’s new album?
Certainly not.

Mustard or ketchup or both?
Ketchup; mustard is too weird for my taste.

Pizza or burgers?

Apple or Windows?
I SAID NO FOO- oh okay. Well I hate Apple and Windows has stuck by me through thick and thin so yeah.
Did you know you can change your colour on your blogs writting?
Huh what how

New Zealand or South Africa?
New Zealand pls.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?
Oh my freaking god did I get nominated for this before last October >_< what a flop. No, I didn’t dress up.

What are you going to get your best friend for christmas?
It’s way too early to decide henny.

That’s it!

I thought that was it but apparently Keira had nominated me too xD (back when she was still known as Rogan) let’s see her questions:

What book would you recommend to a seven year old with a high reading ability?
Matilda, which talks about another kid with high reading abilities (and is such a lovely book)

Hairbrush or comb?
Umm… I can’t remember which is which. Either way I choose the fuzzy wuzzy one that is not like a plastic bar with teeth bc it’s useless

Would you rather be the lawyer for someone who murdered someone or who participated in child trafficking?
What the
I’d be a lawyer I guess because a) there are plenty of those situations and b) I get da monneeh

On a lighter note, what is your favourite season?
HAHAHAHAHA that was funny for some reason xD well, I guess Winter (is Coming)

Duvet or blanket?
What the hell is a Duvet?
I’ll choose it anyway because it sounds super soft.

Painting of sketching?
Painting because I like mixing colors n stuff n making a big mess plus I suck at sketching (ladies and gentlemen, a future architect)

Be able to write a poem or be able to write a book?
I can write a poem. I wanna write a book. I WISH.

Would you rather have the ability to read and comprehend any classic you want, easily, or the ability to stop time whilst reading a classic (NOTE: THIS POWER ONLY APPLIES TO THE READING OF CLASSICS)?
Hmmmmph that is HARD. I think I’ll stick to understanding them because that’d be really cool and also I’d be terrified to fiddle with the fabric of time like that just to read classics.

Non-fiction or Short Story collection?
Non-fiction, but certain kinds.

Black or white?

What Hogwarts house would you be in according to your own opinion of yourself?
Ravenclause, duh :hor:
I mean Ravenclaw
God GGD has ruined me.

Aaaaand that is it! Hopefully I’ll get to write a post every day during break like today.

Oh I have to come up with questions still.

1. What is your favorite Lady Gaga song ever? (Feel free to buy her entire discography and listen twice to make sure you made the right choice.)
2. Would you rather work at a restaurant or a hotel?
3. Omfg electricity just ran out in the entire hotel and we can’t get it to turn back on and lights are flashing everywhere oh god.
4. Whoops that was not a question
5. That one neither
6. I have to stop
7. There, I just spared you from thinking up answers to five questions.
8. Six. You’re welcome.
9. Trump or Hillary?
10. Describe the first time you fell in love in one sentence.
11. Do you like pickles?

I nominate:
Every single person who reads this. You are allllll sunshines! (Plus I can’t tag anyone rn so)
I’m serious tho yall deserve this award so much. Take it. Do it. Post it. This sounds like a commercial.

Goodbaiiii break’s ovah

17 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Legit CRYING with laughter Anthony what the hell OMG can I do this?!!!
    Also, ateenagediaryonline is okay I thinkShe disappeared because anonymity got busted. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m laughing sooo hard. I’ve been gone from the blogosphere for months and I haven’t been reading many posts but I’ve honestly missed your posts the most (hey that rhymed kinda sorta not really nvm) bc you ALWAYS make me smile or laugh! I love your humor and I love your answers to all these questions lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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