26 thoughts on “The time has come.

        1. I feel the opposite! I mean, I suppose I didn’t do that bad in English, but the reading section was difficult and I had absolutely no time for the last passage – I filled in B’s for like the last 7 questions. Hopefully I got some of these right. The double passage took so much of my time ugh. And I’m sure I didn’t do that well in it too. Fortunately the writing section was easy as always and I finished before time. But the math came as a total shock for me, despite not being able to finish in most of my practice tests I actually did great and finished like 10 minutes early! I’m so relieved. I hope your english balances it out ^^ I’m sure you did okay. There’s always next time though! That’s the best thing about SATs

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          1. Exactly! Lol, I’m already planning on retaking. I’m glad you feel that you did well though! Are you a math and science kind of guy?
            Yeah, double passages are always challenging because not only do you have to UNDERSTAND, you also have to compare/contrast in a really limited amount of time :/

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            1. Not really, I’m more of a anything-goes kind of guy xD I’m good at everything (not in the pretentious way, I just have good grades in my subjects) but I do prefer english and literature etc.


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