It’s June already?

Okay so hiii heheheehh
I promised myself I’d be active for the whole month of may and it was actually going well enough for the first like two weeks but then I disappeared.
I feel bad I dooo
But like… I had a valid reason?
Nah I won’t lie to myself. I had plenty of time. I was just lazy.
I really really want to do a May recap but I also really really need to sleep right now so I hope I get the motivation to do so tomorrow. God I sound so obnoxious. Even I’d unfollow me.
I’m still gonna give you an excuse tho.
AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAaaaaAAAA i’m worried
I’ve been studying for the past two weeks (NOT enough tho). I have two or three days left to go over 8 maths chapters, learn how to write an essay, AND take like 10 practice tests. Undoable. Physically undoable.
But oh well, I’ll do my best. Wish me luck! (Omg how do i dare asking you for luck after this embarrassing absence. Shame on meee)
I have a lot more to tell you and also more deets om that SAT so HOPEFULLY I’ll see you tomorrow!

41 thoughts on “It’s June already?

  1. GOOD LUCK ANTHONY! I’m sure you’re gonna do great! By the way, it’s probably just the stress that’s making you comment this much, it will pass I promise :p

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  2. yes,, i get ur crazy ruxh:) im doing end of years, and fasting, from 1 am to 9:20pm:)except obviously urs are harder:)how’d it go:)bye

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      1. aww, that great:)lol1because, it is british summertime here, and we live on practically aages away, so our sunrise is early, and sunset is late:(in 18 years we will finally have late sunrise and early sunset, so i can break my fast as soon as a get out of school:) Luckyy them!!i wish i could like go abroad to a more tropical country such as like egypt or morocco at this sorta time, so i onkly had to fast short housr, but ive got school!LOl, do u ever cheat in exams? even tho the teachers put as far away, i cheated with the girl next to me on the french exams cos we find french so bloody confusing, so i like pretended to lie down on my desk, and pushed the paper towards her with my elbow, and she did the same:)the teachers are so blind:)then we finished early, so i was smiling at random classmates, and then started copying the girl next to me who was my friend, and still my invigilator didnt see!do you study french?do u find it hard?bye!!
        whats ramadan karim?i know what ramadan is, but whats karim?lol

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        1. That’s what they say in arabic. It’s an expression like Merry Christmas, Happy Valentines’ etc. Karim means generous in arabic but I guess the context meaning is different.
          I study french since I was 3 (way before English) and it’s one of my favorite subjects. I don’t really like cheating but when I can I don’t say no :p

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          1. ohh, okay!!that reminds me, i may have heard someone say it before, but i never actuallt caught what they were saying!wow,yes, french , i do like, but i find it so hard, like you have to remeber genders, then get the accent right, then the near future, then future future, then you have the conditional, then operfect, and the thing is, my teacher is so crap, most ppl teach themselves with books or online, or fail!lol, i started sniggering in the middle of the exam, becasue i found the cheating so funny, well everything is when your not allowed to laugh!that set the class of, then the teacher basically just shot daggers at me!:D


              1. LOL, i couldn’t help myself!!cos the girl after the girl next to me kept trying to imitate my ‘freaky smile’ its basically a smile i do to freak teachers out, and i found it funny, and then cos, all of a sudden, i pushed my paper to close to my friends desk, it fell off my own, and i was just like to miss ‘i dropped my test’ and the whole class turned round, and they knew why it ‘dropped’ but the teacher didnt!i’ll try not to do that again!!:)u know, tho, no-one would know u werent british, like, i first thought you were more usa cos you said vacation, and like american spells a few words slightly differently from uk, but like, i thought u were from an english speaking country, that how good it is, and like, u know when you learn a ew language, you speak real proper and formally, well, u don’t u speak just like i do!!i still dont know how u do that!!how long have u been learning it for?even if i learned french for 5 years, i would still be so shit!!bye

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                1. Well yeah I can speak formal if I want I guess :p but because I have learned online and not from books, I pick up the language people commonly speak, that’s why I sound ‘like you’. If I had studied only in books and stuff, I would sound formal and snobbish (ew).

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                  1. yeah, thats better, otherwise when u go to that country, and ppl will look at you and be like u aint old person, so have u time travelled from 1641?lol. yeah, like, in textbooks, most of them seem so obsessed on commenting about the weather, like one old woman was like to me ‘oh, todays a rather fine day don’t you believe?the beautiful sun is shining and it just feels jolly good’ and im just like wtf u just said jolly good!!!:D:D

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                    1. Instead of laughing today i got dared by a friend to run around the maths squad bench(we call all the maths teachers that cos they sit all together at lunch)and i was cartwheeling in my skirt yelling ‘pythagoras, 5cm, 5cm=5 root 2 cm’ and they were just staring at me like r u high or wat?have u done any stupid dares, cos like i love hearing dares for inspiration, and i love dares!!i rarely back down from one!!bye

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                    2. oh, then u prob think im an idiot(well i really am) for asking my maths teacher on a date as a dare:Di like never stop doing them, and my friend is like im deranged lol. so youre telling me u never do anything stupid or immature?wow u have some good self control:)

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                    3. oh lol:)he first was like ‘what the hell are u on about’ then tapped my shoulder with his pen and was lik e’make ur jokes more appropriate next time’ what stupid things have u done?

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