FANFIC WEEK – The Mirror – Chapter 3


Chapter 1: Midnight Stroll

Chapter 2: Filch Fooled

Chapter 3: A Normal Mirror?

-“Come on, hurry up!” yelled Fred, running and panting.

-“I think we’ve lost him,” said George, also short of breath.

They both slowed down, heavily breathing, their hearts racing. Filch had given up and returned to his office. They were now completely lost in the darkness, somewhere in the castle, because they have been too busy trying to out-run the caretaker to pay attention where they were going. The Marauder’s Map they had found during their first year in Hogwarts, which was a map that showed all the grounds, floors, rooms, and secret passages in Hogwarts, was left in their dormitory, having already memorized their way through the castle, so they couldn’t use it to find their way back this time.

-“We couldn’t have gone very far,” said Fred to his twin, and they both muttered “Lumos”. Two narrow beams of light appeared out of the tips of their wands, making their ways through the dark.

-“We went up a fair amount of stairs. We must be three or four floors above that battered rat’s office.”

They began walking slowly, moving their wands left to right, trying to find something familiar that could indicate their current location.

After a couple of minutes, the silver light hit something that glimmered: it was a doorknob.

Fred and George were already experienced in the fine art of sneaking out before attending Hogwarts, and they had plenty of time to master their skills during the four years they spent in school. Therefore, they didn’t even waste time trying to open the door the normal way. George whispered “Alohomora” and the door unlocked and opened by itself.

The twins stepped in, wands first, but the room was already illuminated by the pale moonlight. It was deserted, with a single chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Fred scanned it with the wand light, and all of a sudden the light hit him back. They both took a step back, then headed forward.

The light beam had been reflected by a marvelous, ceiling-high mirror, with a beautifully carved golden frame, supported by two lion paws. They stepped in front of it.

At first, all they saw was their reflection. But after a while… What they saw was still their reflection, standing there together in the empty room.

-“Does this do anything special?” asked George, examining the back of the mirror, running his hands on the metal, then on the smooth and polished glass surface. It was surprisingly warm.

-“I don’t know, it looks out of place. Why would someone put it here if it was just a regular mirror?”

-“Oh well. Whatever it is, it couldn’t be that important. We’ll get to it later. Right now let’s just focus on returning to the common room.”

They eventually found their way back. The next day, Filch went after them and gave them a month’s worth of detention, which completely took their mind off the mirror, and they never gave it another thought.


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