#3Days3Quotes Challenge – Day 3!

Hello 🙂
Today is day 3, which means the final day of the 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge. I want to thank Keira -again and yet again!- for nominating me, this has been a really fun challenge. Kept me updated with the blogging worlds and stuffs wee

Day 1 here
-Too Lazy To Link Day 2-

The Rules:

»Thank the person who nominated you.
»Post a quote for three consecutive days however long it takes
»Nominate three new bloggers each day.

For the final quote I chose a quote from a Lana Del Rey song I adore, called Ride. You can find it on Youtube and take a listen, the video itself is breathtaking.


‘I’m tired of feeling like I’m fucking crazy… I’m tired of driving til I see stars in my eyes’

As much as I like to admit that I’m different, I’m ‘Awkward’, I don’t fit in, I’m strange, I’m crazy, I’d be lying if I said it’s not mentally challenging.
I love how I am, but still, I’m getting tired of not being what society needs me to be. I’m tired of not being into what everyone else seems to be into. I’m tired of looking at other people and always feeling jealous that I don’t get to have a normal life, or whatever it is they have that I feel I lack.
Why do I have to be like this? What would have happened if I just gave in and tried to do the things I’m supposed to do, like the things I’m supposed to like, act the way I’m supposed to act…
It’s exhausting. Mentally exhausting.
Am I running away from my thoughts? Am I denying that I’m ‘fucking crazy‘? Will I keep driving and running until I start loosing my mind for good?
Or will I just accept it?

‘And I’ll just ride… I’ll just ride.’

And that concludes our 3 Days 3 Quotes challenge!
I will nominate:

Have fun, thanks for reading and good night!

9 thoughts on “#3Days3Quotes Challenge – Day 3!

  1. You got very deep with this one 🙂 I love how you have finished this challenge before me xD In my defence though, I do have a schedule planned with when I post things and in what order (although I’m bad with making sure they go up on the right days), so I do have them placed in there where I had gaps…

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