This post is going to be a disaster

Yes. Just like you read. I have no idea what this post is going to contain but I just know that it’s gonna be a disaster. Why? Because I just had the wonderful idea of not actually writing this post, but ‘speaking’ it. Basically I’ll just be talking and the fancy speech-to-text translator is gonna do its magic and transform my ramblings into words. And because 1) this app is far from state-of-the-art and 2) I already am not very fluent in spoken English, this is gonna flop so hard.
I promise I won’t edit anything out. I’ll keep it as it is. You’ll be reading directly what I say, and God please don’t make me stumble through my words as much as I usually do.

*10 minutes later*

Okay so I attempted this three times so far and I’m right. It’s so bad that I can’t even post it as a joke. And I’ll try again.

Okay see my sister at 10 at trying to record what ignore that last sentence because it translated very horrible I was saying this is my fish V fish 5 oh my god I’ve been trying to say the word just like the one that comes after the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th but it’s just not translating anyway so fish it’s not working this is my attempt at recording and it’s already going horrible but I’m just going to keep trying until it makes something 1% coherent okay so I’m just going to describe my room since it’s the simplest thing and I already tried to tell you about my day or what I’m doing right now but it still won’t work okay first it was not my room it was the game room the room where all our games they lost when we were little but then as my sister came they needed to make face and they could not have me and my sister that’s not the third the second I forgot anyway they cannot have it all in the same room so they made the steam room into my room and they painted it green by my request and it was ratchet it’s really like embarrassing until last year at Christmas when my parents weren’t renovated it for me so now it’s was supposed to be red but I got food and all that’s right and this is my bed sheets which is pretty cool because they are like a nice shade of red and you can actually see them in my book Holes in my book called it’s not translating hold correctly but whatever in the post where I talked about the books that I Bob this month this month oh my gosh it’s happening getting distracted Anthony so yeah like 10 minutes telling you about my bed sheets it’s pretty cool seeing this wood texture with brown of course that’s like light brown just like my library work it’s not a library it’s like a big bookshelf it has one two three four shells and and next we have next to it a big huge baby picture of mine yeah and I really look cute in it just saying anyway on the offense fall we have my bed where I am currently laying and speaking and looking after the sisters that I’m writing like just now it’s literally translated disasters to sister okay so dispatch wait what am I going with this sentence I don’t know on the wall on my right hand have a window and it opens a nice little I don’t know how you call it it’s not a forest but it’s like a mini forest with many many trees I don’t know what to call it okay someone just getting underway to go answer the door

So what I was trying to tell you at the end is that someone just knocked on the door and I went to answer it. My whole family came home so now I obviously can’t continue speak-shouting into my phone. So yep you have my family to thank for making me shut up and relieve you from your torture!

Like I just reread this and I don’t know if I should burst out laughing
or crying. It’s hilarious in the way that it makes literally n0 sense but that’s like the bad type of hilarious. Whatevs, I’ll let you be the judges. If I see a sudden drop in followers and riots petitioning for the closure of this blog, I think I’ll get a pretty good idea of what you think of this mess and whether or not I should try this again in the future. Yay!

I’m chuckling. You are gonna be so confused xD ahh I’m twisted. Bai

18 thoughts on “This post is going to be a disaster

  1. Ok that was freaking awesome! I haven’t laughed so much in forever but I have to hold my laughter in as its gone 3:20am and the family are asleep argh

    Liked by 1 person

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