All the (other) things!

Okayy so here is the continuation of my adventures! Such adventures!

Tuesday, March 8th

The school trip! It was so good.

Actually it was so good that imma make a separate post for that. I got mah reasons. Next!

Wednesday, March 9th

Teacher’s day! Well, this is more about the event than the actual day (it was a day off, actually, so nothing special). My fellow class president and I wanted to do something special for teachers far from the usual chocolate box, mug, bouquet or poem. We also wanted to throw in some wit.
We decided that we’d make trophies for every teacher, and each one would be for a special quality that we think the teacher has. For example, we had Most Competent Teacher, Most Elegant, Best Smile, Loveliest, Cutest, Most Cultivated, Most Helpful… We also got mugs for our part-time teachers, a star shaped trophy for our pastor because we couldn’t think of anything else, personal keychains for the hall monitors and assistants, and a room freshener for our principal and nun.
That’s not all. We also made the students vote for their favorite teacher, and the winner would receive an additional prize, which consisted of a pay-cheque in the name of the teacher with a value of ‘One Million Thank You’s – for being such an amazing teacher!’
Look at ’em:




To say the teachers liked them is an understatement. They were truly touched, and a couple of them teared up. The truth was that they really don’t get enough recognition, and to be appreciated for something you do must feel rewarding.
Oh, guess who won Favorite Teacher? Some of you might infamously remember my post about him. For some weird reason, it’s one of my most viewed, and I feel bad about it.
Well he was tied for 1st place with our Math teacher. I had voted for my French teacher, but sadly I was the only one to do so. So I gave him my vote and he won. He can thank me later.
No, really, I’d never seen him so happy. Teachers are so cute!

Friday, March 11th

That day was the birthday of a friend of mine who I’d been neglecting lately. Last year, I didn’t even remember his birthday, heck, I didn’t even know when his birthday was. But he came to mine and brought me gifts. He also treats me the best out of all my friends and has a really good heart. I don’t understand why he annoys me so much, and it makes me feel guilty, so I decided to throw him a surprise birthday party. I got him cake, and gifts and organized it all. Those are ’em:



It ended up being very fun, we played Lazer Tag and arcade games and the cake was really good. He was happy and I felt satisfied. I’m trying to treat him nicely (well, I was never directly mean or hurtful – I’d never do that. My attitude just got colder), he really doesn’t have many friends or hobbies. Sometimes I feel like he’s lowkey depressed from the inside, but then I tell myself he’s a village dude and that’s how they all are.
Oh well.

Sunday, March 20th

This was paaaalm sundaaaay
A.k.a picture taking day woo
No but really. We took more than 300 pictures, my (maternal) cousins, sisters and I. Fiiiiine I’ll post a few:

That's us 11 years ago. Awwww.


(I’m sure you asked for them subconsciously)
It was also a historical milestone, because I
Changed the side my hair is parted *SCREAMS*
I actually didn’t change it. My coiffeur did (not pretentiousness, I just really don’t know how it’s spelled in English). And I just went with it. At first it looked so weird to me. It still does, kind of. But oh well, change is good, and he styled it really well. To quote my best friend, I look like “a mexican actor from a dramatic soap opera”. I took that as a compliment.

Hola, mi nombre es Anthony y soy un mexican actor who doesn't really speak Spanish properly

I keep looking at the mirror and going aaaaaa and feeling bad because it won’t look as good tomorrow. Oh well.
In other news, I said a duet at church. I thought it sounded well, but apparently no one really heard me because my voice was too low. I got dragged. What a flop.

Saturday, March 12th

I had been looking forward to this day for MONTHS. It deserve a whole post for itself, actually. Stay tuned 😉

Honorable Mention: I’ve been really active on GagaDaily lately. I joined not too long ago and it’s honestly the best thing. I can’t wait for LG5! The people there are so different from us bloggers. Here we have the nicest bunch of people on the planet, who always support each other and have nice things to say and respect everyone. There? Mess (mess is slang for ‘total disaster’, as you’d learn find out there). Everyone is shady, snarky, witty, funny, and a goddamn diva. And I honestly love it. Best of both worlds!

24 thoughts on “All the (other) things!

  1. That’s a lovely thing to do for the teachers, they really are under-appreciated. Also, not sure if someone told you already, but coiffeur=hairdresser

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  2. You and your cousins look so adorable! And I like the hairstyle. + That’s so thoughtful of you and classmates to do that for your teachers. Fun read, thanks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What you did for your teachers is so sweet 😀 Awe and the before and after of your cousins and you is just too cute! Loved reading this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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