Leo, hand me my Oscar.

I deserve it tbh.
This past week, I’ve spent three days at home. That’s because I’m sick. But am I?
Well, technically, yes. I do have a cold. But that’s pretty much it.
Before, I used to go to school while having a cold and it would last for days on end. It was just not something to stay home for.
Maybe it’s even still that way now, but I managed, with my wonderful drama skills, to cash in three days at home.
Saturday, I was at the Bookyard (post about that coming soon), and I spent the whole day under the sun. Result: a sun hit. Actually I have no idea how it’s called in English, but it’s when you’re under the sun for too long and you get sick.
On Sunday, I woke up feeling awful. I didn’t say anything tho, and went with my parents to the village, where it was cold. So I picked up the cold!
Long story short, the next day I managed to put up a very convincing sick attitude, which made my parents agree to keep me home.
But that’s not all! It wasn’t all an act, I really was sick.

Okay I just deleted half of this post because it’s actually pretty useless and it shouldn’t take me so long to talk about this. Heck, I shouldn’t even talk about this. Why am I talking about this?!

Honestly the only reason I’m not deleting the entire post is because of the title.

Wow that’s sad.

Wow I didn’t know this would end up throwing me into a sneaky hate spiral.

Wow I need to shut up.

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