I remember when, half a year ago (OH MY @#$& THIS BLOG IS HALF A YEAR OLD HOWWW), I rushed to text my bestie about how I reached 10 followers. I was over the moon! People were reading my stupid things!



Honestly 300 followers is a VERY big number and I’m not even sure I qualify to deserve that many of you. But honestly. Thank you.

I feel like this is a stupid excuse for a post after like a week of absence so I’ll give you a quick updatery (hi Luna teehee)

¤ I got all of my test results… Well… I won’t say much because I’ll make a whole post for it.
¤ After a very big reading slump I decided to act upon a quote I saw somewhere on the interwebz that went along the lines of “life is too short to force yourself to read a book you don’t enjoy”. So after intense agony I decided to let go of Coelho’s Adultery (I still read half of it so it qualifies for my reading challenge DON’T QUESTION IT) and start Thirteen Reasons Why. I finished it the next day. Aside from being proud of myself for still having it in me, I felt a whole different range of things that I will also discuss in a later post/review. JUST WOW
¤ Yesterday, there was a ceremony at school in honor of the world’s champion in mental calculation, Gabriel Abi-Saad, who studies at our school (Rosary Sisters’). We sang him a song (Vois Sur Ton Chemin by Les Choristes, by the way YOU HAVE TO CHECK OUT BEYONCE’S VERSION AT THE OSCARS OMG IT’S HILARIOUSLY PERFECT) to open the show and there was a lot of other acts. It was quite a fun experience.
¤ I am in a state of utter confusion and desperation because of college and the future in general
I HAVEN’T GOT A SINGLE CLUE ABOUT WHAT THE HECK I CAN POSSIBLY BE LATER IN LIFE. I have no idea what to study, what college to go to, what I want my job to be, NOTHING. All I know is that I’m only really interested in literature and languages but that’s out of the question because I also need to make a living. I just can’t possibly see myself studying maths for the rest of my life.
¤ I just ate dessert and it tasted AWESOMEEE

Now that we’re done with updatery, I’m gonna do a backflip for your entertainmemt.

Just did! Were you entertained? You didn’t see it but you can just picture me doing it.

Just kidding. I don’t know how to backflip.

Thank you all, again, a LOT, for making me so happy. I’m always, always grateful, and even though I’m a lazy ass punk who sometimes doesn’t post for a whole week, I’ll keep being grateful until none of you want to read this anymore (hopefully that won’t be happening. Shit. Now I’m scared.)

Guuuuuud niiiiiiiiiite

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