Valentine’s what now?


That is my general attitude towards Valentine’s day. I’m not the type who hates it and can not bear to see all the couples being so romantical and shit, and obviously I’m not the type who waits for it and plans their outfit and gifts and what romcoms they’ll watch and all that because HAHAHA SO FUNNY LIKE MAYBE I NEED SOMEONE TO DO THAT WITH

I’m just like, okay. It’s a day. Called Valentine’s. Woohoo.

It never meant anything to me. I don’t get why it should make single people depressed about the fact that they don’t have anyone to spend it with. Hate to break it to you (to myself as well), but you’re also single and lonely during all the other days of the year. This holiday isn’t meant for you. Do non-muslims get sad on Ramadan because they don’t get to have feasts during the night? Do non-Americans get sad because they don’t have turkey on thanksgiving, or beer on Saint Patrick’s day?

No, and nor should you. Valentine’s day should not be a reminder of how miserable your love life is, because all these couples have their own problems too, and not all of them are really thrilled about spending mounds of cash on that night because they feel socially obligated to.

I for one have never been in a relationship. Yes, I do sometimes wish I had a girl I could take out, go to movies with, and all that, but I guess romance will have to wait. The last thing I want to do is force it.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Life’s not only meant to be shared with someone, because YOU are enough to make yourself happy and content, and you really don’t need anyone else for that.

If you have someone, that is great, and I hope you two are happy. If you’re in a relationship because you feel it’s somehow shameful not to be, just stop torturing yourself and live your own life.

I hope you’re having a great day, as great as any other day. And if you’re spending it with someone special, I hope you’re having a wonderful time.

As for my Valentine’s date, here is the beauty:


Don’t you wish you could stab your textbooks furiously just to make them suffer as much as they made you?
I know what you’re thinking.



I just can’t find any Basilisc fangs around.

41 thoughts on “Valentine’s what now?

  1. My valentine’s date was my beautiful word document of my tech assignment. But shh.. I’ve got two dates… I’ve got a stunning word document of my history assignment as well 😉 DON’T RAT ME OUT I NEED THE COVER

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  2. my valentines day started last night when my dad unveiled a box of chocolates for me, yay! Bc it’s not like my major health kick was starting today or anything =(

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  3. Oh wow o wow! This is so damn true!! I honestly don’t think of it as a really big day or something. Honestly I don’t even know why there’s a specific day to spread love. You can spread the love to your family,your friends and basically everybody you love on any day!
    If only people could understand…

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  4. THAT HARRY POTTER REF IM DYING HAHAHA!! And yeah I agree with this post like I used to hate my life whenever Valentine’s came around because I’ve never been in a relationship before either and everyone around me is always sucking each other’s faces off and whatnot. But I’ve come to realize that Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad because chocolate and candy is like 50% off the day afterwards so that’s great 🙂

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  5. great post!!really really relatable!!luv your hp reference lol!!I am not sure about night feasts tho, in ramadan, it makes me feel really sick!!I suppose I am just really strange tho!!wow!Hven’t stopped by in your blog for a while, like 3 days!!So hi!!Ok i might aswell shut up now, because I am being very random, and well, using far too many exclamarion marks!!Oh, yeah!nearly forgot, i nominated you for the liebster award, pls check my blog for further info!!


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