So are 99.99% of people underpaid?

I finished studying maths for tomorrow’s test and I went off to geography.

Naturally, I started to get distracted by the slightest of things.

I think it was something about the UAE spending 1000 billion dollars on a project… My train of thought drifted off to Beyoncé who mustn’t find those numbers very unfamiliar.

Then I thought about how a million dollars to them is the equivalent of a few hundred dollars to us.

Then I thought about how I read on a wikipedia page that Gaga once earned over 1M$ for a show she did on one of her tours.

I took a scratch paper and in the spirit of math I began calculating how long it’d take us to make a million dollars.

My dad will have to work 84 years of his life, from morning till night as he currently does, to make roughly what Gaga or any super star you could think of would make in one day.

It’d be ridiculous to say that I’m blaming these celebrities, but this injustice is truly overwhelming.

I’m not saying that these stars haven’t fought and worked hard to earn what they have, but come on. It is an insult. Now I get why so many grown ups hate celebrities.

I don’t think you’d have a lot of arguments to try to convince me that this huge difference in salaries is understandable. I am unable to process this.

84 years.

One show.

29 thoughts on “So are 99.99% of people underpaid?

      1. It’s just an idea and it’s communicated through paper, but it’s really stupid and if we wanted we could just forget all about it and start again. In prehistoric times they used to trade onions and sheep, why can’t we do that?

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  1. This is so true. We have to work our butts off just to make enough to survive while they get everything they ever wanted with little effort.
    I think personally there should be more philanthropists, but that’s just wishful thinking.
    To think that most celebrities should give at least some of their money to people who actually need it is preposterous, right?

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    1. You know, it’s really not them. They’re not the ones stealing all the money in the world, it’s the organizations behind them, and I’m just stuck here thinking like how on earth is this happening and why are we still giving them our money. The only thing I want is for money to be equally distributed, but I know that’s preposterous because of reasons I can’t even understand. It’s so complicated!

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      1. I completely understand. But, I personally believe that if a person make over $250,000 (or some variation) a year, some of that should help those making minimum wage. It would help our crumbling society if the world was a little more generous. I’m not angry, I’m just explaining a better place. (that’ll never happen, but I can’t do anything to change that)

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  2. Yes, I totally agree with this! Although most superstars do work their butts of to get where they are and stay there. For example, Ed Sheeran used to do small pub gigs and busking to earn a half decent wage to live on. But yes, I do think that some of the wage differences are a bit too much of a difference when they may (or some may not) work less then an average person.

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  3. Things like this have always bothered me so much. It’s so strange how some people can be drowning in their wealth while others are drowning in poverty. My friend mentioned something similar: how America is suffering from obesity while the whole other side of the globe is suffering from undernourishment and hunger. Strange how the world works. It’s so sad.

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  4. You’re so right, it feels it is unfair to have this huge difference in pay- it is a joke. But does this difference in pay make Lady Gaga happier than your dad or another normal person? Not sure about it…Happiness in life definitely doesn’t come from money (unless one is cruelly lacking of it and it is becoming a massive obstacle for their daily needs)..

    And one should not work his all life with money being the only objective of work. I know people who work in finance till 2 am on a typical day. They get paid 3 times more than the average person. But are they happier? Do they have time to spend this money? Are they wasting the “best” young years of their lives?

    Thanks for your post. It makes us all think.

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    1. You are 100% right on this point. I really don’t think celebrities are that much happier than we are (I wouldn’t mind it – especially Gaga. She deserves the best) but the money is still an issue. As you said, it’s just senseless for someone to overwork themselves for money if they have no time or no real purpose to spend that money on. But we’re talking about millions and millions of dollars. I could go and rob the Kardashians of enough money to pay for my tuition and everything I’ll need for my life, and they wouldn’t even notice. I mean although they entertain me people can’t be blamed to hate them – why are they so rich and famous? Why do they have so much more money than us who work harder?
      I just think that money should be equally distributed between every one. Of course there are flaws I’m not seeing in this plan but it just feels fairer.

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      1. I definitely agree with you. In an ideal world money should be representitive of the effort and pain people go through in their job. Oh well. Thanks again for the post and hope you have a nice day!

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