I think I’m on a break… Oh shit a plot twist.

I guess I’m taking a blogging break since I have to start studying like crazy for my coming exams.

Yep, mid-year exams are next week and I have to study everything I learned this year (I mean, since September) in under a week. School, study, sleep, repeat.

More like, try to wake up, kinda wake up, wake up, drag yourself to school, sit through school, leave school, start studying, eat, continue studying, study while studying, reluctively finish studying, try to sleep, think about a thousand random thoughts while moping about how you have absolutely no time to study everything, finally succeed in falling asleep, sleep for about 4 hours, repeat.

I never really liked the idea of posting these ‘I’m going to not write my useless posts for about a week or two so please don’t kill yourselves and hurtle through depression because I’ll be back and make a post about being back so we can all celebrate my second coming together’ posts because well I think you get the idea.
By the way, I didn’t really mean that. Dear bloggy frindz, thou shalt not feel offended.

Anyway, I decided to do this one for a multitude of reasons:

1) Blogging tips sites frequently suggest to ‘alert my audience in case of absence‘. I’m really not a youtube star and my fans are not going to freak out if I take a break for a few days and miss posting a video on schedule (I was still referring to youtube stars. The thought of me having fans is so laughable I can not) but still I guess it’d be rude to just suddenly disappear without notice. I for one get worried when some of my fav bloggers seem to *poof*
2) All of you guys seem to do it so it can’t be a bad thing and you wouldn’t judge me for it too much
3) I’m supposed to have finished history, geography and physics chapters in my scheduled revision by now but me being the glorious asshole that I am I decided to write a post instead. I literally just wrote this post in spite of myself, just for self-tortute. Every minute I’m spending writing this is going to cost me and I know it but I’m such a masochist and I feel this inexplicable rebellious spark that keeps telling me to continue writing and wasting time on something that should have taken a maximum of two and a half minutes.

Now I’ll make myself reread this and check for mistakes just because I’m a shitty person.
Great now I’m already too fucking tired to study a word. YAY MORE PRESSURE FOR TOMORROW!


See, I couldn’t just say I hate myself, because I hate myself too much for that. Instead I wasted my precious time elaborating a fancy ass way to say it and even more time to explain what I did and oh my God I need to stop before I destroy something and lose what remains of my sanity FUCKING HELL JUST STOP ALREADY

I also wasted time making this. You get how hateful I am towards myself? It has literally been one full hour since I started writing this and I've lost all faith in everything at this point. I'm ruining everything. Why am I ruining everything.

21 thoughts on “I think I’m on a break… Oh shit a plot twist.

  1. Don’t worry: a break will be good for you; studying constantly doesn’t get you anywhere, take it from me. I am the legitimately quite depressed that you’re going to be on a break, but I will look forward to your return… And remember, don’t stress too much! I promise, it will be okay πŸ™‚

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  2. You’re definitely not a bad person for doing this. Take a break and study (or try to, but studying a lot will overload your brain. Just revise stuff??) and remember also to relax! I’ll be here waiting for your appearance again πŸ™‚ (but don’t rush! Take all the time you need!!!!)

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  3. I get how stressful exams can get, but remember to take a break once in a while! Take a break and BREATHE (essential for living, ya know). I’ll miss your posts, but I’m sure you’ll do well for your exams! Go ace those bitches! (yes, exams are bitches)

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  4. Take all the time you need! But not all of it because if you take it all then you won’t have time to come back and write a post celebrating that you’re back and well if you don’t do that…how will we know your back? And there’s only a limited amount of time in life…and don’t ask me what the hell I just wrote. I’m so weird…but I hope you ace your exams! And I’m sorry for wasting the precious time in your life reading this comment. I’m gonna go…

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  5. Stop hating yourself so much! And calm down, the pressure is getting to you. It won’t make things good if you pressure yourself more. And about studying, believe me we all know how it feels. I have my finals and have to study everything right from what I learnt in April! You just have to make sure you don’t get too stressed.

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