lol i knw ur laughin cz liek am laughin 2.

But I’m a rebel with no regrets and that’s why I am doing a 2015 book haul two weeks after 2015 was over!

[LOL. Did really start writing this post that long ago? IT’S ALMOST FEBRUARY]

It’s just that my books never really got much appreciation on my blog, and all my previous attempts at hauling were so far unsuccessful.

So without further ado, here are all the books I have acquired in 2015!

NB: yes, acquired. More than half of these I still haven’t read, and more than half the books I read in 2015 were borrowed.

Let us dig in!

I’ll be starting off with my most prized possessions, and my one great book achievement of 2015: finally getting my hands on the Harry Potter series after years of borrowing! Just look at those babies:


I think you have already seen these babies but come on did you really think I was only going to brag about them once? (Even though I have absolutely no bragging rights; most of you have had them pretty much since birth)

So here we can see my precious collection of mismatched editions and types, some gifted, some bought discounted, some… Actually that’s it. I could not be bothered enough to fully pay for one. Okay, that DID sound cheap of me. But it is what it is, and I frankly can not complain at all.


I love my books! Each of them is awesome. I’ve read them all during summer except the adult version of Order of the Phoenix (the other version was way more readable), and Deathly Hallows which I’be been reading for months and still am (but I WILL finish it. Parole d’honneur.)

I need to showcase some of the things in the collection because I just feel like doing them justice.

First of all, here we have the only Harry Potter merchandise I own: a Deathly Hallows necklace and a Time-Turner. Both are gifts from my awesome bestie, and just owning them makes me feel like I truly have a fragment of the Harry Potter world in my posession. And what more could I ask for?!


I frankly do not wear them because the Deathly Hallows will cost me way too much explaining because of the suspicious sign (Illuminati confirmed) and it’d just be weird to carry around an hour-glass orbit.

Next we have this beautiful framed drawing of the Ravenclaw house crest that my best friend gave me on Christmas along with other framed drawings from other fandoms (I just noticed that I forgot to include it in my haul, I’m ashamed and I’m gonna go fix this now.) He also drew me the Harry Potter picture which hangs alongside my books on my shelf.


He drew these himself and they look absolutely beautiful, the eagle is honestly everything.

Finally, we have my very coveted possession, the Harry Potter : Page to Screen encyclopedia:



I mean look what there’s inside:


These are just a few. It’s 500 pages long but it feels like 1500, so much it has huge, beautiful pictures, illustrations, drawings, sketches, and everything related to the creation of the movies. Every single detail is there and I love reading it (plus one page feels like five in a normal book so I can read it slowly and deliciously).

Plus, I consider this to be one of the best deals I’ve ever made on books. I bought it at like 85% its original price. Just for having a little wear on the cover as you can see. I HOPE I’ll find similar treasures at the next Bookyard!

Moving on from Harry Potter, let’s continue with J.K. Rowling: here we have A Casual Vacancy!


I honestly bought it mostly because it looks so majestic and still does on my shelf. Also because J.K. Rowling wrote it. And it was like ten bucks.

Just look at that gold lining and black cover! It looks so fab I can’t.


Still with J.K. Rowling, or should I say, Robert Galbraith, here is The  Silkworm, next to And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Both are mystery novels I’m dying to read, and both were brought to me from abroad by my friend who presented me with the Ravenclaw frame. I can’t wait to devour them!


I have read A Cuckoo’s Calling and loved it, and I really want to love this one so that I can continue the series with Career of Evil (but let’s be honest, I’ll read it no matter.) As for Agatha’s, I had just finished the Perfectonists series and desperately wanted to find more awesome mystery books. This book was listed as one of Agatha’s best, plus the plot sounded fascinating.

Let us take a moment to talk about this:






Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brown has honestly been one of my greatest finds this year. I have previously stated, and I say it now: without this book, I wouldn’t be blogging today. It made me discover blogging, bloggers, and this refreshing sense of humor.

I mean, I loved it SO much I even attempted to reproduce the inside cover:

hayperboli and a haf

I also attempted some fan-art.

lek hayde

I mean, look at this.


How can someone be this funny, cute, adorable and witty?!


I have been waiting for the sequel, Solutions and Other Problems, as it was being postposed month after month. I was starting to get pissed off as the release date was yet again pushed back until late 2016, but then I read the Amazon description of the book which stated that Allie’s little sister recently died. I couldn’t believe it. How has she been coping? How is she? What happened? When? No one knows, because Allie hasn’t posted since 2013. I mean, she must have loved her sister a LOT to draw her on the cover of her book (she’s the pony-tailed one on the back cover. Aw. So beautiful.)

I just hopes she’ll make her comeback, and her book will be awesome, and most importantly that she’ll be okay.

Even though I mentioned this book about 731 times before (heck, I dedicated a whole post to it), there’s no way I’m not including it here.



It’d be useless to talk more about it now because I’ve said more than enough about it and you might have started sighing just seeing its cover.

Onto something I’m really excited about:


The Lord Of The Rings series!

I have been hearing about this for as long as I can remember. Everyone is a fan, everyone makes references. But I don’t know, I’m always hesitant towards things that seem to be very loved and complicated and have a cult following. I feel like I’m not qualified enough to be a part of these fandoms, for whatever reasons. LOTR seems to be such a complicated series and I have no idea whether I’ll like it or not. But as always, if many people love it, it has to be somewhat good.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll be my next obsession.

I’ll start with the Hobbit, since many have suggested that it’s the best option to start with.

Meanwhile, look at these covers! They’re breathtaking. I hope the content will be as well!


Another series I have started collecting is the Lunar Chronicles. I found the first two books at a book fair and exchanged them for pretty much nothing:


First of all, THESE COVERS SLAY. I’ve seen the covers for the rest of series and they are equally amazing. Just wow!

I have been hearing non-stop about this series everywhere. While the concept behind it is a bit questionable for me (also a bit confusing), you all seem to adore it and I’d be a fool not to follow suit. I’m really anticipating getting started on these.

Next we have these two books, which were a Christmas gift from before 2015 but I’m still counting them because I still haven’t read them:


The Eye of Minds and Vampire Academy, both first books in their respective series. I’ve read a chapter from EoM before and it sounds epic, and Vampire Academy also sounds like a fun read even though I’ve never been into the whole vampire craze. Since I don’t really want to jump into more series, I’ll leave those for when I have nothing else to pick up (and enough money to buy the rest).

Here we have two John Green books, both of which have been bought by me at the mall at full price. They are actually the ONLY books in this list I have bought at their original price. Well aside from Selp Helf, and I consider that one less of a book and more of a relic.



I have read Katherines and loved it, and it’s now with my friend Mini (I gave it him because he’s also kind of a genius and it was just funny).

I bought Alaska a few weeks ago (I actually have forgotten if it’s from 2015 or 2016. Meh) after big recommendations from my friends and it looks like an interesting read so I’ll get to it soon hopefully.

These two books, I bought at the Bookyard because I had heard of them before and their titles and concepts attracted me.


I read 13 Reasons Why’s first chapter and was totally intrigued, and it’s definitely next on my TBR list. And the Book Thief sounds very interesting (narrated by death?!) so I’ll probably read it soon as well.

Do you notice how I basically want to ‘soon’ read everything? I need so much time! And motivation too.

What I’m currently reading is in this next batch:


Stop guessing. It’s Adultery.

I got it (well, exchanged it) as a gift from my secret santa this year. I never really thought I’d get to it actually, and got it for lack of anything slightly more interesting. But a) I had just finished The Alchemist by Paulo and b) a friend of mine told me she just started it so I thought oh well why not and started it during a boring class in school. May I just say, Paulo Coelho is one horny guy. The amount of sex is unreal. It literally had me dying of laughter during Geography, just because it was described so childishly. Sorry Paulo.

Best Friends For Never was intended to be a gift for my sister (the 15-year-old one) but she stopped at like the 29th page (I’m amazed she even got that far) and it’ll just have to sit on my shelf I guess. Maybe I should try to exchange it at the next Bookyard. We’ll see.

And the third book is just a french book that I thought I had lost years ago but it turned up at my aunt’s house and I was so happy with finding it that I had to include it.

These two books both represent my attempt at venturing into the horror genre after watching American Horror Story and being fascinated by it:


Carrie seems interesting enough but I really doubt I’ll ever pick up Night Shift. I feel bad for saying this. Oh well.

And finally, here are the ‘honourable mentions’:


By that I mean these are books that I got but don’t really deserve much explanation. They’re just in my possession now. Most of them are kids french books that I bought at like a dollar each just for nostalgia.

I feel like I should end this post on a high note. But how? I left all the good books for the beginning.

Oh, right!

Das’ right. I just randomly picked up one of my dad’s agendas he’d gotten from some company and decided I should write my everyday life in it.

Tadam. That is my famous journal. It’s a book in some sorts and in a way it was THE book of 2015 for me.

You ask for a few glimpses?


This is my ‘daily routine’ I tried to force onto myself. Never followed it. Not even once. May I clarify that 1) all annotations you find on all the pages shown here were made previously and nothing was added for the sake of this post (wow that sounded way too formal) and 2) it says every Tuesday and Friday. Actually that was a reminder for Miranda and Superwoman videos which come out on Monday and Thursday, but the difference in time zones combined with Lilly and Colleen’s laziness and procrastination in posting make it so that I only ever get to watch their videos on Tuesdays and Friday. On a side note, this might be the longest caption any picture has ever gotten. I’m strangely satisfied.


This is taken from my ‘Song Of The Day (or any day)’ section, where I basically scribble words to songs I currently am hooked to, with related (and horrible) drawings.
Similar page. As you might have notice, I was going through my Melanie-Martinez-Obsession phase back then.
I wrote this after a few – disagreements – with, um, someone. Hi sweetie ^^
My first few entries…
… and about six months later. Notice any changes?

(I don’t think you asked but I just showed you anyway. You’re welcome.)

And that concludes my 2015 Book Haul!

*Caution: angry brain waves coming through*

Was it THAT hard to write, me? Was it? Are you really going to lie and tell them it took you a whole month to write? Don’t you think they know that you’re a huge procrastinator and you wrote half of this post in like under an hour today?

*self-loathing mode: off*


*self-congratulatory mode: on*



*self-congratulatory mode: off*

I hope you enjoyed that, and that you had a good laugh at how little books I have acquired this year (I know most of you get these in like a week).

Let’s hope that I’ll get to read them all this year, and that I’ll find many more amazing books I can tell you about at the end of next January!

35 thoughts on “2015 ULTIMATE BOOK HAUL!!1!

  1. Great post! Your collection of books looks really good! Book thief is one of my favourite books and I am also a HUGE harry potter fan! Wow that post must have taken you ages to write 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I want that time turner necklace :p Lord of the Rings, The Book Thief, and the Lunar Chronicles are AMAZING! I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eye of Minds, though. Nice haul! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ELM you have such poor memory because im sure I told you about it (or fangirled) once. Tutut.
      Basically its a book by the queen of the internet who came before you Allie Brosh and it’s a collection of hilarious short stories written by her. You WILL die laughing.
      Heres the link: http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/
      Now im not sure how much the experience changes if you cant see the pictures but i bet it still is funny

      Liked by 1 person

  3. when i first saw the length of this post i was like “hell no. i won’t be able to finish that”
    But I read EACH AND EVERY WORD. it’s mostly just amazing af pictures though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THAT IS HONESTLY ONE OF THE NICEST THINGS ANYONE EVER SAID TO ME. and im not cliche-ing that is really a very nice thing.
      Also YAY YOU LIKE THE PICS i was mostly being ashamed of them bc the Bookstagrammers take such gorgeous pictures and mine are like meh

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I read to the end, do I get an award?? 😛 OMG SO MUCH AWESOMENESS. You’re going to adore the Book Thief. What’s that James Dashner book like, is it as good as the Maze Runner? Also THE CORMORAN STRIKE SERIES SLAYS. JKR slays in general, tbh 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, JKR is queen and always slays non stop all day everyday okistopped
      You are literally the tenth person to recommend the Book Thief and im honestly considering just dropping everything and reading it right now.
      The Dashner book is Eye of Minds, it’s part of a series and it sounds promising enough, hope itll be good!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You didn’t have to stop because its trueeeeeeee! Hahahha, it should be a classic at this stage 😂 I hope you don’t have really high expectations? Its just really well written! I liked the Maze Runner a lot, I might give it a go too!

        Liked by 1 person

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