Lol @ myself

You know that moment when you’re desperately studying for a test and you can just picture yourself so clearly sitting in that exam room tomorrow, staring blankly at your paper, not having any idea what all of these numbers mean?
It’s foreshadowing at its best. I literally am laughing at myself. Oh the level of panic is unreal.

23 thoughts on “Lol @ myself

  1. the terrifying part is one time it actually happened. and like my “vision” came to life and i was so scared and couldn’t do anything.
    fortunately my friend helped me cheat. so yay !

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  2. Dude, same. I’ve been absent on my blog & I’m so stressed its insane. I swear if I make it out alive I’ll be grateful to the almighty God for all he’s given me. And then I’m gonna sleep. I’m gonna sleep for like three days.


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