I wanted to postpone this as much as I could, but I saw this and broke down.

Alan Rickman. The absolute best actor in Harry Potter. You’ve left us way too early.

A tribute would only be painful. We all know how much he did. How much he was outstanding at what he did. How much we loved him for what he did.

Cancer has taken two beautiful people from us these past few days, but we remain strong, because it will never take away a our memories. It will never take away their legacy.

So let us remember Alan by what he gave us. Always.





I now have another reason to cry during the Pensieve scene. Rest in peace, Alan.

27 thoughts on “Always.

      1. yeah, well, if you still feel bad,maybe you could give him a card or tell him something like, you used to have problems with him and now you like him, or do a nicer post about him in your blog, linking that post too:)

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