Yeah, Leo. I’m talking to you.



Can you explain…



YOU have the HONOUR of having LADY GAGA’s arms basically BRUSH YOUR ARTICLE OF CLOTHING, and… YOU DO THIS?!


Why is he even famous.

Is someone pissed off? He is bound to be! Gagz won on her first ever acting nomination. YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOUR OSCARS SINCE BEFORE I WAS BORN.

OH, how it would be absofuckinglutely thrilling if she actually wins an Oscar before him. And that’s not even far-fetched, she actually is nominated for the Best Soundtrack Award thingy and you’ll be sitting there, empty-armed, looking at her casually destroying your life.



So let’s get serious real quick.

I know Leo was basically drunk then, and that he apologized, and frankly I have no idea why the media made this such a big deal. All I did when I watched him was burst out laughing. His reaction was priceless, BUT it has been way too disfigured and misinterpreted.He obviously wasn’t laughing at her when she just bumped into him, I mean LOOK at his face. He clearly looks like he has had way too many drinks. It was just funny, and even when they asked him about the incident after the show he had no idea what happened.

The other issue here is Gaga’s win. People obviously didn’t all agree and that’s why they took Leo’s reaction as an example. They are outraged that they gave the award to a first-time actress, and accused her of only winning because of her fame, and to make headlines (and it sure did).

In all honesty, I DO think that Gaga’s win wasn’t purely based on talent. But does it mean she doesn’t DESERVE to win?

We have to give her credit: the only reason I was hooked on American Horror StoryΒ is honestly because of her. Everyone kind of knew her as The Countess even before she was acting. She was this freaky, glamorous, dark woman who seemed to have a heart as cold as her glassy and haughty looks. Back when she used to dress like this was when she thrived in her career, and I can see how this was reflected on her performance. I loved watching her, I loved just looking at the scenes she was in. You could really FEEL how excited she was to be in a project like that, and it kept me and thousands of others watching, even though we never really liked horror in the first place.

I don’t know any of the other nominees, so I can’t really compare, but what I do know is that they each gave wonderful performances as well to be nominated. And maybe their performances were better, but if there is one actress who really shone this year, who proved herself, who took a role and made it her own, who made people from all over the world tune in, whose win would mean that anyone can do anything if they have the heart, the passion and the creativity, it’s Lady Gaga.


Just say it already!

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