DID I JUST WRITE A NOVEL?! Also, a good omen.

Last year, I took the decision to start a journal (yes, JOURNAL, not diary. It just sounds manlier. Or slightly less girly) in which I’ll write everything that happened every day in my life (okay fine so it’s a diary).
I never really thought I’d follow through, but *gasp* I actually did!
So after a few self-congratulations, I was hit with a tantalizing realization zomg! (I had to add a third word with a Z because two just sounded weird)
I guess you can guess the realization by the title of this post.
Did I just write a 365-page long book?
Me? The boy who dreams of writing a book but is 100% sure there’s no way he’ll be able to come up with that much stuff?
It just completely blew my mind. I could print these out and sell them!
Well yeah the problem is that most of these consist of ‘Hi so I just woke up today and went to school, the headmistress was being a bitch as usual and I got an 18 in physics which is kewl. I went home and ate some pasta then studied nothing and read Elm’s blog all day long. Goodnight. *signs to make it official and like confidential and shit*’ BUT if people are willing to buy stuff like Allegiant and New Moon, why not this?
Okay so I did the wrong thing by offending two fandoms and I’m sorry I didn’t even mean it (I really don’t know why I’m hating on Allegiant so much gahd thanks a lot Goodreads for fucking my opinion up).
Anyway, it feels really, really nice to hold that book/journal/diary between my hands, and I just can’t stop brushing through the pages again and again and seeing the whole year flash by. I still can’t believe I wrote all that.
What I’m really excited about is that I’ve proven to myself that 1) yes, I can keep a diary (and I’m keeping one this year as well) and 2) I can write a 300+ page novel! (That one’s more theoretical but I’m still hanging on to it)
I remember that I promised myself to start on writing my book. The problem is that I don’t think the ideas are worthy at all (even laughable) and I doubt that I have the skills to write something I can be proud of. But you know, might as well try!
Wish me luck πŸ™‚

Off-Topic PS: today I got my first grade of the year which is…
*drumroll* Tan Tarararan…
An A! Yaaaay *sparklez*
It was on a physics homework that we had before the holidays. Hm. Technically I presented it in 2015, but I’m still counting it as my first grade for 2016. Don’t ruin the moment.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading The Alchemist that I’m seeing omens in everything all of a sudden. Just kidding, I don’t really believe in them. I mean, I can recognize an ‘omen’ but I really don’t think it can change anything. Umim and Thumim or whatever these balls were called.
Okay I just realized that the old man gave names to his balls.
Welp, that’s enough internet for today Anthony. Go home. Please. For your sake.

106 thoughts on “DID I JUST WRITE A NOVEL?! Also, a good omen.

  1. Consider yourself lucky for getting an A in physics AND keeping a journal! Cuz, boy, I can’t do both! I suck at physics, even though I have to fucking take it, since my oh-so-sweet co-coordinators think I can’t take bio and chem without physics. Well, ur fault not mine. Anyways!! Continue writing cuz in my diary the last I wrote was on 31st december with a gap for two months!! so yeah! congrats, bro! have fun writing cuz I woud’ve died by the time I would have written so much, that to in a diary!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What does bio and chem have to do with physics they’re so different. Damn those coordinators
      I personally am good in them all but I dont particularly like any. Learning science is just useless in my opinion #sorrynotsorry
      And thanks about the diary πŸ˜€


          1. ya but I don’t know if it’s right but they say that if I wanna go into a Medical Institute I have to do all three sciences, maths and english. Idc why, though.

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  2. hi!!!wow!!i wish i could keep up to that!!i started writing a books series, did the plan, and 30 pages of the first book, ……..6 months ago!!!and i am just procrastinating to do it someday!!and then, in 2011, i tried out a diary…..gave up in march!!!then i wrote on my birthday, then the last page was what i did on christmas day!!you are sooo clever!!i would never be able to get that good reslts by teh way!!i have never read allegiant, so i dont know, but the twilight series are good, but i developed this extreme hatred for bella, the rest is good!1i dont like bella cos she is possesive, andvery self centered, and very very very reliant on other, is melodramatric, and yeah, i could go on for agessss


    1. Thank you πŸ˜€ i really was surprised myself because im not the best at committing (or maybe i am?)
      And i havent read twilight but i hate just basing my opinion off other peoples so i guess ill give it a try eventually


      1. your welcome!!yes, do give to a try, but im just saying even tho im a girl, i found it quite girly, not that girly is bad, as in sexist girly tho, cos bella is like everything in my opinion a girl shouldn’t be, i really love the edward and jacob characters tho!!and the romantics, like they kiss so early,whereas in harrypotter, the first kiss in in the 5th book!! in the third book, bella tries to take her clothes off in the bed, and edward stops her saying he is protectign her morals, and she still tries to force him onto it!!then, she sleeps with, and kisses jacob at the same time, im like ‘bitch be loyal to one, and keep one a

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  3. Awesome post! Also if you want to write a book write one. You may think that your ideas are not good, but with the way you write your blog, I believe it would be amazing. You have a talent. Go out and use it!

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