Being a rebel

So yeah it’s now 12 AM and I have my first day of school tomorrow after like how much? 15 days of holiday. I’ve been waking up at noon all these days, HOW do I expect myself to get up at 6 AM tomorrow?! I’ve been lying in bed and I just CAN’T SLEEP GODDAMIT so I decided to just be a huge rebel and blog even though I should be regretting this (which actually I am) so I will stop now. BUT IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE A REBEL I WANNA KEEP WRITING GAHD WHY DO I SUDDENLY HAVE THE ENERGY TO WRITE WHEN I CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO DO IT WHEN I NEED TO
I didn’t know this post was going to turn into a self-hatred rant. Things escalated pretty quickly.
Okay so before I go here’s a joke:

An English teacher asked his student: “insert ‘sugar’ into a sentence.”
The student thinks and says: “I drank a cup of tea this morning.”
The teacher replies: “but where is the ‘sugar’?”
So the student says: “in the tea, sir!”

Tan Tarararan, Tan Tan!

I’ll give you time to laugh.

Here’s more time.

Even more.

Go on.

Are you done yet?

You probably were a long time ago.

Okay so now that my energy has been replaced by shame and humiliation, I think I’m ready to sleep!

42 thoughts on “Being a rebel

              1. Do what you want. But let me be the first person to tell you that going to school with a hangover isn’t that brilliant of an idea (speaking from experience).

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                  1. Yes. HAHAHA. I used to hate alcohol. I still do. But every now and then, it’s kind of comforting in the midst of emotional stress. I rarely drink, I swear.

                    It was a hellish experience, btw. Going to class with a hangover. I actually forgot that I had a 9 AM Saturday class! I woke up at exactly 9 am and rushed and ugh, terrible.

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                    1. I don’t know man for now I’m hanging on to the thought that I don’t like alcohol so it doesn’t become a problem in the future (same with drugs though that’s on a way higher level) so I guess I’ll have to stick to Adele and ice cream for emotional release ^^’


                    2. Don’t worry, mate. Not promoting it. Or drugs for that matter. I’m strictly against drugs. 😂 Oh my god. Ice cream is God’s greatest gift to mankind. There is nothing in this world it can’t solve. Frozen yogurt, coffee and bacon are definitely a close second. ❤

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                    3. LOL ikr!! It’s like tasting heavenly clouds.
                      Also, it is the greatest mystery to me how people enjoy coffee. IT’S SO BITTER! I think I talked about this once before I don’t remember where. But I just ugh


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