I’ll miss you, 2015!


I’ll miss all the time I spent in class, laughing my heart out next to my friends.

I’ll miss the projects we had so much fun making and presenting.

I’ll miss the thrill of planning my friends’ birthdays. Picking the perfect gifts. Worrying everything will be ruined. Seeing their delighted faces.

I’ll miss the disbelief I felt when I walked into the Bookyard for the first time, completely astonished by the number of books surrounding me.

I’ll miss the thrill of receiving my first Harry Potter book, by a sweet friend. I’ll miss the feeling of utter accomplishments I felt when I finally completed my collection.

I’ll miss the albums I’ve heard, and the joy of hearing them for the first time.

I’ll miss the ecstasy of realizing I don’t have to do my exams at the end of the year, after studying all year long (and sometimes, not so much).

I’ll miss the moments when I made up with my friends after an argument. I will not miss the arguments.

I’ll miss the day my friends celebrated my birthday. The first time that ever happened.

I’ll miss the awe I felt when I laid eyes upon my majestic birthday cake. I’ll miss my friends’ satisfied smiles after that.

I’ll miss the day I finally decided to start my own blog. I’ll miss how exciting the prospect felt.

I’ll miss my Uncle’s wedding, and all the awesome events that ensued.

I’ll miss the feeling I had when I sold my first book at the Bookyard. How I instantly dashed to spend the money on a new book.

I’ll miss discovering that new book. Reading that new book. Falling in love with that new book. Deciding to blog because of that new book.

I’ll miss how anxious I was when I woke up on the first day of school. I’ll miss the relief I felt when I made sure my class was okay.

I’ll miss how satisfied I was after receiving my first grade of the term. How I swore to myself I shouldn’t accept anything less.

I’ll miss the feeling of accomplishment after I finished Insurgent in only two days, making it my fastest read. I will not miss Allegiant.

I’ll miss the day I made the decision of becoming more active in my life.

I’ll miss the day I decided to audition for the school choir. I’ll miss how amazing it felt when I was accepted.

I’ll miss my determination when I decided that it was time to be more fit, and joined a calisthenics group. I’ll miss the satisfaction of completing the exercises. I look forward to joining a proper gym in the coming year.

I’ll miss the inexplicable feeling of performing in a concert for the first time ever. Appreciating how beautiful we sounded, and how magical music just is.

I’ll miss the disbelief when I saw that copy of Harry Potter: Page To Screen for sale in the Bookyard at fives times less, and practically crying of joy. I’ll miss not even daring to touch it, and then reading it like a child playing with his favorite toy.

I’ll miss how proud I was when I was elected class president. I’ll miss all the cool stuff we came up with, and the projects we successfully executed.

I’ll miss decorating my class for Christmas. I’ll hate removing everything next week.

I’ll miss the anticipation of enrolling to the Spanish course, and the excitement of learning yet another language.

I’ll miss performing as an actor for the first time ever in front of the whole school. I’ll miss how it felt, delivering that last line.

I’ll miss every Miranda video I watched. I’ll miss how I loved her. I’ll miss buying her book and feeling like I just acquired a treasure. I’ll miss imitating her and making Elm laugh.

I’ll miss how awesome it felt to receive my French grades and realizing that they don’t need to drop just because I’m growing more and more in English.

I’ll miss writing my personal diary every single day, and decorating it with my musical obsessions. I’ll look forward to reading it sometime in the future and laugh at myself.

I’ll miss realizing that I actually have readers on this blog. I’ll never forget how amazing it felt to finally achieve this dream.

I’ll miss writing blog posts. The thrill of pushing that ‘Publish’ button. Waiting in anticipation for you guys to read them.

I’ll miss becoming a blogger. I’ll miss getting to know other bloggers. I’ll miss how beautiful it was to feel like I finally belong in this community. I’ll miss the love I felt whilst interacting with each and every one of you.

I’ll miss sitting here, typing away with a smile on my face as I look back on the best moments of this year. I’ll miss the anticipation of spending New Year’s Eve with my friends. I hope I’ll miss this night tomorrow!

I’ll miss you, 2015. Thank you for being the best year of my entire life.

55 thoughts on “I’ll miss you, 2015!

  1. Hey! 🙂 I sorta nominated you for the “Unknown Bloggers Challenge” I’m sorry. Don’t be offended. I have no clue how many followers you have. You’re just one of the few blogs that I love and wanted to recognize, regardless of in what way. 😉 you can check it out it you want. I’ll link it in a separate comment. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want. I understand. 🙂

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  2. Wow I felt the same about 2014! Because that’s when I finished highschool and left behind a lot of happy times and accomplishments! But 2015 has been amazing as well and I’m really looking forward to 2016! Congrats on all the things that brought you joy in 2015 and hope that 2016 will be nothing but kind to you! Love your blog, definitely following ❤

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