2015 Blogger Awards! (so kewl)

Who said awards are just for movie stars?

Look at us bloggers, getting all awardy and stuff! 8)

So the idea was founded by the Ambivert , we basically vote for our favorite bloggers in different categories and then either she choses/we vote (I didn’t quite catch that).

First of all I just wanna say how great it feels to be part of this community, to have such a nice event going on because it allows us to show each other our appreciation. It may not be a huge deal compared to bigger-scale awards but it certainly is for us 🙂

I was nominated by happyalexx  and LyfWithEm for the Funniest Blogger category and I’m really thrilled that some people actually do not consider me a total weirdo! Yay! (or maybe they do and they find it funny. Works for me!)

If you want to nominate people, that’s easy, just head over to the original post and  post your nominations. Here are mine (I did NOT totally just copy and paste that)

That’s a genius idea! Let’s see: (NB: I’ve only been blogging since the summer so my opinions may be a bit too biased towards certain people. I still don’t know everyone.)
Blogger of the year: Elm (http://justelm.wordpress.com/)
Blog of the year: Elm
Kindest blogger: Elm
Funniest blogger: Elm
Best photo taken: shoot. There had to be a category that prevents the Elm streak. Well, I think Emiwee takes some pretty good photos. (https://itsemiwee.wordpress.com/category/photos/)
The blogger who gives the best advice: I don’t know them personally, but I’ve seen this person in Elm’s blog. Every time she has trouble, she always offers words of advice and I just admire people like her, so I’ll nominate her 🙂 Bookwormgirls123 (https://abookwormsperfectapple.wordpress.com/about/)
The newbie :it has to be LyfWithEm, because well she’s probably one of the only bloggers who started after me, and she has become so successful in such short time. Just check out her latest posts! She’s a queen. And she’s really one of the nicest people on here (http://lyfwithem.com/)
Prettiest blog : ateenagediaryonline’s header is always FAB (https://ateenagediaryonline.wordpress.com/about-me/) and Emiwee’s blog has a great design too
The helper : Keira (https://rogantalullah.wordpress.com/), well, in fact she should also be nominated for the kindest blogger award (but my little OCDed self wanted to keep the Elm streak so bad and two nominations kinda ruined it) but I put her up for this one too, because she has helped me realize that I’m not blogging to myself, but have people interested in my stories. She’s by far my most loyal follower and I’m thankful for that.
Most optimistic blogger: Keira is also optimistic 🙂 so I’ll nominate her for this as well

Well as you can see I have about five people to nominate which is bad but there honestly are way too many amazing people on here to count. May the awesomest win!

18 thoughts on “2015 Blogger Awards! (so kewl)

  1. Hello! This is most DEFINITELY kewl!!! I love this idea! I’m going to go visit all the blogs you nominated and nominate people of my own immediately after this. XD
    So… You don’t know us, but you NOMINATE US FOR LIKE THE MOST AWESOME THING INVENTED EVER ANYWAY!!!???!!! I can’t even stress how exciting that is and how happy it made me. And for that reason, too! Alright, it’s my turn- I don’t know you, but I already think you’re awesome and I’m going to explore your site more!
    One last thing- you’re going to have a very tough time throwing out a comment like that and getting away! You can bet you’ll know me soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really think you deserve it! 😀 I just always notice your support and it makes me happy to know the kind of people who are in this community.
      Also I’ve been looking through your blog and it’s really fun and refreshing!!
      And I think this award is made for exactly that – not only to award the best but also to honour all the rest and discover new blogs on the way 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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